Zeal, What’s It Good For?

There have been many people zealous for GOD,

Gideon, Elijah, John, and the LORD Jesus Christ Himself,

So if the LORD was zealous, is it a bad thing. I guess it can be. The many sins perpetrated against others in the name of GOD, are examples of this. Sometimes zeal can be misguided, but GOD sees the heart behind it, and I know He always understands. The mistakes we make always are punished. GOD IS JUSTICE.

There are stories about Abraham in the Jewish Haggada, where he is a breaker of his father’s idols and even the King Nimrod’s precious idols. He would or could face heavy punishment from the law of the land, but when the law of the land doesn’t jive with the Heavenly Law. When the land is filled overflowing with idolatry, my instink tells me that the LORD would be happy if we broke the law of the land in order to follow Heavenly Law.

But as my daddy and mommy say, it is better to be wise. It is better to break the idols in a way that doesn’t break the law of the land, hurt people’s feelings, or cause people loss. For this, I would need to depend on the wise, for sometimes I’m a crzay on fire for GOD.

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  2. jchenwa

     /  September 20, 2011

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