Dear Readers, I’m NOT Always Right,

Dear Readers, just as Jonah was a ‘false prophet’, though I’m okay with it. There are some, ok, many things in my blogs that are not right or accurate. It’s your job to find out what and tell me. No one has all truth, and I want you all to seek answers yourself (Seek The LORD), and read for yourself. Don’t trust anyone, but the LORD, blindly, and figure things out for yourself (with the LORD). May GOD bless you this weekend! Have fun!

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  1. jchenwa

     /  September 19, 2011

    Upon reading Jewish legend, we find out the reason Jonah was reluctant, was that he was ordained a ‘false prophet’. His prophecies of judgement often did not come true or come to pass, b/c GOD, HaShem, often relented in His wonderful mercy. Praise be to the One and Only True G-D!

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