Hey Kick Ass Christians!

Are you a follower of the Way? Devout and on fire follower of the LORD Jesus Christ? AND.

You can really whip some ass? You’re big? You’re strong like Samson? People get out of the way when you come? So what are your choices?

I’m guessing, since the LORD Jesus was a Prophet. He was THE PROPHET, He was a strong, ominous person. He was like a cop, who made you nervous when He was around. He made you conscious of your sin, He made you straighten up a little when He was around. That’s how prophets are. They are the enforcers of the Law.

But, more than that, the LORD could have judged everyone, when He was on the earth. But, He didn’t. The LORD said He came to save the world, not judge it. And so, although He could have called legions of Holy Angels when the Leaders of the Jews came for Him, He didn’t. He used his time on earth to help, to teach, preach, heal, to sacrifice, to SAVE.

But more than that, the LORD is GOD. He was filled with all goodness and mercy. He Himself said what I desire is mercy. So, all you strongmen of the LORD. My guess is that you MAY be called to SACRIFICE that part of yourself. Don’t choose a career in security, police, military, FBI, CIA, or something that suits you. Join the ranks of the LORD. That means missions.

It’s a hard thing to turn your back on the world, but that is the call. When the LORD comes in all His Glory, when He comes to Judge and destroy all flesh. You may have your chance to kick ass and destroy. But by that time, I think you will have changed your heart and mind, and doing such things will be a reluctance, but necessary, and the order of the LORD.

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  1. jchenwa

     /  September 19, 2011

    Or if not, you could always become farmers.

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