What Tromps What, Trumps, I Mean,

I’ve been thinking of values. Heavenly values, priorities verses earthly values and priorities,

Part of why family break up, is b/c of the earthly values at operation. One so called earthly value is the ‘law’ of survival of the fittest, or only the strong survive. For example, it is this value that sometimes causes parents to get rid of their unborn children knowing that he/she/it could be handicapped. And who would want a handicapped child brought into the world?

I’m not asking GOD for a handicapped child, to prove anything. And that is very insensitive of me to think it is not heart wrenching to raise a child of such, and to think that my correctness will change the imperfection of the world any.

There is too much stress on being productive, being useful, being un-lazy, when most people don’t have the understanding of what exactly is good production, usefulness, etc.

As cliche as it sounds, Life is very precious, all life. We all have laws of GOD, the Eternal Father written in our hearts. We all have the basic ones. But, we have left them behind in search of a better way. There is no better way than GOD’s way. We must return home and listen to the Voice of the One and Only True GOD, who speaks in the stillness of the nheart. When you know, you know. It’s like being in Love, for He is love.

If we love each other, we would stay together. Why don’t we? If there is a way to go back, why don’t we? Pride? If we can undo it all? Why don’t we? laziness? unwillingness? Is it not all that, is it just guilt?

The innocent have guilt, and sometimes GOD doesn’t know what to do but come up with an elaborate plan to get you to go back to Him, and return to Him. Is it possible that He created everything just to have something with you? I would like to introduce you to my GOD and my King,

The LORD Jesus Christ

Who He is – is somewhat of a mystery. He is the GOD-Man, the bridge between Heaven and earth. He is your GOD. He is the WORD, through WHOM, everything included people were created. He is your King, not only the descendent of King David, but THE descendent of the Lord-Father, Adam, the very first man on the earth. He is the High Priest of all Priests.

But what did He do? You’ve heard it a million times, He died at Calvary. He was ransomed for our sins. So, He purchased the sin debt for all mankind past, present, and forever. His blood, his death was so valuable, b/c of who He is/was. He GOD forever. The forces of darkness wanted that, and so GOD,

This is the called church age. It is a time of incredible, beautiful, fantastic GRACE. Faith has been poured out on the earth. The Spirit, Self, has been poured out all over the Heavens and Earth. GOD is calling in everyone and anybody SO if you hear His Voice,


It is a simple thing, just trust in the Power, Mightiness, Faithfulness, and Love, among otherthings of our LORD Jesus. Just believe that the LORD is your homeboy, or that He got your back. Bow down to Him, and serve Him, ask, seek, knock! Put all your faith and trust in Him, Obey HIM. You don’t really have to try, just believe in Him. Be like a child, and depend on Him. That’s the best way to explain it,

Pray: “My precious LORD Jesus. I’ve been unhappy with my life, life on my own. I need you. Won’t you please save me. I cannot live without you. I cannot have a good life without you. I cannot be good without you. I believe in You, I believe that You can wash away all my sins, and make me a New Person. I believe that You will never leave me or forsake me. I believe that every day you will be with me and change me from day to day. I believe that You love me beyond words can say. I believe that you want to take me higher and higher, give me glory, give me life, give me happiness, give me peace, give me rest, give me honor, give me all good things. Yes, even money. If only we would love you ONLY, honor you, obey you, thank you LORD Jesus for accepting me. In your name we pray,


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