My Thoughts on Communal Living

Three characteristic outlined by Wikipedia for Communes:

1) Egalitarian – no hierarchy to get things done.
2) Smaller scale organization – they thought society was organized in too large units.
3) No or less bureaucracy – An unofficial definition of a bureaucrat is a type. They don’t actually work, b/c of their social status. Their work is mostly, observation, thinking, rule making, and the shaping of behavior towards goals of the organization.

The only way these can be pulled off, is with the help of the Spirit. There has to be a common spirit shared between all members who choose to live together. People who are seeking are testing the waters will not be able to instantly join a commune or utopia. Like all groups, there is a testing period, does he/she fit in, and is it meant to be?

We’re Sons and Daughters, But Somethings We Just Can’t DO

Sometimes we get caught up being sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD. That’s a good thing, to realize who we are in Him, and who we were in the beginning.

But, unfortunately, we are where we are in our developments, and/or we are painfully human. And we are not THE SON of GOD, like our LORD Jesus. So, often we as some seriously put it, take the place of GOD. I am just now thinking about it, and will post a follow up, but –

There are many things that we just can’t do, b/c we aren’t Jesus. We are His Body, and in Him, and with Him, and many of us ARE Him. But some work, jobs, tasks, we just cannot do.

The obvious one is we can’t outwardly, publicly, and boldly judge those we don’t know. More to come…

The Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the Rejected

Those of us who understand spiritual reality, understand that there is a struggle between good and evil, light and dark, GOD and the devil. My understanding of it is that the fight (he started it), was started by the one called the devil and was ended (like D-day) by the LORD Jesus Christ. The struggles we now have are just little mop ups compared to the big bomb that GOD dropped on evil in the Christ, or if have you the gigantic mess (called the sin problem) cleaned up by our LORD the LION and the LAMB.

Have you seen the movie the Matrix? Few haven’t that are around my age. I’m not saying we are living in a dream world, but similarly, the Holy Bible teaches us that we live in a world that is a complex system. A system the Bible calls the world. In Jewish history, we learn that the devil was cast down to the earth for some wrongdoing. So, this is/was his domain, so to speak. We know that GOD really owns it all. Where did man live before the fall? He-she lived in Paradise, that is a different world. So we both fell to the same place. The original reason in Jewish history is that the devil was jealous of man and caused his fall and there has been a rivalry and enmity ever since. Until, the LORD Jesus came that is. The war IS over, but there are forces of evil that refuse to surrender or have not heard. That’s all.

The reason it seems the world is a messed up imperfect place, is that this reality has been created and controlled by the evil forces mainly, b/c this is ‘their’ domain. In the same way, that Morpheus in the Matrix was trying to free Neo’s mind. You need to free your mind – how is this done? With the blatant honest truth sometimes. This world we live in is a world of lies. It is a cold, dark, unloving world. We’re born into it and it cares nothing for us. You need to question it, reject IT, leave it (don’t need it), and overcome it. How again? Also with the power of GOD, which is the LORD JESUS. When you really follow Jesus, the world and all it’s zombies become your enemies. That’s a lot of enemies. They reject you and make life hard for you, but with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, it is just minor headaches, no problem. But the rejection, lies, injustice that gets heaped on us, can sometimes make us lonely. And that’s why the LORD tells me we need to seek out our brothers and sister sometimes.

Because if only for that reason, only the saved and chosen know what it feels like to be rejected and hated by the world, day after day. We shouldn’t become inured to rejection. We shouldn’t say it’s ok. It’s NOT ok. As children of the light, children of the MOST HIGH. We should receive honor, glory, praise, love and all that good stuff. But living in a strange land, we don’t, we hope for it. So I’m changing my mind, and will set aside time to meet with my brothers and sisters. I’m coming back to the church, but not religiously.

Weight Management p.1

I’m almost forty, and unless you have been blessed by GOD in the fat gene department, or the not having the fat gene department, or unless you are what we call a freak of nature, then you also might have challenges with weight.

Gone are the days as in adolescence when you could eat whatever you wanted. Now, maintaining a healthy weight is important to preventing what I call the big three – Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. Here on Guam, it is the eleventh hour when it comes to weight issues. People here are fat. If you have weight issues, it is almost worth it to fly out here so you can feel better about yourself.

I have victory in the area of weight management. How did I do it? I cut through all the b.s. and focused on the two main things that are the things. Eating less and moving more. Key is being patient and to not get discouraged. You have to expect to eat less and move more for a year or even two years before you look and feel changed.

It is easier said than done. But my guidelines are to eat very little carb, mostly vegetables. Eat about one bowl full of food only per sitting. Three or maybe two sittings per day. It is very strict, but just consider it work towards a goal (you have to set your weight goal) and then it is maintenance. The suffering will stop one day. Don’t be afraid to skip a meal or two, but don’t do it if it is making you dizzy or other side effects. You have to get enough nutrients and calories for your needs, so this is not that easy to find the right balance, regarding diet.

Not everyone will be able to, but I changed my job from computer to building maintenance, so I am moving and working all day, almost everyday.

Lastly, for stubborn areas, they say there is no such thing as spot reduction. But I beg to differ. If you have more fat in one area of the body, it only makes sense to move that part of the body more. This means understanding fundamentally how each muscle functions. Let’s say you have a little extra in the hips, that just needs a lot, maybe a LOT of walking. If you have fat in the arms, you have to scrub and clean a lot. Maybe your house is already in need of that, so take that on, and have a clean house to boot.

The best overall way to burn fat is to run. My study of biochemistry – the chemical that breaks down fat is released when the body does anaerobic exercise. Not just walking, but exercise that really raises your heart level, gets your heart and lungs going, and fills your body with O2. I really dislike running, but it is a MUST in order to really get lean. There is no other way.

Best to you in your endeavor, may GOD grant you what you need to achieve your goal!

Some Thoughts On the Jesus Priesthood

The Jesus Priesthood or more formally the Melchizedek Priesthood is described in Hebrews, of the Holy Bible:

GOD said you are My Son (the Son-King)

He also said:

You are a priest forever in the Order of Melchizedek

Let us not think that once we are saved, by the LORD, and we know it and we feel it. That that is it for us. For the Word says many are called, but few are chosen. What is this choosing?

It has been the subject of many philosophical debates and it goes on? Is life all about destiny and fate? Or are we able to determine the course of our lives? Many times the answer is both. But mostly it is about the heart. And only GOD can really see that. You can’t fool GOD. Ability is not the main thing. Quality is very important too. GOD’s choosing also has to be worked out. It has a lot to do with purifying yourselves and a lot to do with obedience.

The funny thing is, just as my mother told me her good friend told her: ‘I was tricked into getting married’. Now being married four years, I really had to jump into it, but now I would do it again before you can finish this thot. Being with the LORD, committed to the LORD, is like that. He didn’t tell me everything about how it would be to follow Him, but when you’re in it, you’re in it. There’s no other way. But I’m so glad and never want to return to my old way of life. He didn’t tell me that a reason for eternal life is not so I could live forever, b/c we’re not afraid of dying anymore. But the reason is that we can be priests forever.

So being a priest is very important to GOD and central to being a follower of Christ. I’ve harped on that before, but being a King is also very important. We don’t see that very much anymore. Some ministers that are criticized for their wealth typify the priest-king/queen. We mostly expect or see the King-Prophet-Priest we hear about solely king, solely prophet, or solely priest. Priests of GOD are not be worried about money and other material type things, but what about a priest-king? Unfortunately, money is very, very important in life today. One of the best ways you could bless someone today is to help them financially. So priest-kings/or queens are kind of a paradoxically anomaly. They are technically not supposed to really handle money, but they handle money. They work with people, but they don’t work with people. If we tried to be a priest-king on our own, we’d definitely mess it up, so we have to trust and follow the LORD Jesus on that one. BTW, being a king or queen is more than moving money, it is also helping people and it works hand in hand with being a priest, b/c the way people are truly blessed is from above.

Lastly, being a Son or Daughter. I know what it feels like to hear my father or mother say proudly, “that is my son!” And when GOD said,

Today, you are my Son (or Daughter)

He is saying that you were bad, a prodigal. And you have slowly changed. You have made up for all your past wrongdoings. You have undergone My discipline. And you are undergoing my guidance and development, and you are being made into pure gold, so to speak. You are obeying Me now, and now you even know Me. You have my heart, mind, and Spirit. So, GOD is saying proudly, “You are My Son! or Daughter!”

Church! What’s It Good For?

I’m cynical at worst when it comes to the Churches of Jesus in the US.  They always say, there are no perfect churches, cause there are no perfect people.  Yes, that is true.  I currently don’t belong to any one church, although I have a home church that I visit sporadically.  My truer home church is my family and my parents – we are a self contained unit.  And it has been said that there is another church or temple within you.  That illustration, if you want a clearer one, what comes to mind is the movie Aeon Flux.

Aeon Flux is able to go to a place within her, where she meets with a Judge type person who gives her commands and direction.  The true church is within you.  Have you gone to that place?  Do you go there daily?  Maybe thrice daily?  The reason, I boldly say, I don’t belong to a church now, and that I am reluctant to join, is that I am being brought up to keep churches inline with the Spirit and Holy Scriptures.

My anger and disappointment with the visible churches was bordering on out of bounds, so the LORD shared these two points with me, and maybe more with you.  The church guards and teaches some very important TRUTHS.  I live out being one with my wife, being obedient to my parents, being obedient to authorities within reason, etc.  Many people have not heard of these things or even tried them.  But I am living proof that these Biblical truths lived out bring blessing to your lives.  So what the church does, teach, is very, very, very, important and IS worthy of support if you can.  What I don’t like is the guilt, manipulation, expectation of support from some in ministry that borders on extortion.  Sorry.

The second point from the LORD is that the church is where we can practice some of the rules or commands of the LORD.  Through working with people, through serving, we can fine tune our knowledge of the Ways of the LORD and learn to be obedient.  That is also very important.  It seems unrelated, but coming to mind now is the fact that when GOD revealed and proclaimed His Name to Moses, it started with:

the LORD, the LORD,
compassionate: caring about the suffering of others.
gracious: kind to others of lower social class.
slow to anger,
abounding in love and faithfulness: there is a limit to how many people I can have quality relationships with, but NOT the LORD, He can take care of us ALL.
maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion, and sin,
Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.

Remember when the LORD Jesus said those that work for Him, but call, LORD, LORD don’t really know Him. He was talking about His character. Sometimes, I don’t know if I’m too harsh or take a strong position, but often I see that my wife who was a nonbeliever until just recently, more closely reflects the LORD’s character and nature. It’s humbling.

When Words Start to Fail

I’m becoming a person of fewer words. It may not seem that way, b/c this blog is an outlet for my religious, spiritual, and intellectual thoughts. Try sharing some of your spiritual thoughts with a religious person, and they just might deem you a heretic. I’m not trying to create any schisms or any divisions thru crazy doctrine, I just believe and I have an active mind that could or more likely is wrong at least 50% of the time.

In my personal life, I’m seeing that it is better to listen more than speak. I guess that’s why we have two ears. People really want someone to listen anyways. And if they want to hear you say something, it is what they want to hear. I don’t pander. I say what I think best would help a person. But, even then there is a limit to how much a person can take in.

As I continue in my studies of reality, spiritual reality. It really has to be lived. Things can be described, b/c I really want to share it. But whether or not it is understandable, whether it really helps another person, I don’t know. I can only pray that GOD provides you quickly what you want, that you may REPENT and seek Him daily. Keep your life clean and acceptable to the LORD as possible. Many of the truths and things that churches and ministries put in their statements of faith, I’m finding almost too wonderful to write about. They really are deep mysteries.

GOD bless you,

Pick Up Ur Cross and Follow Him

What does it mean to pick up your cross and follow Christ? In my thoughts, feeling…in my experience? This post is for Christians, who have been a while. What was the cross all about? Did the LORD Jesus want to die? In a sense, He did not want to, but He knew that His Father’s plan was THE WAY. In the movie, the Passion of the Christ, we graphically see Jim Cavaziel pick up his cross and hug the cross and love the cross.

Will GOD ask you to die like that? Most likely not. But picking up your cross is partly doing what GOD tells you, what you know in your heart is right, for the good of others – but more than that I believe the LORD Jesus loved us so much, He really wanted to go to the cross. It’s crazy. It defies all logic and the way things are usually done. But if we believe that the MOST HIGH GOD, Jesus Christ are in charge then that is the Way. You will be blessed if you choose to live your life this way, even if the whole world mocks you and doesn’t understand you.

Picking up our cross also means dying to self. Self is often the last obstacle to flying in the Spirit with the LORD, being part of the body and mind of Christ. In my experience, the LORD will ask you to give up things. This is very hard, because we often think that we know best and that we don’t trust the Voice of GOD. But over time, we learn to trust ‘our hearts’ or the Voice of the LORD. GOD often doesn’t make sense to those who don’t have His values, heart, and plan. But after learning more about Him, the things that He asks us to do, they DO make sense.

Following Him is also not easy at first. And it may become easier, and then hard again. But for me, the most central value was honesty and devotion to the LORD. It is different for everyone. How you connect with GOD is an individual thing, and GOD’s plan for everyone is often different. I have no advice on following Him except that you should do your best always.

Peace out,