Pick Up Ur Cross and Follow Him

What does it mean to pick up your cross and follow Christ? In my thoughts, feeling…in my experience? This post is for Christians, who have been a while. What was the cross all about? Did the LORD Jesus want to die? In a sense, He did not want to, but He knew that His Father’s plan was THE WAY. In the movie, the Passion of the Christ, we graphically see Jim Cavaziel pick up his cross and hug the cross and love the cross.

Will GOD ask you to die like that? Most likely not. But picking up your cross is partly doing what GOD tells you, what you know in your heart is right, for the good of others – but more than that I believe the LORD Jesus loved us so much, He really wanted to go to the cross. It’s crazy. It defies all logic and the way things are usually done. But if we believe that the MOST HIGH GOD, Jesus Christ are in charge then that is the Way. You will be blessed if you choose to live your life this way, even if the whole world mocks you and doesn’t understand you.

Picking up our cross also means dying to self. Self is often the last obstacle to flying in the Spirit with the LORD, being part of the body and mind of Christ. In my experience, the LORD will ask you to give up things. This is very hard, because we often think that we know best and that we don’t trust the Voice of GOD. But over time, we learn to trust ‘our hearts’ or the Voice of the LORD. GOD often doesn’t make sense to those who don’t have His values, heart, and plan. But after learning more about Him, the things that He asks us to do, they DO make sense.

Following Him is also not easy at first. And it may become easier, and then hard again. But for me, the most central value was honesty and devotion to the LORD. It is different for everyone. How you connect with GOD is an individual thing, and GOD’s plan for everyone is often different. I have no advice on following Him except that you should do your best always.

Peace out,

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