When Words Start to Fail

I’m becoming a person of fewer words. It may not seem that way, b/c this blog is an outlet for my religious, spiritual, and intellectual thoughts. Try sharing some of your spiritual thoughts with a religious person, and they just might deem you a heretic. I’m not trying to create any schisms or any divisions thru crazy doctrine, I just believe and I have an active mind that could or more likely is wrong at least 50% of the time.

In my personal life, I’m seeing that it is better to listen more than speak. I guess that’s why we have two ears. People really want someone to listen anyways. And if they want to hear you say something, it is what they want to hear. I don’t pander. I say what I think best would help a person. But, even then there is a limit to how much a person can take in.

As I continue in my studies of reality, spiritual reality. It really has to be lived. Things can be described, b/c I really want to share it. But whether or not it is understandable, whether it really helps another person, I don’t know. I can only pray that GOD provides you quickly what you want, that you may REPENT and seek Him daily. Keep your life clean and acceptable to the LORD as possible. Many of the truths and things that churches and ministries put in their statements of faith, I’m finding almost too wonderful to write about. They really are deep mysteries.

GOD bless you,

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