Some Thoughts On the Jesus Priesthood

The Jesus Priesthood or more formally the Melchizedek Priesthood is described in Hebrews, of the Holy Bible:

GOD said you are My Son (the Son-King)

He also said:

You are a priest forever in the Order of Melchizedek

Let us not think that once we are saved, by the LORD, and we know it and we feel it. That that is it for us. For the Word says many are called, but few are chosen. What is this choosing?

It has been the subject of many philosophical debates and it goes on? Is life all about destiny and fate? Or are we able to determine the course of our lives? Many times the answer is both. But mostly it is about the heart. And only GOD can really see that. You can’t fool GOD. Ability is not the main thing. Quality is very important too. GOD’s choosing also has to be worked out. It has a lot to do with purifying yourselves and a lot to do with obedience.

The funny thing is, just as my mother told me her good friend told her: ‘I was tricked into getting married’. Now being married four years, I really had to jump into it, but now I would do it again before you can finish this thot. Being with the LORD, committed to the LORD, is like that. He didn’t tell me everything about how it would be to follow Him, but when you’re in it, you’re in it. There’s no other way. But I’m so glad and never want to return to my old way of life. He didn’t tell me that a reason for eternal life is not so I could live forever, b/c we’re not afraid of dying anymore. But the reason is that we can be priests forever.

So being a priest is very important to GOD and central to being a follower of Christ. I’ve harped on that before, but being a King is also very important. We don’t see that very much anymore. Some ministers that are criticized for their wealth typify the priest-king/queen. We mostly expect or see the King-Prophet-Priest we hear about solely king, solely prophet, or solely priest. Priests of GOD are not be worried about money and other material type things, but what about a priest-king? Unfortunately, money is very, very important in life today. One of the best ways you could bless someone today is to help them financially. So priest-kings/or queens are kind of a paradoxically anomaly. They are technically not supposed to really handle money, but they handle money. They work with people, but they don’t work with people. If we tried to be a priest-king on our own, we’d definitely mess it up, so we have to trust and follow the LORD Jesus on that one. BTW, being a king or queen is more than moving money, it is also helping people and it works hand in hand with being a priest, b/c the way people are truly blessed is from above.

Lastly, being a Son or Daughter. I know what it feels like to hear my father or mother say proudly, “that is my son!” And when GOD said,

Today, you are my Son (or Daughter)

He is saying that you were bad, a prodigal. And you have slowly changed. You have made up for all your past wrongdoings. You have undergone My discipline. And you are undergoing my guidance and development, and you are being made into pure gold, so to speak. You are obeying Me now, and now you even know Me. You have my heart, mind, and Spirit. So, GOD is saying proudly, “You are My Son! or Daughter!”

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