Weight Management p.1

I’m almost forty, and unless you have been blessed by GOD in the fat gene department, or the not having the fat gene department, or unless you are what we call a freak of nature, then you also might have challenges with weight.

Gone are the days as in adolescence when you could eat whatever you wanted. Now, maintaining a healthy weight is important to preventing what I call the big three – Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. Here on Guam, it is the eleventh hour when it comes to weight issues. People here are fat. If you have weight issues, it is almost worth it to fly out here so you can feel better about yourself.

I have victory in the area of weight management. How did I do it? I cut through all the b.s. and focused on the two main things that are the things. Eating less and moving more. Key is being patient and to not get discouraged. You have to expect to eat less and move more for a year or even two years before you look and feel changed.

It is easier said than done. But my guidelines are to eat very little carb, mostly vegetables. Eat about one bowl full of food only per sitting. Three or maybe two sittings per day. It is very strict, but just consider it work towards a goal (you have to set your weight goal) and then it is maintenance. The suffering will stop one day. Don’t be afraid to skip a meal or two, but don’t do it if it is making you dizzy or other side effects. You have to get enough nutrients and calories for your needs, so this is not that easy to find the right balance, regarding diet.

Not everyone will be able to, but I changed my job from computer to building maintenance, so I am moving and working all day, almost everyday.

Lastly, for stubborn areas, they say there is no such thing as spot reduction. But I beg to differ. If you have more fat in one area of the body, it only makes sense to move that part of the body more. This means understanding fundamentally how each muscle functions. Let’s say you have a little extra in the hips, that just needs a lot, maybe a LOT of walking. If you have fat in the arms, you have to scrub and clean a lot. Maybe your house is already in need of that, so take that on, and have a clean house to boot.

The best overall way to burn fat is to run. My study of biochemistry – the chemical that breaks down fat is released when the body does anaerobic exercise. Not just walking, but exercise that really raises your heart level, gets your heart and lungs going, and fills your body with O2. I really dislike running, but it is a MUST in order to really get lean. There is no other way.

Best to you in your endeavor, may GOD grant you what you need to achieve your goal!

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