The Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the Rejected

Those of us who understand spiritual reality, understand that there is a struggle between good and evil, light and dark, GOD and the devil. My understanding of it is that the fight (he started it), was started by the one called the devil and was ended (like D-day) by the LORD Jesus Christ. The struggles we now have are just little mop ups compared to the big bomb that GOD dropped on evil in the Christ, or if have you the gigantic mess (called the sin problem) cleaned up by our LORD the LION and the LAMB.

Have you seen the movie the Matrix? Few haven’t that are around my age. I’m not saying we are living in a dream world, but similarly, the Holy Bible teaches us that we live in a world that is a complex system. A system the Bible calls the world. In Jewish history, we learn that the devil was cast down to the earth for some wrongdoing. So, this is/was his domain, so to speak. We know that GOD really owns it all. Where did man live before the fall? He-she lived in Paradise, that is a different world. So we both fell to the same place. The original reason in Jewish history is that the devil was jealous of man and caused his fall and there has been a rivalry and enmity ever since. Until, the LORD Jesus came that is. The war IS over, but there are forces of evil that refuse to surrender or have not heard. That’s all.

The reason it seems the world is a messed up imperfect place, is that this reality has been created and controlled by the evil forces mainly, b/c this is ‘their’ domain. In the same way, that Morpheus in the Matrix was trying to free Neo’s mind. You need to free your mind – how is this done? With the blatant honest truth sometimes. This world we live in is a world of lies. It is a cold, dark, unloving world. We’re born into it and it cares nothing for us. You need to question it, reject IT, leave it (don’t need it), and overcome it. How again? Also with the power of GOD, which is the LORD JESUS. When you really follow Jesus, the world and all it’s zombies become your enemies. That’s a lot of enemies. They reject you and make life hard for you, but with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, it is just minor headaches, no problem. But the rejection, lies, injustice that gets heaped on us, can sometimes make us lonely. And that’s why the LORD tells me we need to seek out our brothers and sister sometimes.

Because if only for that reason, only the saved and chosen know what it feels like to be rejected and hated by the world, day after day. We shouldn’t become inured to rejection. We shouldn’t say it’s ok. It’s NOT ok. As children of the light, children of the MOST HIGH. We should receive honor, glory, praise, love and all that good stuff. But living in a strange land, we don’t, we hope for it. So I’m changing my mind, and will set aside time to meet with my brothers and sisters. I’m coming back to the church, but not religiously.

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