We’re Sons and Daughters, But Somethings We Just Can’t DO

Sometimes we get caught up being sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD. That’s a good thing, to realize who we are in Him, and who we were in the beginning.

But, unfortunately, we are where we are in our developments, and/or we are painfully human. And we are not THE SON of GOD, like our LORD Jesus. So, often we as some seriously put it, take the place of GOD. I am just now thinking about it, and will post a follow up, but –

There are many things that we just can’t do, b/c we aren’t Jesus. We are His Body, and in Him, and with Him, and many of us ARE Him. But some work, jobs, tasks, we just cannot do.

The obvious one is we can’t outwardly, publicly, and boldly judge those we don’t know. More to come…

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