A “New” Teaching – The Equality of Animals

The LORD Jesus was always preaching on the correct treatment of animals. And we can start everyday at home, with our household pets.

The basic principles are that animals are here to live (eat and multiply), work (together with us), and be ruled (taken care of) by us. Not so much, in my humble opinion, to be eaten and driven out of existence.

I now have rescued a puppy from the animal shelter. A very intelligent creature that I intend to give the option of freedom in seven years. We did not want it chopped, for that is unkind to cut off its prosperity. I am blessed above others in that I have some land, so when it matures it can have a space outside of its own. And we will see if the LORD brings him a mate. If so, they can live on that land together, granted they listen to me.

I had reservations about even ‘owning’ a pet, b/c my convictions tell me that pets, animals should be free. And often we own pets to dish out our frustrations on them. That’s not fair.

Since the day we’ve gotten our puppy. We treat it like family. It eats at the table, sleeps with us, on the floor. Takes almost daily baths, gets enough food (almost all it wants). We treat it nicely, not mean. We talk to him, and take him almost every where we go.

I’m by no means trying to impose my ideas on anyone, b/c pet ownership is a very personal topic. Just some ideas for you in the New Year. Shabbat Shalom!

Taiwan Post, 1

I’m Taiwanese, so finally, some Taiwanese Christian stuff.

I’ve been told, that Taiwan is still struggling with the old ways. And that’s ok, but wouldn’t you rather have the One True GOD? Wouldn’t you rather have a better life? My eyes have been open to know that all good things come down from Heaven above, and the flow of blessings is restricted when we don’t have good leadership, good laws and law enforcement, and good priesthood and educators teaching the Truth. A lot of why we don’t have is because we don’t follow the Laws of G-d. Are they expressed adequately in the Buddhist and Taoist texts? I don’t know.

I venture to say, that Taiwan is at the brink of being taken back into China, b/c they are not following G-d and so are threatened with being un-promoted, moving back into their parent’s house, and not realizing their vision of independence.

Insites on the Tower of Babbling

In Genesis 11, the story of the Tower Babel, we see that at one time, the whole world spoke one language. I’m not sure but it may have been Syriac. The LORD, Himself, came down to take a look at what the people where doing with themselves, they built a city, a monument to themselves.

He didn’t like it.

What the account says is He ‘confused’ their language. And now we have many, many different languages today. English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

But let’s take a closer look at the word confused. The account also said, He made it so that people could NOT understand each others speech.

That is true even today. Do you realize how much of everyday speech is just slang, colloquialisms, catch phrases, sentiments, etc. Even the phrasing and word choice of today is often subconsciously offensive and sometimes violent, sometimes disrespectful. I have a theory that as the heart of man is often corrupt, the speech and language itself is corrupted.

That led me to be a little more conscious and careful of how I say things to people. The order of the wording is also important. Hand and body language is also important. And that led me to the discovery and notion and perhaps that some languages are better, YES, better than others. I am investigating and studying Hebrew. The Jewish literature says that Hebrew is a Heavenly Language, of course, or better yet it could be true.

Clean and ‘Unclaen’, Before the Flood

I notice parallels in G-d’s stories. After a more careful reading of the Noah flood story, in the Bible. I noticed the G-d tells Noah to bring 7 of every clean animal, and 2 of every unclean animal into the Ark. Noah, himself, his wife, his sons, and their wives were 8 people. Does this mean, it was hinted at that G-d allowed Noah to bring in 2 or maybe 3 ‘unclean’ people in with him? I wonder who they were?

Happy New Year, Thank You For Your Past,

Happy New Year everyone! May this year be the best and ever increasing in blessings,

GOD, our LORD Jesus Christ is always there, for He is faithful. I, we just don’t remember Him always. WE don’t carry Him in our hearts as we should. When we practice a mindful attention to the presence of the LORD, we will see that He is always answering our questions, He is always helping us, He is always speaking to us, we just don’t see it or notice it.

Even brief thoughts you have, the LORD often has a nice word for you in response to that. The other day, I was sitting under a fig tree thinking about how my life has gotten me here to this point. And kind of lamenting the fact that I am not more successful. In my heart, I know the game is not over, and with the LORD, He will obtain victory and true success for me yet. But it is a little sad to know, that I made a lot of mistakes in my life and according to the Word, it was allowed so that we could be like our brothers and sisters. The LORD allowed us to fall in small ways, so we could understand and minister to those who fell or still fall in that way; our priestly duty.

I visited my home church for the Christmas service. The visiting pastor from Michigan and his wife, both I admire, was helping since we don’t have a pastor right now. It has been a while since I’ve been back there since I married my wife who was a non-believer. The LORD and the Body are cool with us now, but we’re working on something else right now. Sitting in the pews with my parents, I felt happy and complete (yet incomplete) and enjoying the season and service. After the service, we left to shake hands with the pastor. He told me,

Thanks for your past work.

That was the LORD thanking me through the pastor for allowing my life to be a blessing to others. It seems unfair, but the chosen have to fall to be able to help those who don’t have. I believe Adam chose to fall as a way to save Eve and mankind. He was the first missionary. And I believe just as Joseph was wrongly placed in Egyptian prison for crimes he did not commit, there are persons in Hell right now ministering to the lost spirits.

Everyone has a past. No one lived a spotless life, but One, and that’s why He is the King. So I’m passing this word on, just in case you need to here it.

Thank you for you past, the LORD Jesus is going to use it for His Glory and yours.

God bless,