Taiwan Post, 1

I’m Taiwanese, so finally, some Taiwanese Christian stuff.

I’ve been told, that Taiwan is still struggling with the old ways. And that’s ok, but wouldn’t you rather have the One True GOD? Wouldn’t you rather have a better life? My eyes have been open to know that all good things come down from Heaven above, and the flow of blessings is restricted when we don’t have good leadership, good laws and law enforcement, and good priesthood and educators teaching the Truth. A lot of why we don’t have is because we don’t follow the Laws of G-d. Are they expressed adequately in the Buddhist and Taoist texts? I don’t know.

I venture to say, that Taiwan is at the brink of being taken back into China, b/c they are not following G-d and so are threatened with being un-promoted, moving back into their parent’s house, and not realizing their vision of independence.

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