A “New” Teaching – The Equality of Animals

The LORD Jesus was always preaching on the correct treatment of animals. And we can start everyday at home, with our household pets.

The basic principles are that animals are here to live (eat and multiply), work (together with us), and be ruled (taken care of) by us. Not so much, in my humble opinion, to be eaten and driven out of existence.

I now have rescued a puppy from the animal shelter. A very intelligent creature that I intend to give the option of freedom in seven years. We did not want it chopped, for that is unkind to cut off its prosperity. I am blessed above others in that I have some land, so when it matures it can have a space outside of its own. And we will see if the LORD brings him a mate. If so, they can live on that land together, granted they listen to me.

I had reservations about even ‘owning’ a pet, b/c my convictions tell me that pets, animals should be free. And often we own pets to dish out our frustrations on them. That’s not fair.

Since the day we’ve gotten our puppy. We treat it like family. It eats at the table, sleeps with us, on the floor. Takes almost daily baths, gets enough food (almost all it wants). We treat it nicely, not mean. We talk to him, and take him almost every where we go.

I’m by no means trying to impose my ideas on anyone, b/c pet ownership is a very personal topic. Just some ideas for you in the New Year. Shabbat Shalom!

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