the Evolution of the Sacrifice,

Believe me this today, people are evolving. It is not just a New Age thing, but a new way to describe humanity and the path that God has us on all together.

Those in religion are in a good group but with archaic models of thought, using old language, and holding on to old ways of doing things. Dare I even say it, the Bible truths need to presented in new ways with new words, and new paradigms, characters, and stories.

Back on topic, after a word study of ‘sacrifice’, in, what is my analysis?

Psalm 141: ‘Prayer set before like incense, lifting up of my hands like evening sacrifice…’
Proverbs 15:18 – ‘LORD detests sacrifice of wicked but prayer of upright pleases…’
Proverbs 21:3 – ‘To do what is right and just more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice…’
Ecclesiastics 5:1 – ‘Go near to listen rather than offer sacrifice of fools…’
Isaiah 57:5 – ‘You burn with lust and sacrifice your children…’
Isaiah 66
Hosea 6:6 – I desire mercy not sacrifice + acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings…’
Jonah 1:16 – ‘fear the LORD, – then offer sacrifices and make vows to him…’
Mark 12:33 -“To love him with all your heart…love your neighbor as yourself…more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices…’
Ephesians 5:2 – fragrant offerings,
Phil. 4:18 – a fragrant offering – acceptable sacrifice,

and who can forget Romans 12, what is your analysis?


It’s Not Just About You or Us,

Sometimes we get caught up in achieving or becoming something or someone, or doing something even FOR G-d. But, I’m starting to see that unselfishness, helping others, and loving others is more where it is at. Bro, you know what I am saying? (think Bruce Leroy) It’s easy to dump your responsibilities and seek happiness and shirk one’s duty for the sake of self-fulfillment.

Let me bring it home. Me, for example, and I’m not bragging. But I decided that my life is now over. Not really, but I’m o.k. with being a nobody. I accept my fate and choose to take care of my parents business and of them in their old age. I willingly do it and soon will happily do it. I’ve had dreams. I’ve had ideas and goals, but maybe they’ll come true alongside taking up my responsibility. If I know G-d, He will. So my faith is not rock solid after all, and I pray for more and more for you.

Again, and I’m not bragging. I’ve met people who are more gifted and more capable. They have developed themselves to a superhuman point. Yet, and I’m not bragging but seeking for more like me, they have admired my dedication to the LORD Jesus in holiness, purity, righteousness, etc. I have talents too, but as I said in previous posts, holiness is SOMETHING. As the Christ said, holiness is what keeps the planet earth acceptable to G-d. The very presence of holy, not just good, people keeps the earth spinning, keeps the sun shining, and keeps the rain falling. Some of the weakest, ugliest, most retarded things you think are most likely holy, and to whom you owe another day of life. Humbling isn’t it?

If you’re reading this and you struggle with life, living a life of unselfishness and service to others. Be encouraged. And be decided. You can’t be a half-way Saint. If you want to be a good person be a 100% good person. Decide to be, and be that. If you complain and need to vent and even stumble sometimes. That’s alright. For if God doesn’t understand then He/She is NOT God.


The Power of the Word,

Who, what are you? Speak,

Everyone can talk but can everyone speak?

Who was Jesus called the Word,

My thoughts on this, sorry as you can tell it is very exciting stuff, to me. The Word, as Jesus was called by John, the beloved disciple, is God, was with God in the beginning, and through Whom everything was created. That means that Jesus, the Word, is/was the our Creator-God.

But why was He called the Word? I believe that it was He that Spoke everything into existence. Before Him, and there was before Him, it was ‘quiet’. According to the Jewish legends, the Word created the numbers and the alphabet, and then created everything with that. Like DNA for everything. 10 numbers and 22 alphabet. So maybe there really are only 32 basic building blocks for anything created in Heavens and the Earth.

We often say that talk is cheap. We admire men of action. But, in the higher realms, speaking and speaking with power seems to be more effective. I’ve never seen this happen, but I know this to be true, mostly. But here on good ol’ earth, what is the power of words?

I’ve noticed, and my eyes are getting wider and wider, even though they are batsuku (Guam word for slanted eyes), that people are prophets to themselves. ALL PEOPLE. If you think and then especially if you say out loud something like ‘I think I’m going to die young’. Then that is your fate for yourself. It is almost like a spell or something. That betrays the notion within your mind, that you either don’t believe it is more honorable to live a long life, or that there is some reason your life is painful that you don’t really want to live. Either way, there is an underlying problem.

A lot of people don’t believe in the power of words, and I ask them to say something, and then DON’t forget about it right away, but watch for its fulfillment. Most often it does come true. That’s another reason we should be very careful what we think or say. If we think of something we don’t like, we must ACTIVE refute or reject (nicely) that thought immediately and don’t allow it to get a foothold within our minds. This is mental vivacity. It is possible to be physically unlazy, and mentally lax.

Prophets, mostly are born. Prophets need to be careful what they say, b/c often it does come true. As in the book of Ezekial, it is more God like, if we had God vision and prophesize life, light, and love – instead of doom and gloom. A lot of people want to speak, publically, or feel they have what it takes to teach or say something of benefit to the world. If that’s what you believe, then that is true. Allow me to share. What the world really wants to hear is not about themselves or what they want to hear. We all need the truth, we all need love,

Speech and words come from the heart. As the Good Book says, out of the overflow of your heart the mouth speaks. So people who speak please spend time working on you. Your character is number one, having a good heart is essential, and being a good person is not worthless but is everything – especially to G-d.

God bless you this weekend, have fun!

It’s DNA Darnit,

My knee is busted. When I do heavy digging or construction type work or lifting, I can feel it buckle a little. Why it hasn’t healed yet, I don’t know. But I remember when I was young, maybe ten, I remember reading that the neurons in the brain do not heal. And now, scientists are saying the contrary, nerves in the brain CAN heal. Basically, we can be healed of anything.

Did you know, that every cell of your body is dying and being ‘replaced’? So it is possible to REALLY become a new person, inside and out, because every single cell in your body would be replaced. Maybe every seven to eleven years you will be a new person.

The most real part of us, they say, is our souls or spirits. It is us. It is where we sit in our control center and experience reality, think, feel, and envision the future, among other things. That part as far as I know, does not have DNA. Our DNA contains instructions for our biology. Now we also know that DNA can be changed. We’ve read that our DNA has been spliced, by aliens? Our DNA also can change with time, or miraculously by G-d. Our DNA also can change in response to environmental stimulus.

I have a theory, that disease is not just a disease state or that it is uncleanness in the body. Science has shown us that the body has more than enough defense mechanisms to protect itself from diseases – such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. But, the missing factor is the psychological or spiritual. Why do people smoke? It is a deep seeded or seated self-loathing or self-esteem issue or some kind of dissatisfaction with self or family often that is at the root of the behavior called smoking.

Similarly, I theorize that just as smoking is a self-sabotage, our bodies allow disease to come in and take root simply because we have given up hope or don’t really care or are just too tired. In my observations of people, they really don’t know any better a lot of the time. Most are as innocent children, like sheep, as the LORD Jesus said. I’m still a little critical and get fed up with people, but I pray I’m changing. True ministry is from the heart. It is service, but more than that it is your life. A lot of ministry is undoing and coming to terms with your past. So one can say, that the first missionary you should be to – is yourself. The first person you should learn to love is yourself. In seeking out G-d, He becomes our mirror and we see ourselves and our families. In trying to know G-d, we learn about ourselves. Until one day, we learn the G-d is not so much unlike us, but that we can be One with Him, and as we walk with Him, we become as the LORD, perfect representations of His likeness and the radiance of His Glory.

Be Giving of Yourself,

Now that I am a parent, I have seen others grow, and I’m seeing others in differing stages of their lives. I’m starting to see that often the root of a lot of problems in society stem from the breakup of the family.

I was fortunate to be in a car accident that brought me back to my parents’ house in my adulthood. I got to spend a lot of time with my dad and he totally redeemed himself in my eyes b/c he was always busy making money. Up until my early to mid adulthood, I still harboured resentment against my parents especially my dad for never being there. All he had for us was criticism, scolding, punishment, and it seemed money or material stuff.

So, deep down inside, when I grew up, it was payback time. I don’t have time for you now. I only want your money. You didn’t have any of yourself to give me, so I don’t have to let you in my life now.

I don’t know what happened, but I just grew up and dropped it all. I squashed it. I forgave and forgot. A lot of this happened after I got married and had my own child. I could see that life was not easy. I saw that I was not better than my parents, and that I am lucky to be able to build on their foundation – if I was indeed better. All we can really do is our best. Kids are so good at spotting a fake. They can tell if you are not being honest with them. They can tell if you love them or not.

I am not a super person, but I have a system of doing things. I always try my best. And I hope that my kids will understand if I fall short. I pray that G-d will fill in and make things great and perfect. I pray His Spirit will abide with us and bring us the beautiful life we all desire.

My system is based on a book, The Five Love Languages by Dr. Chapman. He says there are basically five ways to show your love.

1) Words. Kind, compliments, encouraging, faith, hope, etc.
2) Touch. Smile, hugs, kisses, etc.
3) Gifts.
4) Quality Time.
5) Service.

You can also have a real relationship with your love ones, letting them in to what is going on and also what is on your mind. You can let them know how you feel about things, what you think, and let them know what you like or don’t like. We all only have 80 or so years of life on this planet. 90 trips around the sun. Let’s make our time here counts!

I Miss It,

A year ago, I was fill in piano player at my Uncle’s church. We, my wife and I, were family so there was pressure on us to host and be the example, and we were asked to give much time, resources, and energy. For us, at that time, it was a real squeeze. We were not at a good place to be giving so much. And we had a lot of stress b/c of our role at church. We burned out only after about six months. That revealed to us, the difficulty of ministry. And that was just the material side, not the spiritual side of things that Elders deal with.

I remember, the LORD using the music my Uncle selected and his lead, and my playing (mediocre as it was) to really move His/Her Spirit through the congregation. The Spirit’s presence was heavy, pervasive, light, and palpable. Everyone left feeling like they met with the LORD.

I still remember a few times where the Spirit had me play and then stop so the congregation could sing accapella. The singing was mostly women and their sweet, sweet sounding voices. Within the soft, gentle voices I could hear the power and plaintive cries of prayer to the LORD.

Please provide for us,
Please won’t my husband love me more,
Please help me with my kids,
Please help me with my health,
Please help my family believe in you,

It was such a beautiful and deep work, that I really miss,