I Miss It,

A year ago, I was fill in piano player at my Uncle’s church. We, my wife and I, were family so there was pressure on us to host and be the example, and we were asked to give much time, resources, and energy. For us, at that time, it was a real squeeze. We were not at a good place to be giving so much. And we had a lot of stress b/c of our role at church. We burned out only after about six months. That revealed to us, the difficulty of ministry. And that was just the material side, not the spiritual side of things that Elders deal with.

I remember, the LORD using the music my Uncle selected and his lead, and my playing (mediocre as it was) to really move His/Her Spirit through the congregation. The Spirit’s presence was heavy, pervasive, light, and palpable. Everyone left feeling like they met with the LORD.

I still remember a few times where the Spirit had me play and then stop so the congregation could sing accapella. The singing was mostly women and their sweet, sweet sounding voices. Within the soft, gentle voices I could hear the power and plaintive cries of prayer to the LORD.

Please provide for us,
Please won’t my husband love me more,
Please help me with my kids,
Please help me with my health,
Please help my family believe in you,

It was such a beautiful and deep work, that I really miss,

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