It’s DNA Darnit,

My knee is busted. When I do heavy digging or construction type work or lifting, I can feel it buckle a little. Why it hasn’t healed yet, I don’t know. But I remember when I was young, maybe ten, I remember reading that the neurons in the brain do not heal. And now, scientists are saying the contrary, nerves in the brain CAN heal. Basically, we can be healed of anything.

Did you know, that every cell of your body is dying and being ‘replaced’? So it is possible to REALLY become a new person, inside and out, because every single cell in your body would be replaced. Maybe every seven to eleven years you will be a new person.

The most real part of us, they say, is our souls or spirits. It is us. It is where we sit in our control center and experience reality, think, feel, and envision the future, among other things. That part as far as I know, does not have DNA. Our DNA contains instructions for our biology. Now we also know that DNA can be changed. We’ve read that our DNA has been spliced, by aliens? Our DNA also can change with time, or miraculously by G-d. Our DNA also can change in response to environmental stimulus.

I have a theory, that disease is not just a disease state or that it is uncleanness in the body. Science has shown us that the body has more than enough defense mechanisms to protect itself from diseases – such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. But, the missing factor is the psychological or spiritual. Why do people smoke? It is a deep seeded or seated self-loathing or self-esteem issue or some kind of dissatisfaction with self or family often that is at the root of the behavior called smoking.

Similarly, I theorize that just as smoking is a self-sabotage, our bodies allow disease to come in and take root simply because we have given up hope or don’t really care or are just too tired. In my observations of people, they really don’t know any better a lot of the time. Most are as innocent children, like sheep, as the LORD Jesus said. I’m still a little critical and get fed up with people, but I pray I’m changing. True ministry is from the heart. It is service, but more than that it is your life. A lot of ministry is undoing and coming to terms with your past. So one can say, that the first missionary you should be to – is yourself. The first person you should learn to love is yourself. In seeking out G-d, He becomes our mirror and we see ourselves and our families. In trying to know G-d, we learn about ourselves. Until one day, we learn the G-d is not so much unlike us, but that we can be One with Him, and as we walk with Him, we become as the LORD, perfect representations of His likeness and the radiance of His Glory.

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