It’s Not Just About You or Us,

Sometimes we get caught up in achieving or becoming something or someone, or doing something even FOR G-d. But, I’m starting to see that unselfishness, helping others, and loving others is more where it is at. Bro, you know what I am saying? (think Bruce Leroy) It’s easy to dump your responsibilities and seek happiness and shirk one’s duty for the sake of self-fulfillment.

Let me bring it home. Me, for example, and I’m not bragging. But I decided that my life is now over. Not really, but I’m o.k. with being a nobody. I accept my fate and choose to take care of my parents business and of them in their old age. I willingly do it and soon will happily do it. I’ve had dreams. I’ve had ideas and goals, but maybe they’ll come true alongside taking up my responsibility. If I know G-d, He will. So my faith is not rock solid after all, and I pray for more and more for you.

Again, and I’m not bragging. I’ve met people who are more gifted and more capable. They have developed themselves to a superhuman point. Yet, and I’m not bragging but seeking for more like me, they have admired my dedication to the LORD Jesus in holiness, purity, righteousness, etc. I have talents too, but as I said in previous posts, holiness is SOMETHING. As the Christ said, holiness is what keeps the planet earth acceptable to G-d. The very presence of holy, not just good, people keeps the earth spinning, keeps the sun shining, and keeps the rain falling. Some of the weakest, ugliest, most retarded things you think are most likely holy, and to whom you owe another day of life. Humbling isn’t it?

If you’re reading this and you struggle with life, living a life of unselfishness and service to others. Be encouraged. And be decided. You can’t be a half-way Saint. If you want to be a good person be a 100% good person. Decide to be, and be that. If you complain and need to vent and even stumble sometimes. That’s alright. For if God doesn’t understand then He/She is NOT God.


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