Where did Obi-Wan Go?

What did Obi-Wan Kenobi say to Darth Vader before he died? You cannot kill me, I will just keep coming back again and again. There seems to be this duality in the Universe. The darkside and the light. The light wants life, but the darkside wants death.

So which side wins? I believe it is a struggle from which life moves forward. But not in a survival of the fittest sense, but moves forward in the direction set by Higher Powers which lead Ultimately to the Highest, whom Christians call the Most High GOD, or sometimes we just call Him Father.

It is strange and abstract, but sometimes life is that. I believe that Obi-Wan did not incarnate again, but we saw him in spirit. His spirit was alive and lived somewhere but could appear to Luke and was aware of things. Just like KwiGwon’s spirit. Spirits put their hands on people and empower them. And that’s what Obi-Wan meant. He was going to be with Luke, Darth Vader’s son, and ‘fight’ him, but really they were trying to save Darth Vader. In spirit, Obi-Wan could be around Darth Vader and whisper and teach him through the winds or through other people who happened to be around him. That’s what Obi-Wan meant when he said he would become more powerful than Darth Vader could imagine if he died.

Obi-Wan did not fear death b/c he understood what comes next if you have lived your life well. And so we should not fear death either. We don’t always need to read our Bibles, but serve others, love and live well, listen to people that come into our lives, repent and pray for others, give and send out our love to everything, etc. With renewed and revived spirit, the pages of the Bible will come alive to you and your eyes and ears will be opened. You will know and understand everything. It is the mind of Christ,

May you have the success you desire, my best to you in your endeavors,

My Wife the Saint,

I’ve said before and I’ll say again and again, I hold my wife in the highest esteem.  Why?  Because she really is a follower of Jesus Christ, even though she hasn’t known Him that long.

She is better than I.  I’m more into learning things and being right.  But my wife is more kind, understanding, and she helps all kinds of people.  Not only that, she can really talk with them without them feeling like she is condescending.  She really gets down to their level.

I can do that somewhat.  But she is better.

Maybe I am just a tiny, tiny little bit envious of her talent.  But it’s moot.  I’m not really.  She just has a different personality and different gifts.  But she is a wonderful example of How to Love People Unconditionally.  My point is she just became a Christian a few years ago.  She’s so wonderful.  I love her so much.

But, we have hurt each other so many times.  Her ‘ministry’ is more important than me sometimes and I’ve done that to her as well.  Marriage is not perfect.  And even when the problem is communicated, it seems the solution doesn’t always come right away.  I love her, and she loves me.  We know that.  So, even when we don’t feel it.  Even when the love is not there and going to someone else, we keep the faith of love and try not to do something stupid.

I probably will.  And sometimes they call that romantic.  Heh, aren’t women just wonderful, wonderful creatures???

Jesus, the Magician?

Often Christians say that ‘real Christians’ do not have any powers.  Is that true?  Jesus the Christ:

1)Healed sicknesses

2)Exorcized bad spirits

3)Turned water into wine

4)Feed five thousand

5)Fed four thousand

6)Rebuked the storm

7)Walked on water

And many, many, more.

So what do I think about that?  GOD says practicing magic arts is not good.  What is the difference?

Basically, who they get power from is one.  Bad guys call on bad spirits to help them, but the bad spirits probably end up owning them.  How they use the power is another.  Jesus’ power/miracles were always to help people.  Practitioners of magic arts use their power to hurt people and get ill gotten gain.  The third point many be a new one for you.  Practitioners of magic arts are called practitioners.  That means perhaps they were not meant to have powers.  They just chase after it.  For example, if a person who is really gifted in drawing, sculpture, and design, all of a sudden abandons that and gets into say, deep sea diving.  Then that person may not be operating within their natural gifting from GOD.  Their powers are from striving and rapaciously grasping and dealing with bad spirits.

The last point is they may not be considered worthy from the standpoint of good.  GOD awards spiritual gifts on the basis of need, mostly to build up the body as the Scripture says, but gifts are given again and again when the recipient is worthy.  That means if they are good.  I haven’t been good lately.  So, please say a prayer for me.


How to Raise the Dead?

You feed them, you love them, and sing them to sleep, like everyone else? Ha-ha,

Who is the Heavenly Warrior? Revelations 19

He is the one who rides the White Horse. He wears red. He leads the Armies of the LORD to defeat the Beast, False Prophet, and his armies. Why can he defeat him? Because he knows evil.

Revelations is difficult to understand, for myself also. The imagery is strange. It is confusing. But some key events I noticed are these:

-St. John, the Beloved, the Mystic wrote to Seven Churches – meaning the Apostle had authority over seven churches.

-He describes what GOD looks like. So, if you ever get ‘taken up’ and see GOD. You can match Who you see with Who he saw.

-In Rev. 5, we see the Lamb of GOD (This is a Person, Who takes an assignment) in Heaven. Then the Lamb reads the Seven Seals. The Angels then throw that ‘plan’ down to earth. We should be praying for Israel, all of Israel to be saved, and for all the multitude to be saved.

-The seven seals are basically the plan of GOD that the Lamb has to ‘make it so’. The seven trumpets happen on earth. By the sixth trumpet we see the Angel with the rainbow, that’s Ezekial. Remember Ezekial ate the scroll that was sweet? And the two witnesses, I believe was Jesus Christ and his wife (Mary Magdalene). They were both crucified and rose and taken up into Heaven.

-At that point, the Universe was firmly under the Rule of Jesus of Nazareth.

-So, at Revelations 12, we see the woman and her child. The Dragon hurled down and the Dragon waging war against the Woman and her offspring. Christians have always heard that this happened in the beginning, but that is not right. GOD is One of order. Your pastor may be a disorderly person himself or herself. The Dragon, who is Satan, lost his place in Heaven after Christ’s sacrifice and ascension. He no longer has access to his place in Heaven, so his time is short. He will be locked up. We, the followers of Christ, are warring against the Dragon, right now. The child was taken up to a Higher Heaven.

-The two beasts come. Has this happened yet? Most likely yes, the 144,000 have they come yet. Yes, they are here. The harvesting of the earth and trampling of the winepress happens all the time. They are the multitude that is being cultivated and taken to heaven along with the 144,000. Some are harvested, some are spilled as a sacrifice for the sins of those harvested. But the sins of the harvested were because of the works of the Dragon, Beast, False Prophet, but most of all because of Babylon.

-Babylon will fall, and we haven’t seen that yet. After Babylon falls, her son comes. There is a warning to come out of Babylon. This is a warning for those who live in cities, to move out to the country or other less densely populated areas.

This is the Heavenly Warrior,

-He is a Commander of the LORD’s Army. There are others, but he is the one to fight the Beast and the False Prophet. He preceded the two beasts, so he is elder. They sing, and defeat the bad guys. The two beasts are thrown into the lake to clean up. They are not tortured, but will be cleaned up so they can be Angels too.

-Then comes the thousand year rule of Christ and His Priests.

-After one thousand years, Satan will gather his troops again and will be devoured by fire from Heaven (think the two witnesses). And he also will be cleansed.

-The solar system most likely will be destroyed by the Sun going Red Giant. Then those with Christ, in His Book of Life, will be moved to the New Jerusalem, which will be some where else.

So where are we now? Babylon has not fallen, Armageddon has not occurred. I don’t look forward to that.


Take the Ladies Home,

Followers of Christ, are like their eldest brother, a Strong Hero, He is everything.  Not only strong, but smart, beautiful/handsome, kind, generous, etc.

Increasingly we are seeing aberations in gender especially, but we are seeing aberations in many qualities of personality.  Why?  Because with each passing moon, the true female cries for the true male.

We, the disobedient.  We, the prodigal have run away from home.  We all have run away from home.  What you didn’t know is that while the Father stayed, in His Majesty, in His Love – the Mother,

Your Loving Mother went.  Did you know that?  She is the Shekinah.  She is always with you, even though you don’t want her around, b/c you are growing up.  B/c you want to be ‘independent’.

So Daddy and Mommy are split up b/c you ran away from home to ‘grow up’.  And also, Daddy sent your eldest brother, Jesus to help you – again and again and again.

Soon, we all have to go home.  It is not really anything to fear.  That is the nature of things, to return (Tao Te Ching).  So, we can rest in faith if we want to.  But my message to you, is that if you know the heart of a Father or Mother and the heart of a Husband or Wife, every passing day, every passing minute and second is wistfully painful.  It is forlorn longing for the completeness of our love.  You are having fun, so we are happy for you.  But, wouldn’t you rather return to the ones that love you?


Do you know Jessica?

If Jesus is Jesus, then Jessica must be Jesus’ wife.  J/K

Some ‘New’ Information re: the Soul,

Do you have soul? Yes.

You are a soul,

What is the soul? Well, mainstream Christianity tells us that we are a trinity – body, soul, and spirit. And the soul is a trinity – will, emotion, and intellect. But what about the mind? Remember? The LORD Jesus said, ‘Love the LORD with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength’.

I have some new ideas. You have a body, a brain (the physical mushy stuff in the head area), a mind (the link between the physical and spiritual and the residence of the will, emotion, intellect), the personality (what really makes you, you), the soul (which is very difficult to explain), and the spirit (which in which there are many levels).

There is the heart. Here is where love lives. We don’t come into this world as Masters of Love. We learn to love. That is really why, why we are here. And that’s what will take us back to GOD.

The soul is amazingly difficult to explain. It has some nature of GOD. It is collective and individual. On the individual level it touches your personality, mind, and brain (somewhat), and is your awareness. By studying and praying and meditating and living, playing, working, and traveling, you can raise your level of awareness. You can by being One with GOD join with the Mind of Christ, which expanses the entire Omniverse. On the collective level, it is huge yet it at the same time is very small. Hard to explain, you have to have already kind of visualized it to understand it.

I love that the personality is distinct from the soul, mind, and brain. The mind is the link between physical and spiritual realities and is most fragile. It is subject to stressors from the physical plane. That is why you have to really take care of yourself and be happy.

The brain is the physical, more basic mind that can come into play, when your mind is overcome with anger or fear mostly. The animal brain thinks ‘differently’ in survival mode and is more concerned with things of physical nature (earthly rewards), doesn’t really think eternally, and is self-limiting. (more…)

The Path of Love,

1 Corinthians 13, how many of us can really recite the whole thing? There are 11 or 12 points to the ‘Path of Love’. Love is,

1) patient,
2) kind,
3) does not envy,
4) does not boast,
5) is not proud,
6) does not dishonor,
7) is not self-seeking,
8) not easily angered,
9) keeps no record of wrongs,
10) does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth,
11) always protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres.
12) –faithful and eternal — the unspoken IS,


1) patient,
2) kind,
3) doesn’t envy,
4) doesn’t boast,
5) isn’t proud,
6) doesn’t dishonor,
7) isn’t self-seeking,
8) isn’t easily angered,
9) doesn’t keep a record of wrongs,
10) doesn’t delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth,
11) always protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres,

Peace and Love,

The Kings Gave It All Away,

Where did the Kings and Queens of ye olde go? They could have gone into the shadows, pulling the strings and controlling all the wealth. But, no, I don’t think so. I think they gave it all away. When people started to show promise for self-governance and self-reliance, they released land and wealth into the hands of stewards – those in the administrative functions of the government. Who were the Kings and Queens of ye olde? Some say that they were aliens, possessing DNA and superior technologies. That is very possible.

Praying to our Jesus,

The Chinese got it wrong? Is praying to our ancestors is wrong? I’m not totally certain. The way things are said and presented often get taken for truth and dogma. And it is said by many Christian pastors that praying to the saints is wrong. I think praying doesn’t really hurt, it is WORSHIP that is not to be given to any other but GOD.

It is true, only GOD is worthy of worship. True GOD gets the True Worship. But, the LORD Jesus Christ was a man, the GOD-Man, it is said, but still a person who lived some time ago. If Abraham is the father of many nations, and it is said he is the spiritual father of many, then Abraham IS our ancestor. If Jesus the Christ was in the line of Abraham, and we pray to Him, then we are praying to our ancestor, aren’t we?

Just something to fry our brain, and maybe simmer your blood. I hope not. Just helping us to think outside the box.


The Tao of the Ask,

In my understandings of the way to be, which is in the Way, I’ve found that although there are ranks of people, places, and things, higher beings still are able to bend and bow (to condescend) and touch those at the lowest, why? Because of compassion.

What moves Higher Powers to help? Humility. Asking (not telling). Even if you don’t ask, for fear of bothering someone, Higher Powers have eyes and ears everywhere. They have Divine Wisdom and Insight. Often your good character and deeds can move Higher Powers to want to help you. That is why it is very, very good to pray. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE will know what you need. Unseen to you are great counsels of Spirits discussing how they can help you, how they can do great works of GOD and the reverse is true. There are councils of darkness discussing how they can pull things down away from the SOURCE, which is GOD MOST HIGH.

I imagine, that those in the Highest are so wise, powerful, and humble that the form in which one asks does not bother them in the least. But, I am not there yet.

I am studying the Chakras, b/c they are said to be a way to treat unhealthiness. And who does not want to be healthy? The fifth Chakra, or the blue chakra, is at the throat or thymus, below the throat, that area. People who always get the flu, have immune problems, feel like they can’t express how they really feel, may have an issue here. This is also a power, control, or self-value issue. In other words, a feeling of being unwanted or abandoned.

My Christian friends, be aware of your health in this area. Many good hearted and courageous Christian brethren love God and love God dearly, but I’ve found that the pressure they put on themselves to DO SOMETHING FOR God is often very great. They want to be perfect, happy, smiling, shiny people FOR God. They want to get people into church and tell them everything that God has done and sometimes are, I’m sorry, but annoying. Quite often, they give away so much of their material wealth and time as to harm themselves and the unity of their families, so their lives fall apart without them even noticing it. So often, they tell themselves, I am nothing, GOD is all, with tears in their eyes. Obviously, it is too great a sacrifice, and a GOD that would accept that is an unkind God.

My Christian friends, please examine yourselves. Look not only in the mirror of His Word, but the mirror. How can you attract the world if you are like that, pardon me? I’m not trying to put more pressure on you, but I’m asking that you examine yourself, your motives, your ways, and your strategy. This is a heavy, heavy, heavy post. So I’ll stop here. I’m done. Peak out,

Love and justice,

Euphemisms and Respect,

I’m Chinese so I KNOW about respect, overload on the respect. I need respect zero, or diet respect,

Children of the Light, I may be speaking to the future, but the game of Light and Dark, is merely that a game. For those who have played team sports, we understand the idea of sportsmanship, rules, and that sometimes you can walk off the field and the game is just a game. The game ‘served’ to create, grow, and teach us somethings. The game gave us friends, love, and a bunch of other values you never even heard about.

In the Book of Jude of the Holy Bible of the Christians, we hear St. Jude talking about the slandering of Celestial Beings. I’ve heard pastors calling out the Devil. I’ve heard other spiritual leaders boldly challenging the forces of evil. So, what do you think is going to happen? They’re coming…

Job, the pious, or Jobab as I like to call him, did as such. His heart was right and devoted in wanting to smash an idol in the land. But that incited the anger of the enemy.

Elijah, in the Christian Bible, in his zeal, challenged the prophets of Baal to a showdown. But, we often glance over, he order all the prophets slain after.

I’ll stop there. But remember as in the 40 Year Old Virgin (movie starring Steve Carell, the Noah guy), the friends said, “…I didn’t use bitches in a derogatory fashion, you did…” Calling demons, demons is sometimes unkind. Hey, creatures of the night have feelings too. In the study of Hebrew letters, and each letter has a theme. demon in Hebrew, if you drop the vowels, becomes dmn, which could mean something if you understand pictographic languages like Hebrew and Chinese. Hebrew is also phonetic and other ways of understanding it, so it may very well be the language of the Angels.

D = Dalet, doorway.
M = Mem, is the flow of divine wisdom,
N = Nun, is the nun…you figure it out!

But, maybe ‘demons’ serve to refine you into the character of divine, with darkness and ‘hellfire’, suffering and all that negative stuff. So instead of fighting them viciously and so seriously, they are our trainers and testers. Maybe they are Light Angels in masks of Ugliness and Darkness. You never know,


the Sin of Econoimics,

I say sin when I mean something else,

But, in my observations of sinners and the ‘low class’, I’ve noticed one thread running through it all. Impoverishocity, lack, or poverty. Many people, and I say people, are compelled to act in ways against the law and Divine Law, b/c of the system, life as we know it, or because life is just against them. Especially on Guam, where the land is not especially fruitful, it is remote, and the culture is basic, we are expected to live up to a modern Standard of Living. It is a great goal and vision, and is a happy life. IF we can really afford it, but the way of life in the States is a product of the history, culture, and economics/fruitfulness of the Land of the United States, and doesn’t exactly fit here on Guam.

The people here are in anguish. The people here have been called an island of thieves, rightly so, but where is the understanding? Is it all the Guamanians fault? Is it all ‘outsiders’ fault!?

Now, for those in religion, especially some I’ve met in Christianity, those younglings, burgeoning great men and women of faith, it is unkind to merely preach – don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery even, don’t kill. When we don’t understand, really understand what life is like for those who ‘commit’ those crimes. If you really walked a month of life in their shoes, you would really understand. I wouldn’t pray for that kind of experience, I guess that is what missions is really all about, enflaming the compassion within, but blind generosity and faith in the One True GOD’s ‘control’ is really, really good actually.

Mattingly! Cut those *#$%^ sideburns!

There is an old episode of the Simpsons, where Mr. Burns hires Pro baseball players to play on his company team. He’s the boss, so he told Don Mattingly to ‘get a haircut!’ He cut his sideburns obediently. He trimmed them nicely. Then the boss still told him, “Mattingly!!! I thought I told you to cut those sideburns!!!” Mattingly, walks away and we see then he shaves the entire sides of his head. Mr. Burns still gets mad.

In Leviticus, GOD Almighty tells His priests,

1) Don’t cut the hair at the sides of your head,
2) Don’t cut off the ends of your beard,

To which, we now see Hasidic Jews walking around all funny looking, but the symbol and example of to the letter obedience.

My point, is although I am a priest in training, I cut my hair like Mr. T. Just now. How does this make me feel? It is just as Mr. T said, it is when you are on the warpath, you cut your hair all ugly like that. And what does the beard symbolize in Jewish thought? – afterall Christianity has its root in Judaism – the beard is how blessings flow from God on High down to lower realms including earth. So visibly a priest of God Almighty would have smooth, nice looking hair and the beard, IF you can grow it. That’s a big if, because many Asians cannot grow full beards. That’s just a genetic trait. Does that mean almost an entire race of people cannot be priests? Maybe, but mostly likely that is not it.

The point I’m getting to it, is priest have to BE a certain way. They are not warriors, and they are not to be ‘hoarders’? They are to be conduits or channels of GOD’s blessing to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

I’m reluctant to end this post, cut this short, but it’s Saturday here, and I’m going to try to wind down,


The simplicity of Christian divorce,

Christian religionists are to put it simply, simple, simple creatures. And I mean that in the best way. It seems the entire thinking in Christian divorce is based on a line from the Bible,

“God hates divorce”

Now, that I’ve been married a while. The gloves had come off. The veils have come off. We have both grown. What do I think? I think that we’re at some other stage in our relationship. No need to read books on it, I’m in it. I’m living it. But what are my thoughts?

Divorce if God hates it, shouldn’t be done. But is that the meaning? Is God incapable of understanding the complexities of personalities? God surely understands feelings and the different dimensions that people connect on or don’t connect in. The love and devotion Christians feel and want from God is real. But the expression of hate on those who have been divorced is unfair and they are overstepping their bounds by judging. Which we are not to do.

Sometimes life just throws us a curve ball. Sometimes people aren’t cookie cutter. Sometimes two wonderful people aren’t wonderful together. Sometimes, life isn’t all about you and your happiness and freedom, but taking care of others.

I will get heat for this, but the writings of a madman don’t count. J/k. Christianity is just one of many religions. Religions always want to hold you in, like a membership in a club, but sometimes that pressure is very heavy and persistent and robotic. It’s understandable, there are real reasons why a organization like a church would want to retain members. But, life is freedom, as my friend Michelle once told me. And if you have learned all you need to from Christian church, there are other schools of thought and divine Way that you can enter in. Such is the greatness of the internet.

There are other churches that understand people sometimes join together for brief times and separate amicably. The main point is to love, be considerate and gentle, not to possess and control each other, and build the other person up, always love..

I’m not getting a divorce, but I surely have an inkling of understanding on why people would do such,

Love, have a great weekend!

Thoughts on Immortals, the movie,

In the vision where the Oracle sees Theseus with the bow embracing the King Hyperion. What does that mean? As a novice in dream interpretation, we can see that King Hyperion is/was Theseus’ father. He, they both just didn’t know it. Where else did Theseus get his strong, fine constitution? The fact that He had spiritual divine within him, was the fact of training from Zeus.

The movie had seeds of the future, but we wonder where was the audible message that Theseus had the choice to change the destiny of his future with Love, not hate and anger. In the fight scene between Theseus and his father, Hyperion, subconsciously we root for Theseus, because deep down inside we have/had hostilities between ourselves and our fathers. It is a cathartic release to see Theseus win, and his father killed. Such thinking and feeling is ok, but not the best. It shouldn’t be demonized, but we need to realize the inherent danger of such lines of thinking. We still need to recognize that there is an underlying spiritual problem. To such large, multiworldly problems, we need divine help and cooperation. Namely, we need to meditate and pray about it.

Reconcile with Witch, Love the WHOre?

I’m starting to see, that as followers of Jesus or Yeshua as He was called back in the day, we are not only called NOT to be judgmental aholes, we are called to LOVE as He LOVES and as the LORD Yeshua set the example of what is possible.

A great quote is by Kahlil Gibran, “For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst?”

In that lies the truth that all are on a path away or toward GOD, BUT, did you know that just as there are countless realms of Heaven, after a certain level, you break through and reach the Highest Heaven, where GOD and GODDESS, Heavenly Father and Mother reside. There are countless levels of Hell, but I’ve also heard that there are only three, or four.

So the nature of things is “skewed” towards the ascend. Because that is where the SOURCE is. And just as we can move towards the LIGHT, we can also move away, hit bottom, and bounce back with greater velocity and momentum. So, sometimes good Christian soldiers, I wouldn’t take things so seriously. GOD always knows what He/She is doing. And we need to watch out for our own zealousity and fanaticism that leads to impure thoughts, words, and deeds.

As a people, as a world, one of our next challenges in the evolution of our consciousness is that of really loving and raising up of women. The Asians got it right, in the recognition of the gender of spirits. And the pantheon and great communities of spirits of gods and goddesses exist. For what is a witch but a woman of great spiritual vision and power and love, hated and spurned mostly. For what is the whore, but a gentle soul searching for the one, ensnared by ‘playing the harlot’. The Law can fix this, but what really transforms and redeems our gentle soul is love, love, love. And as 1 Corinthians 13 in the writings of Paul, say, love is…kind…

It is UNkind to name call and condemn,

love is…does not dishonor others,

I’d venture to add to the list. Love keeps the peace by any means necessary. If you’ve read my posts then you know I am just trying to get you to think outside the box with that least statement. The purity of our actions, words, and thoughts is tempered by our peace.

If there indeed is a struggle of light and dark, then I’d say it is a embrace a wrestling match. In this wrestling, we, both parties, will benefit and it can also be seen as a dance.


Bald Samson,

If Samson was a Nazarite, did His strength go to him because of the long hair? What do you think? My thoughts on this matter are/could be/most likely ARE wrong. For those who have a rules-based thinking, that would be the simplest way to explain it. And there is nothing wrong with loyal and strict obedience. In times of war for example, obeying a commander without question is the life and death thing to do.

My faith and experience tells me that God is infinitely wise and powerful. And although He has rules in place, FOR OUR SAFETY mostly, He is still Sovereign and likes to Intervene/Intercede in response to evil activities in our world. What I am saying is, God is Above the Law, and He really can do anything He wants.

So if you in good conscience are doing your best, are following Him, trying to be good, trying your best, even if you aren’t – if you are believing on Him, if you are loving Him, – then rest assured your Salvation will come. Sincerity and good heart are key.

God can work in many, many different ways and it is always for the benefit of you, your family, locale, nation, world, solar system, etc. But it seems many people like tradition, and grow best in stable environments. If you aren’t stable and it isn’t working for you, then you may need some grounding. That’s all it is. If you came from a background of control and lack of freedom, that may be your response to that, but if it isn’t working for you, then you may have to rethink your life and meditate on that.


We Still Draw Lines,

As a child, we did not like to color within the lines,

Innately, we are born with the idea of no limitations, and that reveals to us our heavenly origins. I really believe that we can learn a lot about heavenly realms by watching how our kids think and behave. We all are born from above, and we learn a lot of lessons on earth before ascending to the next level – namely, Heaven.

But, we are still here to learn, and as parents we have the obligation to teach our children, also teaching them how to navigate and survive in this world. And so they still must listen to us, even if we have forgotten some higher ways and higher truths. For without us, the children would surely perish. What an important responsibility it is to just be a parent. And how often I feel we are failing at that all important job b/c we are preoccupied with more ‘important’ tings.

We really need to listen to our children and not intimidate them into being us. We can remember how life was if we just listen and value our children’s input even though they are weak and useless. Sarcasm.

One of my points is to young believers, is that we still need to draw lines or boundaries in our lives. The temple in Jerusalem had three different levels or areas. The outer courtyard, the inner room or Holy area, and the innermost area the Holy of Holies, which only the High Priest could enter once a year. I believe the temple is a reflection of the spiritual condition of the people. The Holy of Holies is your innermost spiritual being and health. We should or should have been able to enter in to the Holy of Holies anytime and anyone, but we are getting better now. It was the work of Yahshua, or Jesus as us Greeks call Him, that did a lot of clean up and restoration to the spiritual condition of the cosmos.

Christians like to practice Agape love, unconditional love, but that in this reality can only be practiced with restraint and wisdom. You wouldn’t give all your money to a homeless person, and then put yourself on the street would you? You wouldn’t make breakfast and give your best efforts to a stranger when you could very well do that for your spouse or parents or favorite children? Part of growing up is learning to set boundaries and setting priorities and goals – with wisdom. And the LORD said He is never short of wisdom for His Children, so ask and expectantly wait for the answer. It comes and often comes quickly, so keep your eyes and ears and spiritual eyes and ears open and ready to receive.


Mercy as Love,

We fall down,
We lay our crowns,
at the feet of Jesus,
the Greatness of Mercy and Love,
at the feet of Jesus,

We, Christians, are familiar with the song ‘We Fall Down’ by Chris Tomlin,

Here is a version for the times, a ‘duot’ between Steven Curtis Chapman and Chris Tomlin.

After my first trimester (j/k), I’m going into a time of more gracy and merce. My first 40 years were about discovering right and wrong, justice, and the power of negative punishments and the use of force. In the last few years, I’ve been seeing and this is maybe the time, that the softer side of things – kindness and mercy, when used in greater balance with justice yields much, much better results. For justice without mercy creates monsters with no love, kindness, compassion, or mercy themselves. For what you give or extend to others is created in them. As a sage once said, you need to ‘be’ the change you want to see in others. Fight not fire with fire, but be water, my friend.