Mercy as Love,

We fall down,
We lay our crowns,
at the feet of Jesus,
the Greatness of Mercy and Love,
at the feet of Jesus,

We, Christians, are familiar with the song ‘We Fall Down’ by Chris Tomlin,

Here is a version for the times, a ‘duot’ between Steven Curtis Chapman and Chris Tomlin.

After my first trimester (j/k), I’m going into a time of more gracy and merce. My first 40 years were about discovering right and wrong, justice, and the power of negative punishments and the use of force. In the last few years, I’ve been seeing and this is maybe the time, that the softer side of things – kindness and mercy, when used in greater balance with justice yields much, much better results. For justice without mercy creates monsters with no love, kindness, compassion, or mercy themselves. For what you give or extend to others is created in them. As a sage once said, you need to ‘be’ the change you want to see in others. Fight not fire with fire, but be water, my friend.

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