We Still Draw Lines,

As a child, we did not like to color within the lines,

Innately, we are born with the idea of no limitations, and that reveals to us our heavenly origins. I really believe that we can learn a lot about heavenly realms by watching how our kids think and behave. We all are born from above, and we learn a lot of lessons on earth before ascending to the next level – namely, Heaven.

But, we are still here to learn, and as parents we have the obligation to teach our children, also teaching them how to navigate and survive in this world. And so they still must listen to us, even if we have forgotten some higher ways and higher truths. For without us, the children would surely perish. What an important responsibility it is to just be a parent. And how often I feel we are failing at that all important job b/c we are preoccupied with more ‘important’ tings.

We really need to listen to our children and not intimidate them into being us. We can remember how life was if we just listen and value our children’s input even though they are weak and useless. Sarcasm.

One of my points is to young believers, is that we still need to draw lines or boundaries in our lives. The temple in Jerusalem had three different levels or areas. The outer courtyard, the inner room or Holy area, and the innermost area the Holy of Holies, which only the High Priest could enter once a year. I believe the temple is a reflection of the spiritual condition of the people. The Holy of Holies is your innermost spiritual being and health. We should or should have been able to enter in to the Holy of Holies anytime and anyone, but we are getting better now. It was the work of Yahshua, or Jesus as us Greeks call Him, that did a lot of clean up and restoration to the spiritual condition of the cosmos.

Christians like to practice Agape love, unconditional love, but that in this reality can only be practiced with restraint and wisdom. You wouldn’t give all your money to a homeless person, and then put yourself on the street would you? You wouldn’t make breakfast and give your best efforts to a stranger when you could very well do that for your spouse or parents or favorite children? Part of growing up is learning to set boundaries and setting priorities and goals – with wisdom. And the LORD said He is never short of wisdom for His Children, so ask and expectantly wait for the answer. It comes and often comes quickly, so keep your eyes and ears and spiritual eyes and ears open and ready to receive.


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