The simplicity of Christian divorce,

Christian religionists are to put it simply, simple, simple creatures. And I mean that in the best way. It seems the entire thinking in Christian divorce is based on a line from the Bible,

“God hates divorce”

Now, that I’ve been married a while. The gloves had come off. The veils have come off. We have both grown. What do I think? I think that we’re at some other stage in our relationship. No need to read books on it, I’m in it. I’m living it. But what are my thoughts?

Divorce if God hates it, shouldn’t be done. But is that the meaning? Is God incapable of understanding the complexities of personalities? God surely understands feelings and the different dimensions that people connect on or don’t connect in. The love and devotion Christians feel and want from God is real. But the expression of hate on those who have been divorced is unfair and they are overstepping their bounds by judging. Which we are not to do.

Sometimes life just throws us a curve ball. Sometimes people aren’t cookie cutter. Sometimes two wonderful people aren’t wonderful together. Sometimes, life isn’t all about you and your happiness and freedom, but taking care of others.

I will get heat for this, but the writings of a madman don’t count. J/k. Christianity is just one of many religions. Religions always want to hold you in, like a membership in a club, but sometimes that pressure is very heavy and persistent and robotic. It’s understandable, there are real reasons why a organization like a church would want to retain members. But, life is freedom, as my friend Michelle once told me. And if you have learned all you need to from Christian church, there are other schools of thought and divine Way that you can enter in. Such is the greatness of the internet.

There are other churches that understand people sometimes join together for brief times and separate amicably. The main point is to love, be considerate and gentle, not to possess and control each other, and build the other person up, always love..

I’m not getting a divorce, but I surely have an inkling of understanding on why people would do such,

Love, have a great weekend!

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  1. I think the issue of divorce is one of the most misunderstood and mishandled teachings in American Christianity today. So keep searching into it!

  2. Welcome to the site, and thank you for commenting pastor,

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