Thoughts on Immortals, the movie,

In the vision where the Oracle sees Theseus with the bow embracing the King Hyperion. What does that mean? As a novice in dream interpretation, we can see that King Hyperion is/was Theseus’ father. He, they both just didn’t know it. Where else did Theseus get his strong, fine constitution? The fact that He had spiritual divine within him, was the fact of training from Zeus.

The movie had seeds of the future, but we wonder where was the audible message that Theseus had the choice to change the destiny of his future with Love, not hate and anger. In the fight scene between Theseus and his father, Hyperion, subconsciously we root for Theseus, because deep down inside we have/had hostilities between ourselves and our fathers. It is a cathartic release to see Theseus win, and his father killed. Such thinking and feeling is ok, but not the best. It shouldn’t be demonized, but we need to realize the inherent danger of such lines of thinking. We still need to recognize that there is an underlying spiritual problem. To such large, multiworldly problems, we need divine help and cooperation. Namely, we need to meditate and pray about it.

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