The Tao of the Ask,

In my understandings of the way to be, which is in the Way, I’ve found that although there are ranks of people, places, and things, higher beings still are able to bend and bow (to condescend) and touch those at the lowest, why? Because of compassion.

What moves Higher Powers to help? Humility. Asking (not telling). Even if you don’t ask, for fear of bothering someone, Higher Powers have eyes and ears everywhere. They have Divine Wisdom and Insight. Often your good character and deeds can move Higher Powers to want to help you. That is why it is very, very good to pray. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE will know what you need. Unseen to you are great counsels of Spirits discussing how they can help you, how they can do great works of GOD and the reverse is true. There are councils of darkness discussing how they can pull things down away from the SOURCE, which is GOD MOST HIGH.

I imagine, that those in the Highest are so wise, powerful, and humble that the form in which one asks does not bother them in the least. But, I am not there yet.

I am studying the Chakras, b/c they are said to be a way to treat unhealthiness. And who does not want to be healthy? The fifth Chakra, or the blue chakra, is at the throat or thymus, below the throat, that area. People who always get the flu, have immune problems, feel like they can’t express how they really feel, may have an issue here. This is also a power, control, or self-value issue. In other words, a feeling of being unwanted or abandoned.

My Christian friends, be aware of your health in this area. Many good hearted and courageous Christian brethren love God and love God dearly, but I’ve found that the pressure they put on themselves to DO SOMETHING FOR God is often very great. They want to be perfect, happy, smiling, shiny people FOR God. They want to get people into church and tell them everything that God has done and sometimes are, I’m sorry, but annoying. Quite often, they give away so much of their material wealth and time as to harm themselves and the unity of their families, so their lives fall apart without them even noticing it. So often, they tell themselves, I am nothing, GOD is all, with tears in their eyes. Obviously, it is too great a sacrifice, and a GOD that would accept that is an unkind God.

My Christian friends, please examine yourselves. Look not only in the mirror of His Word, but the mirror. How can you attract the world if you are like that, pardon me? I’m not trying to put more pressure on you, but I’m asking that you examine yourself, your motives, your ways, and your strategy. This is a heavy, heavy, heavy post. So I’ll stop here. I’m done. Peak out,

Love and justice,

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