Praying to our Jesus,

The Chinese got it wrong? Is praying to our ancestors is wrong? I’m not totally certain. The way things are said and presented often get taken for truth and dogma. And it is said by many Christian pastors that praying to the saints is wrong. I think praying doesn’t really hurt, it is WORSHIP that is not to be given to any other but GOD.

It is true, only GOD is worthy of worship. True GOD gets the True Worship. But, the LORD Jesus Christ was a man, the GOD-Man, it is said, but still a person who lived some time ago. If Abraham is the father of many nations, and it is said he is the spiritual father of many, then Abraham IS our ancestor. If Jesus the Christ was in the line of Abraham, and we pray to Him, then we are praying to our ancestor, aren’t we?

Just something to fry our brain, and maybe simmer your blood. I hope not. Just helping us to think outside the box.


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