Jesus, the Magician?

Often Christians say that ‘real Christians’ do not have any powers.  Is that true?  Jesus the Christ:

1)Healed sicknesses

2)Exorcized bad spirits

3)Turned water into wine

4)Feed five thousand

5)Fed four thousand

6)Rebuked the storm

7)Walked on water

And many, many, more.

So what do I think about that?  GOD says practicing magic arts is not good.  What is the difference?

Basically, who they get power from is one.  Bad guys call on bad spirits to help them, but the bad spirits probably end up owning them.  How they use the power is another.  Jesus’ power/miracles were always to help people.  Practitioners of magic arts use their power to hurt people and get ill gotten gain.  The third point many be a new one for you.  Practitioners of magic arts are called practitioners.  That means perhaps they were not meant to have powers.  They just chase after it.  For example, if a person who is really gifted in drawing, sculpture, and design, all of a sudden abandons that and gets into say, deep sea diving.  Then that person may not be operating within their natural gifting from GOD.  Their powers are from striving and rapaciously grasping and dealing with bad spirits.

The last point is they may not be considered worthy from the standpoint of good.  GOD awards spiritual gifts on the basis of need, mostly to build up the body as the Scripture says, but gifts are given again and again when the recipient is worthy.  That means if they are good.  I haven’t been good lately.  So, please say a prayer for me.


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