Who is the Heavenly Warrior? Revelations 19

He is the one who rides the White Horse. He wears red. He leads the Armies of the LORD to defeat the Beast, False Prophet, and his armies. Why can he defeat him? Because he knows evil.

Revelations is difficult to understand, for myself also. The imagery is strange. It is confusing. But some key events I noticed are these:

-St. John, the Beloved, the Mystic wrote to Seven Churches – meaning the Apostle had authority over seven churches.

-He describes what GOD looks like. So, if you ever get ‘taken up’ and see GOD. You can match Who you see with Who he saw.

-In Rev. 5, we see the Lamb of GOD (This is a Person, Who takes an assignment) in Heaven. Then the Lamb reads the Seven Seals. The Angels then throw that ‘plan’ down to earth. We should be praying for Israel, all of Israel to be saved, and for all the multitude to be saved.

-The seven seals are basically the plan of GOD that the Lamb has to ‘make it so’. The seven trumpets happen on earth. By the sixth trumpet we see the Angel with the rainbow, that’s Ezekial. Remember Ezekial ate the scroll that was sweet? And the two witnesses, I believe was Jesus Christ and his wife (Mary Magdalene). They were both crucified and rose and taken up into Heaven.

-At that point, the Universe was firmly under the Rule of Jesus of Nazareth.

-So, at Revelations 12, we see the woman and her child. The Dragon hurled down and the Dragon waging war against the Woman and her offspring. Christians have always heard that this happened in the beginning, but that is not right. GOD is One of order. Your pastor may be a disorderly person himself or herself. The Dragon, who is Satan, lost his place in Heaven after Christ’s sacrifice and ascension. He no longer has access to his place in Heaven, so his time is short. He will be locked up. We, the followers of Christ, are warring against the Dragon, right now. The child was taken up to a Higher Heaven.

-The two beasts come. Has this happened yet? Most likely yes, the 144,000 have they come yet. Yes, they are here. The harvesting of the earth and trampling of the winepress happens all the time. They are the multitude that is being cultivated and taken to heaven along with the 144,000. Some are harvested, some are spilled as a sacrifice for the sins of those harvested. But the sins of the harvested were because of the works of the Dragon, Beast, False Prophet, but most of all because of Babylon.

-Babylon will fall, and we haven’t seen that yet. After Babylon falls, her son comes. There is a warning to come out of Babylon. This is a warning for those who live in cities, to move out to the country or other less densely populated areas.

This is the Heavenly Warrior,

-He is a Commander of the LORD’s Army. There are others, but he is the one to fight the Beast and the False Prophet. He preceded the two beasts, so he is elder. They sing, and defeat the bad guys. The two beasts are thrown into the lake to clean up. They are not tortured, but will be cleaned up so they can be Angels too.

-Then comes the thousand year rule of Christ and His Priests.

-After one thousand years, Satan will gather his troops again and will be devoured by fire from Heaven (think the two witnesses). And he also will be cleansed.

-The solar system most likely will be destroyed by the Sun going Red Giant. Then those with Christ, in His Book of Life, will be moved to the New Jerusalem, which will be some where else.

So where are we now? Babylon has not fallen, Armageddon has not occurred. I don’t look forward to that.


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  1. serdalkoyuncu@hotmail.com

     /  October 7, 2016

    the heavenly warrior is the mehdi (al qa’im) an offspring from the prophet mohammed. Anything vile said to god almighty bothers him, he will unite the forces of the believers of god against the antichrist/dajjal before the 2nd coming of jesus.

    The hadith of the prophet mohammed says that the mehdi has a white horse on who’s in between his eyes it shines like the moon in the dark.

    The hadith also says about the mahdi that he is brighter than the morning star in heaven and that he is the most shining of all people in heaven.

    The prophet mohammed also said that the mahdi /the heavenly warrior will be very righteous when he deals with things and that he would be able to seperate what is allowed for mankind from what is disallowed. He is also gifted with the power to know the answer to any question asked of him, cause the knowledge of god will be in full on his side.

    In the time of the heavenly warrior not 1 more secret of the earth will be not left uncovered, all the scientific riddles and puzzles and all dilemma’s will be solved in his time.

    The hadith also speaks of the mehdi wearing the blooded shirt of the prophet mohammed when he will be chosen by the people to lead them in battle. Yes he will be chosen by mankind, by every believer gathered against the wrath of the antichrist/dajjal.

    You can see the shirt, its in topkapi palace in istanbul. Its the shirt dipped in blood, as you can see:

    The prophet mohammed had an accident one day and the blood which bled on his shirt stayed. he knew this shirt would be worn by the heavenly warrior, so he left his unwashed and it has since then been securd safely in topkapi palace for the heavenly warrior once his rule over the earth will begin.

    Also as you read that the heavenly warrior will have a sword with which he wages war against the ‘nations’ who support the antichrist/dajjal. This is also one of the swords of the prophet mohammed, most probably zulfiqar sword, which is an exact copy of the sword gifted to the prophet mohammed by his father to him, but instead of its hilt being gold its silver, and the swordblade was made out of two pieces forged together.

    The mehdi cannot kill the antichrist/dajjal, because the antichrist will be killed by jesus, so this also fits the description in the bible that the heavenly warrior only ‘captures’ the antichrist and its vehicle (the beast).

    Apparantly the beast of the antichrist is a manmade vehicle of some sorts who can shapeshift even to go on land, in air and on water. The antichrist will have the power to slow time that it looks very fast to mankind.

    to make a long story short, i have read into the end of days from both islamic and christian sources, and each seem to overlap. the hadith of the prophet mohammed are very detailed of the events leading up to the 2nd coming of jesus, whereas the bible also ads to it.

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