My Wife the Saint,

I’ve said before and I’ll say again and again, I hold my wife in the highest esteem.  Why?  Because she really is a follower of Jesus Christ, even though she hasn’t known Him that long.

She is better than I.  I’m more into learning things and being right.  But my wife is more kind, understanding, and she helps all kinds of people.  Not only that, she can really talk with them without them feeling like she is condescending.  She really gets down to their level.

I can do that somewhat.  But she is better.

Maybe I am just a tiny, tiny little bit envious of her talent.  But it’s moot.  I’m not really.  She just has a different personality and different gifts.  But she is a wonderful example of How to Love People Unconditionally.  My point is she just became a Christian a few years ago.  She’s so wonderful.  I love her so much.

But, we have hurt each other so many times.  Her ‘ministry’ is more important than me sometimes and I’ve done that to her as well.  Marriage is not perfect.  And even when the problem is communicated, it seems the solution doesn’t always come right away.  I love her, and she loves me.  We know that.  So, even when we don’t feel it.  Even when the love is not there and going to someone else, we keep the faith of love and try not to do something stupid.

I probably will.  And sometimes they call that romantic.  Heh, aren’t women just wonderful, wonderful creatures???

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