Where did Obi-Wan Go?

What did Obi-Wan Kenobi say to Darth Vader before he died? You cannot kill me, I will just keep coming back again and again. There seems to be this duality in the Universe. The darkside and the light. The light wants life, but the darkside wants death.

So which side wins? I believe it is a struggle from which life moves forward. But not in a survival of the fittest sense, but moves forward in the direction set by Higher Powers which lead Ultimately to the Highest, whom Christians call the Most High GOD, or sometimes we just call Him Father.

It is strange and abstract, but sometimes life is that. I believe that Obi-Wan did not incarnate again, but we saw him in spirit. His spirit was alive and lived somewhere but could appear to Luke and was aware of things. Just like KwiGwon’s spirit. Spirits put their hands on people and empower them. And that’s what Obi-Wan meant. He was going to be with Luke, Darth Vader’s son, and ‘fight’ him, but really they were trying to save Darth Vader. In spirit, Obi-Wan could be around Darth Vader and whisper and teach him through the winds or through other people who happened to be around him. That’s what Obi-Wan meant when he said he would become more powerful than Darth Vader could imagine if he died.

Obi-Wan did not fear death b/c he understood what comes next if you have lived your life well. And so we should not fear death either. We don’t always need to read our Bibles, but serve others, love and live well, listen to people that come into our lives, repent and pray for others, give and send out our love to everything, etc. With renewed and revived spirit, the pages of the Bible will come alive to you and your eyes and ears will be opened. You will know and understand everything. It is the mind of Christ,

May you have the success you desire, my best to you in your endeavors,

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