GOD Does Need You!

One thing I found interesting about the way my wife and other sisters in Christ and my mom communicate is that:

You can think something but not say it. It would be unkind to say it. Me, I just let stuff fly. I try to tone it and phrase it in a nice way. But, I mostly say what I think should be said. Maybe I should think more and say less. Well, I digress.

I always hear pastors say, “Remember! GOD doesn’t need you!”

You have heard that too. That’s the beauty of mass communications. You put something on the radio, TV, internet, and it goes global fast! We probably heard the same pastor say the same thing.

Well, I’m here to say “Maybe GOD DOES need us.” I’ve had experiences where GOD told me to shovel some dirt. Ha-ha. I know, GOD telling me to do something so mundane. But, I didn’t do it. I looked at it. And then a week later, I saw it again, but didn’t shovel it. And GOD reminded me again. ‘That’s something you could do.’ But I didn’t do it. After a few weeks, the dirt was gone. GOD got someone else to do it.

I guess in a way, GOD didn’t need me to do it. But sometimes it’s the way you think and the way things are said that don’t reflect GOD very clearly. Moses got angry and hit the rock, and got in trouble for it.

When someone tells me, ‘I don’t need you!’ I feel bad. Everyone needs to be needed. If someone tells me GOD can replace you in a second. Which pastors have told me. I don’t feel like part of the family or part of a team. So, what I’m saying or trying to say sensitively is that some pastors have attitude problem. And they’re ON THE AIR! Well, GOD is in charge, so that/those pastors were chastised and punished in some way. And hopefully we can see that GOD is really not like that.

If GOD is expecting you to do something. He usually will just wait. Heaven and Earth will stand still until you do it. That’s the GOD I know and Love. If you hear that voice within you and sense that spirit within you that says ‘I don’t need you, do it or get out!’ That’s not GOD and that points to some kind of spiritual and emotional wound. That is something that needs to be addressed. Spend some time in prayer and fasting. Ask GOD to show you what is wrong. Was there some event in your past life that hurt you? Did someone abandon you? Did someone you really love reject you? When you have that blind spot or agree that GOD can sound like that – ‘Get out! I don’t need you!’ Then you most likely have the same problem of having been rejected or abandoned.

GOD loves you,

P.S. – what does a GOD who has it all need you for? Well, He/She created you didn’t they? So, They created you b/c YOU MAKE THEM HAPPY, by JUST BEING YOU!!!

Dogmas and Dogmos,

In the movie, ‘Dogma’ by Kevin Smith, which was hilarious by the way, we were introduced to the concept of the Female GOD!

Many of us probably celebrated that! Many of us may have been intrigued. Some of us, ok, many of us just dismissed that idea. But let’s think about it again.

Things about the LORD I find feminine,

the word glory is feminine.
the word Adonai is feminine.
the creative act is feminine.
the jealousness of GOD I find feminine.

We shouldn’t fear that a feminine GOD can kick our ass, our collective ass. For just as the foolishness of GOD is wiser than the wisdom of men, the feminine of GOD can outman the masculine of men.

When What is the Sabbath and Why?

Maybe I can offer some pieces of the puzzle and maybe you could just put it together? You like puzzles and enigmas?

-In Genesis, the original day started with night and then day. Please look it up and read that.
-GOD commands us to observe the Sabbath to rest and stay home.
-GOD even says don’t light a fire in your home, that level of rest.
-GOD says keeping the Sabbath is a sign that you are His people (very important)
-Is the Sabbath a requirement? Is going to church ‘religiously’ a requirement?
-Is GOD, YHWH (think Moses) the same as the Mashiakh Yeshua Ben Joseph Ben Mary Ben Panthera?
-If GOD never changes does that mean things don’t change?

I started keeping the Sabbath about seven years ago. My life changed radically b/c of it. GOD blesses wholehearted devotion. GOD blesses obedience, even blind obedience. GOD also blesses freedom. GOD also blesses self sufficiency. GOD also blesses intelligence. GOD also blesses reverence for all things,

The Taking,

The most responsible taking of love gifts is to know from whom you receive. Like the Apostle Paul, we strive to help the Gospel move forward unhindered. But, to ignore that we have needs, that there is the material world is taking on a very heavy burden. One that your helpers and followers may not all be ready for or even is not for them. If you have groups of people with you, maybe you just need someone who is a resource person praying or materializing resources for you,

The resource person is akin to the Hindu Saint or Brahmin with the siddhi of materialization. What that is, is that whatever that person imaginations or envisions or prayers for will be sent to him. If GOD brings you two together, the deal might be something like this. You have to make sure that person is provided for materially. Because, this might be a foreign concept, many of GOD’s material people cannot materialize things for themselves. Everything they do is for others.

Just How Low the Father Hole Goes,

Being a person is complicated. We sometimes adhere to principles of being and action, but circumstances can change that. We wanted to be this way, but we didn’t behave that way did we? But, sometimes its ok, b/c we don’t really know what GOD is trying to do. We are just cooperating with Him/Her.

In the movie, the Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo he will show him just how deep the rabbit hole goes. What does that mean? It sounded interesting. But today, I’d like to suggest that as fathers we can do better in reaching out to our children. We can do better in bending and stooping; condescending if you will. Why? Because Christ was our example. If we want to follow Christ, then we follow His example.

But when did the Father stoop? It is generally the Christian concept that the Father is an unyielding, powerful, sovereign, and angry GOD. He does not yield, so He sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to clean our feet. It actually sounds funny. How much of that depiction is what proud, powerful men think is the father and how much of that is the true nature of GOD. Remember that song, ‘When GOD ran’? by Phillips, Dean, and Craig?

Almighty GOD,
The Great I AM,
Unmovable Rock,
Invincible Warrior,

And when He saw the prodigal return, He ran to him. We are conflicted. If Jesus the Son does what the Father does. Then that means the Father washes feet too. And more over, if the WORD became flesh and through the WORD nothing was made that has been made. That makes Jesus, the Creator, and that means He is a Son Himself, but He really is our Father.

The Nth Dimension,

How many dimensions are there? Three? Four? According to scientists, there are up to 13?

That makes me sound smart doesn’t it, but maybe there is another way to ‘look at’ dimensions. I don’t know the history of the word. But, the three dimensions are told to us to be the three dimensions of space. So where is the fourth dimension? I don’t see it? And I’ve heard that space is an illusion. How do I reconcile that statement to my understanding. I just don’t get it. And I might as well forget I heard that than it pop up occasionally to confuse me. So, I just prayed about it, and GOD is liberal with His wisdom.

I know words, and the di- part of the word really just means two. It is duality. We’ve all heard about the tendency of people to think in twos. We see black or white. Things are good or bad. We want it or don’t want it. Like it or don’t like it. We are conditioned to only recognize two choices. And choice is an important concept. Isn’t more choices better sometimes? Yes,

So what are we saying when we use a word like dimension? We are framing our thought into thinking in twos. It isn’t a magical spell, but something like that. We are limiting ourselves or maybe revealing the way we were taught to think. So when you say there are THREE dimensions, you are saying there is ONE MORE. And that’s a good concept to have. It is good to know that when you think that is it, there is more.

Maybe, just maybe dimensions are just places. So what would the three dimensions be? Heaven, Earth, and Hell? So what would a 4th place be? It could be a 2nd Heaven or 2nd Hell. It could be the Sun, Moon, or another planet. My point is there could be infinite points or dimensions. Just as you could move forward and backwards, left or right, or up and down, if you see space as a sphere that is infinite and ever expanding outward, then the number of vectors pointing out from a center of a sphere could be infinite as well. It just depends on where you are trying to go.

Money and Ministry Go Together,

Yes, I understand that now. Thank you! :-) But since then I’d like to add my interpretation:

Money and Morals Go Together,

I have come to understand that people aren’t really any worse or better than others. The historically poor people of the world understand this. They just don’t feel they need to explain it to you. If you don’t have money, you might be tempted many, many times a day to do something wrong. So does that make some people weaker than others. Maybe, but maybe just not as mature. We tend to glorify strength and despise weakness. But power is relative or even size. There is such a thing as too strong, just as there are situations in which one can be too big. So, being ‘weak’ or ‘poor’ may be exactly what GOD requires.


A Simplified Gospel,

For those who like it simple, here is my explanation of the Gospel.

Gospel = Good News = Peace (if you really do a word study). Wear sandals and when you go out into the world be a peacemaker. The role of a Gospel preacher is to tell the people (poor) that GOD loves you and wants you to come home. You don’t have because you don’t ask. You don’t ask b/c you are estranged from your Father. You are at war with your Father. Stop, it’s time to stop.

And that’s the Gospel.


P.S. – To be a peacemaker, you have to be peaceful. That means do no harm. Be honest. Be loving. Be kind. Be helpful. Don’t gossip. And whenever possible, try to speak nicely about and for others. Smile. :-)

Observations from the life of Samuel,

Do you remember Samuel? He was born of Hannah, who was barren for a while, but then no more. She had plenty many, many children after she sought the Sovereign LORD and dedicated her first born to Him.

That sounds strange. The LORD sounds like a strange GOD that wants to take your children away. As a parent, if you take away my child you may as well as just kill me. Yes, melodramatic, but a part of every parent’s heart says that. Hannah kept her word and when Samuel was weaned (which the texts say was about three years old), she took him and dropped him off at the temple.

How strange. This isn’t done very much today. Can you take a religious vow and offer your children to serve (free labor!) at a church or temple or other holy house of worship these days. No, I haven’t seen this done. But I guess it was normal back in the day in Israel. Let’s put ourselves into Samuel’s shoes for a second. Say you are a normal kid, three years old. Family life is normal and good. You’re happy and then suddenly your mom tells you. Bye, bye I told GOD I would give you to the priests, so off you go! What would a three year old kid think? I could tell you b/c something similar happened to me. You would be crushed. You would feel abandoned by your mom who at this point was your everything. There would develop a emotional scar and a distancing from your mom b/c who are you? I thought you loved me. The Scripture says Samuel was dropped off. His parents did not visit him often but did visit regularly.

The nice Christian answer for this is, b/c Samuel didn’t have parents anymore he had to cling to GOD. Was there any other way? Couldn’t the infinitely wise GOD come up with a better plan to use this person Samuel that didn’t start with the crushing of a little child’s spirit? I have feelings and it cries out, “Not fair!”. “Why GOD, Why?” But the knowing part of me says that GOD is super wise and so even if He just allowed it, it really was the only way. So this is reality. Since we live in an imperfect world there is suffering. The consolation is that GOD chooses His Own to suffer in order to lift others out of their suffering. Those lifted are stuck and would have moved further and further from GOD if they were not helped. Should children be asked to bear such burdens? I’ve asked the question, but the answer seems to be “That’s the Way”. This is what is when Jesus says I AM the Way. This is the Way of GOD. Jesus is not saying He is only way. He IS saying He is the best way. I’ve noticed with people that often they want to be comfortable. People don’t always choose the best. And that’s ok, you are free to choose how you want. But if you are dedicated to the Way, then what that simply means is you belong to the Son, Jesus Christ. You are a son or daughter of GOD. Your life is not a easy one, you suffer for others, your life is not about you at all. You live to serve GOD and you live to help others and suffer. It’s not a job description, it is a calling, it is what you are here to do. This is also what Jesus was talking about the two sons. One told his father I will not do that. The other said I will. But the first did it. And the second didn’t. Another level of understanding for this story is that the Father asks us to do very, very difficult things. You will say no, b/c no one with a sound mind would say yes happily or enthusiastically. But b/c you love the Father and b/c you always do the right thing, you do it.

Samuel’s parents were holy people. And so, it must have been so, so difficult for them to part with their baby boy. Perhaps we don’t know, but an Angel visited them and told them GOD asks for their son. Knowing GOD, He/She did not hold Hannah to her vow. He/She most likely asked them again for Samuel. And in a fate-filled, mystical way it happened that way b/c of GOD’s plan. There is pre-existence. I’ve sensed baby spirits checking out parents before they’re born. And in the Jewish scriptures it talks about GOD talking to baby spirits and getting their agreement to be born and living this earthly life. Our lives are written out in advanced, perhaps not every detail. But GOD shows the spirits (you) ‘This will be your life’. Do you want to go and be born to Jim and Joanna of Guam? They will be your parents. When you are 10 this will happen. And then this will happen. GOD laid it all out to you, you just don’t remember anymore. We forget a lot when we are born and we forget more and more as we age.

GOD is Father and Mother up to the MOST HIGH levels. And GOD is good. His heart breaks, Her heart breaks when they see you suffer for the HOLY WORK. It is the poor choices of others (our family) that creates the need for the HOLY WORK. The HOLY WORK is the self-sacrificing for the FINDING of the lost family members. If you feel like GOD doesn’t love you b/c of your suffering and misery. Please listen to your heart and know that when you cry, they cry. We really need to know that GOD is not a slave driver or uncaring. If your work becomes too much. You can stop ANYTIME. If you need a break. Take as long as you want. That is the LOVE of Heavenly Father and Mother. That is meeting you where ever you are at. If your life is a life of suffering and you accept that. Then perhaps you could have regular days of play and fun to balance it all out. That might work miracles for you!


P.S. – This brings me to my concluding point. Something I will term ‘Christian Sensibilities’. We need to have better spiritual sensibilities. Just as part of growing up is learning certain complexities of life and nuances and finer points, Christians need to think about how they doing things. If we know that THE WAY is like this? Is it really proper to have Pastors call for followers of the WAY? Is it really proper to dedicate kids publicly to the LORD? How would the child feel later on? These kind of things are best handled by the Spirit Himself/Herself, by the Still, Small Voice. We who know and work can easily see when someone has decided to join the WAY.

The Universality of GOOD,

What are two (2) truths I realized that tremendously helped me in my spiritual walk and overcoming darkness?

1) Everyone lies. 99% of people lie or live lies. Yes, it’s that many. Even the people that you think are super holy and have actually done so much good for people – yes, even they sometimes are under judgment of the LORD. Why? Simply b/c of motive, intent, and perhaps they are not truly dealing honestly and justly with others. Did you know that a very high percentage of those graduating from seminaries around the country don’t really believe? Being a pastor is supposedly a good, clean job. How did this truth help my walk? It helped me to understand people. Truth is not the native tongue. And most people don’t know what they are talking about. They may have a nice voice or have learned the skill of communicating, but they don’t truly think. Why is that? Because they are ‘captive’ by the money system or as the Bible calls it Mammon. It can also be thought of as immaturity. Just because people say they are spiritual, say they believe even, say this happened and they had this vision or more. They could just be lying. So what do people really want? Mostly they want to part with your money. Most everyone just wants that, and the most creative ones can come up with incredibly sophisticated and elaborate ways to get your money. In sports they say, “Keep your eye on the ball!” Well, keep your eye on your money. You do that, and you’ll mostly be okay. That is actually a quote from a Jazz musician, Dell, in the movie, That Thing You Do. Very true and well said, sir.

Does this mean I am saying pastors don’t deserve a pay? Noooo. There are many pastors doing wonderful work making a real difference in people’s lives and changing the world. But there are also many pastors doing nothing, putting on a show, and using subtle manipulations to create a living for themselves. And then there is a spectrum or rainbow of all different types and different abilities of pastors, all of whom GOD loves. GOD loves everyone. Everyone deserves to have a good life. That is the beauty of America over say, Asia. In Asia, the norm is slave life. People don’t have fundamental rights, they don’t feel deserving of anything, and they don’t treat each other civilly or decently or respectful quite often.

2) The Universality of GOOD. What I mean by that is even the deepest, darkest, most vile Mafia Boss (sorry Mafia, I’m using Mafia as a term of organized, intelligent darkness) wants good things. They want respect. They want honor (the dark kind). They want money (money is good). They want beauty, etc. Then the question becomes – do you truly, truly believe that the things of GOD are good? Are they things that people want? YES! They just tell you it is worthless so they can get it for nothing. They’re just being frugal. The efforts, time, and material gifts even those that you might give them in order to save them – they don’t want to feel like they owe you, so they just discount you and persecute (use) you. It really hurts sometimes. The spiritual things of GOD, especially SALVATION is so, so, so infinitely precious that – GOD just gives it away! How can you pay a price for those things? To even try to pay would be kind of insulting to the infinitely precious nature of those gifts. That’s what I say. But MOST HIGH would just accept what you pay. But there are other spiritual beings who would not take kindly to the disrespect of MOST HIGH, and you may be punished.

I have been in the business community and so I am intensely familiar with money and big money. Did I get your attention? I’m saying to you now that just as in Scripture it says that don’t envy when you see darkness flourishing. You just haven’t seen past the illusions. Everyone lies. When you ask how they are doing it is always, “Great! I’m making so much money, I’m doing this, hahahah, etc.” I’m here to tell you that just as Light is a Way, darkness is untruth, darkness is always about illusion not reality, darkness is always in debt, darkness always enslaves, darkness is not fair, darkness is not really happy, there is no peace, there is no real love, it is lack and void, and darkness seeks to perpetuate itself. So a big part of being good is as the Scripture says ‘not to allow the world to corrupt you’. Just because you were cheated big time in a business deal, don’t give up on GOD and in turn cheat someone else big time. You just take it and GOD WILL pay you back. And if you have the faith to believe in this GREAT GOOD and HOLY GOD, ELOHIM, then He/She will even pay you double for your trouble. You just need eyes and ears to recognize that it is indeed from ELOHIM.

One more thing, I apologize for exposing the dark. But, I just feel it is time for a shifting in the balance of light and dark. Darkness always has a place. Even darkness has rights. Darkness deserves good things. But, in the interests of light and as I am ordered, please forgive this informative message to the Children of Light. We always want to protect and love our own. And the battle between Light and Dark does not have to be a serious, serious one. Light loves you, even the deepest, darkest night.


Why Should You Love GOD First?

That’s a great question, do you agree? That’s a euphemism for, “Don’t you think?” Because how we phrase things even in a casual way can sometimes chip away at the wonderful and solid relationships we have. I like how the oracle Microsoft Windows 7 says things, “If you force restart, you may lose your work.” Let’s be sweeter and more gentle with those GOD gives us (family, friends, etc.) so that the precious relationships we build may remain intact and we don’t lose it even.

GOD is the source and the source of Love. You only love because His Love flows through you. I noticed how much what I say and do and give to my son is who he is. Yes, there are distinct personality traits and the Spirit of the LORD lives in Him and many other things, but allow me to minimize that and say that at some level I have created my son. Everything he has is from me.

How much of that is man made or natural or GOD willed or GODDESS willed? That’s why I try to assist in the growth of my son and not take control of it. I really believe that children are unique and not just extensions of myself. GOD also has a say in the growth and the spirit of your child already existed before being born. So often we change the child and confuse him/her and take him/her off their path of fate and we teach him/her things that should not be taught. I really try to serve my child. Rarely I will exercise my power for his/her safety and if in my godly judgment things are not right. But, the main thing is love. We have to really love our children. And a big part of love is freedom.

Back to the original question, why love GOD first? Christian spouses may not understand that. They want to be the all. They want to be their spouses’ everything. That is very romantic but is likely to fail. The only One that is the All is GOD. If you allow your spouse to Love GOD first, they say the result is better because there would be more LOVE for everyone especially you.

If you see Love as a tangible thing, something you can measure, then when you have a spouse that LOVES GOD. The quality of life will be better because GOD’s LOVE will flow and ‘flood’ you, everyone, and everything. If you and your husband try to generate this love among yourselves you will run dry, because unless one or both people are connect to the source of LOVE, like a gas tank running out of gas, you will eventually hit a wall and stop b/c you don’t have any gas or LOVE in either of you for either of you much less for both of you.


How to Clear Your Space, A Letter to Dark Prophets and Prophetesses,

My dear Brothers and Sisters,  if it helps you to be strictly called Prophets or Prophetesses that is good.  Propriety is good.  But, it’s not for everyone.  And GOD understands that, if not, then He/She is NOT GOD.  I’m sorry for that firmness, it’s sometimes not welcoming.

I too come from a line of idolaters.  I too have delved into darkness.  I have been undiscerning and caught the attention of the forces of darkness.  But now I am mostly free of it.  Allow me to share my experiences and methods with you.  And although I shudder to pray FOR you all.  I pray to the MOST HIGH GOD, our Wonderful Saviour Jesus, to comfort you All and please, please deliver you all swiftly.

Darkness, as I am told is a way.  And there are many powerful, intelligent, cunning, and scary dark beings.  I don’t like to think about it, but I love and open (and close) myself.  That is one of my methods.  For where there is perfect love, there can be no darkness.  My faith is that:

-GOD is infinitely MORE powerful than the darkness. (Don’t be afraid)
-GOD loves you, and as revealed as Jesus the Saviour will deliver you. (Be patient)
-Even if you think numbers, Light outnumbers Dark, and GOD is Light, so it is not really balanced at all. (Do not fear)
-So what is He waiting for? I don’t know why but obedience has to be learned. Our family histories reveal bad relationships with our parents. We were disobedient to our parents, and so we find it hard to obey GOD even when we heard Him/Her.

As people sensitive to spirit and the moving of the Spirit. Do you see that GOD speaks to us through our parents. Even parents that are far from perfect. His/Her Spirit speaks through them b/c we need to see often. The physical plane or simply put our day to day lives and past on earth is what we have to work through in a REAL way.

What I mean by that is although you accepted Jesus Christ and you are going to Heaven, would He allow you to go forward without addressing at least some of your past mistakes? He wants you to have victory over your past and to be able to experience ‘sinlessness’. People who no longer have the desire to cheat on their spouses just don’t have that dark bit inside of them anymore. There is nothing for the outside spirit to latch onto and so you are basically ‘dead’ or better yet ‘unresponsive’ to that ‘sin’. Sorry, a lot of quotes.

To me, this is the main thing that us baby Christians don’t get. You have to clear your space and clean up your own mess. That is what GOD wants you to do. The best example I can think of is, say you are young and you get an apartment. You trash the place, never clean it or even call to have it maintained or fixed then you move. You move on to the next place. Inside you feel bad, you tell yourself, ‘Oh, I will turn over a new leaf at the next place.’ But you don’t. And you end up trashing the next place too. What can you do? Now you are feeling guilty.

Being a parent now. And GOD is the BEST parent. I would move in or visit often and show them how to keep their place clean. AND I would ask them to visit the former landlord and AT LEAST apologize for the rough treatment of their property. And IF you want to clear your space, you need to DO SOMETHING to make amends. You have to PAY for what you did.

So, now the baby Christian (some with spiritual powers, or not) says, “BUT, what about Jesus? Isn’t He washing my sins away and paying for me?” Yes, in the beginning. But both you and He know when you are bullshitting. Sorry for the strong language. When it is time for you to move on, grow, obey, do something and you don’t – that makes the job of those (to help you ascend) difficult and so you are inviting punishment on yourselves.

Also, when you have sin within and don’t clear that out. The darkness has a claim on you. It is like if you don’t clean your house, take a bath, or wash your clothes, or eat right, sleep, or keep alcohol and drug use low. You are inviting sickness and death into your life. Maybe that’s the better level for spiritual people to think at. Because sometimes spiritual sight of darkness and uncleanness is really scary and overwhelming.

So be a clean person – inside and out. And be an active person. Actively refute negative and sick thoughts and actively keep an area around you the way you like it and clean and organized. And be healthy. That means a lot of things which may be an adventure to discover. Everyone has equal dignity and no one person is better because they have this gift or that. Everyone has gifts and everyone is not the same. But how you use your gift is important. Do you use it for good and with good intention and motive? Better yet are you effective with your gift too? Or are you using your gift in the wrong way. The keywords for us today is MATURITY as HEALTHINESS and ACTIVENESS and OBEDIENCE.

Love you,
and LOVE Above All,

Restoration of the Economic Base,

After reading the Bible, GOD granted the Hebrews land, divided it, and basically everyone had land. From the land, people were to get everything they needed. That’s something we need to be prayerful about. The restoration of land to everyone. This goal appears to be so far away from reality.

The cool or uncool thing – cool for the Hebrews – was that they took over houses, fields, everything from the people before them. So, for their time as slaves in Egypt they got instant livelihoods.

We hear that more and more is in the hands of fewer and fewer. I’m not outraged by that, but I’m not exactly happy about it either. Please don’t get mad, don’t blame anyone, but often people go through life and never really own anything. That is sad. Part of it is because we are not ready to settle down. Part of it is because we are still running away from home. Part of it is because we don’t know what is good. Part of it is because we are confused by life and don’t really know what is of value. But mostly, and are you ready for this? People don’t want the responsibility and hardship of owning land and being in a family.

Right now we are still taught to go to school, go to college (college loan), get a good job, get a good car (car loan), and then a good house (big house loan), and we all are bombarded (no offense I was in Sales and Marketing) by advertisements and have visions and goals of living an opulent lifestyle. In this day and age, hardly anyone is really with their head above water. We are all in deep, deep debt. Why? Because we were tested by the system and we failed.

For guys, I don’t know about with the gals, it is the ‘proving’ of manhood. Some where in our cultures, not just American, but across the board, the male has to prove to his father that he can be independent, he can win, he can kill, he can seize leadership, etc. All of this is the old way of thinking. As I learned in business school of all places, not church, the way of the future is collaboration. If the corporations teach us anything it is that forming large groups is extremely advantageous. Also, we learn about corporate leadership training and succession. Success to them literate fools is simply receiving the throne and kingdom of your fathers or mothers.

So what is of value? I offer some questions and thoughts to ponder.

– like the prodigal son, when you leave home, you incur debts.
– GOD won’t give your own property if you don’t take care of some else’s first. And do a good job, of course.
– You also have to learn to earn and learn to keep things. One of the first things I noticed about children is they don’t know how to keep and organize their stuff. You could buy them the moon, but they would just lose it.
– Why does GOD punish to the third or fourth generation? Is being in debt a punishment? Do we have to think about our future? If you honestly serve GOD and not money and teach your sons and daughters to do so too, would you be able to see your posterity totally debt free?

Please GOD, open our eyes and ears so that we may turn and be healed,

For You, Why Go To Church?

For you my child of Light, for you who have faithfully attended Church, why?

You are a good kid and so you have always gone to church. That’s a good enough reason if I heard any. But, don’t give in to pressure tactics of those around you. And don’t practice them either. So many people don’t go to church, and that’s…

It is what it is, is the new term I’m hearing a lot. In my readings I’ve come across something called the GREAT FREEDOM. It is the Law of GOD, that we should all be aware of. Freedom is one of the Highest Laws of the Universe. One that we break all the time. It is also a guiding principle in all our actions. When we as leaders, parents, people in authority are choosing how to lead our people, one determining factor IS am I giving my people choice or am I giving them what they want to the MAX without them hurting themselves, others, or other edifying considerations?

I was raised in the church, and having gone through the system, I am better for it. But, like any with prophetic leanings, I am also wildly critical of the church, and that’s something I’m working on. Criticism is best unvoicedly remembered but internalized. We need to take it in, contemplate and meditate on it, and turn it around and then when the opportunity arises, we speak but with gentleness and perhaps framed and presented in a way that benefits those we are trying to help.

If you don’t want me at church, I won’t go. I can reach you from here. I can reach you with my prayers and in the Mind of Christ I know what is going on. Why does it have to be that if you see me then it’s trouble? But, you do have to behave and respect not only those GOD puts over you, but those He puts under you, around you and most of all you really have to respect His rules.

If you are in church and you want to break out. By all means do. It is a test of faith to know that GOD is not an evil tyrant who dragged you to church to make you suffer and pay and then wants you to think you are good because of it. GOD is, but only if you are really ready for that kind of work. It planted a seed to know how GOD operates. But in your heart of hearts if you need a break, if you need more real life, more fun, more outdoors, more something else. By all means do so. Freedom is not preached much in the Halls of His Church, but there is an overabundance or bearance of DUTY. Are we sending off the infants and children to battle too early? Maybe so. Instead of going to church so much, why not make friends? If we don’t make friends how do we bring them to church or anything else fun? Believe it or not, some people might find church fun, but only once in a while, maybe once a month (mostly women).


Mary and Jesus,

Sometimes life is not what we expect, and it is the ‘disappointment’ that gets us. Just as like how ‘strangeness’ and the unknown can become the devil to us, b/c we fear so.

We often go into relationships, especially marriage, with a preconceived notion – like she will be my soulmate, he will be my soulmate. Or we hold to dogmas of one marriage forever. There is nothing wrong with ideals, with dreams, or wanting things to be a certain way. But when they are not, can we really fault anyone? No, we cannot.

Mary, the Beloved Mother of our Great LORD and Saviour Jesus, was what I would call a young soul. Someone others would disparage by calling a retard or adult child. When they call her virgin, which was a term meaning ‘maiden’ it is not clear to me if it was chronological age, emotional age, or spiritual age or true age. We are what we are. Often we don’t see ourselves clearly and how can others even see us? All others see is whether you fit into their constructs and purposes. If not, you will be cast aside. Mary was an exceptionally spiritually gifted person. People like her don’t come along very often. It was through Divine Providence that she was cultivated as she was. Through several generations of Essenic cultivations and the gentle overseeing of the Angels of GOD, Mary was here. People don’t often talk about it, but both she and her husband Joseph were ‘regular’ people in the sense that they considered not themselves above others, but mixed and matched with everyone and anyone for they Loved all people.

Mary and Joseph found each other, b/c like a child needs a parent, but yet GOD gives honor even to those living among a society that wants us to grow up too fast. Joseph passed away quickly and that may be a discussion for later, but not before the LORD Jesus was old enough to handle the family responsibilities. If the LORD Jesus was the best of us, whom the WORD, the Very SON OF GOD chose to dwell, then Mary and Joseph were the next. And so worthy, worthy to be called the parents of Jesus.

Why were Mary and Jesus so close? Well beside the bond that is between all mothers and sons, they were both in GOD. They were like Sister and Brother in the eyes of GOD. But mostly, I theorize, is because they were close in ‘true age’. And at one point, the LORD Jesus outgrew Mary, b/c He just did.

My conclusion in this little talk, rather than pithy article, is that one discipline we can practice is to accept life as ‘it comes at us’. That is not to say that we should accept everything. There is a balance to life. Just as there is selfishness, there is such a thing as being too selfLESS where it begins to hurt you. Just as we accept all into our life, we run the risk of our spiritual health. GOD will also intervene when this happens, but you will have taken some knocks and little cuts. I don’t know why growth is always painful, but knowing that GOD the Father and Mother is with me as I go is always comforting and encouraging.

The Hearts of Many Will Grow Cold,

It is the situation now.

We are in a different time now. I remember when people were really different. People cared more. They believed in more than themselves. And they had loyalties and true friendships.

It is really sad, but nowadays people don’t really have time for anyone else. What is the motivating factor now? It is money. Give me something, maybe it’s not money, but give me something and then I’ll talk to you. Give me something and then I’ll help you. What about helping someone because you can today? What about helping someone because they are your family? Nowadays people don’t even do that. I understand that is the way the world works and if you want anything done, that’s the way. But, I’m talking about something else too. What are we passing onto our children? Any values at all? Or have we become a country of mercenaries? Of course it is not all that bad, but things really have changed since I was a kid. People have grown increasingly cold and selfish. They don’t seem to have any sense of higher purposes or even want to talk about such things.

On the other hand, the general thinking on such matters has become better. It is really confusing. The attitude towards women, homosexuals, human rights, animal rights, vegetarianism, ecology, etc. in general is much better. That is really good. But at the same time there is a disconnect in the way we interact as groups and at the society level.

I’m not helping much with any kind of solution, but there is the problem pointed out. Sorry,


Term – Separation of Church and State,

Nothing especially deep today, I’d just like to talk about the term Separation of Church and State. From Wikipedia it seems it is not a very well defined concept.

I get that feeling whenever people say that. They have the idea of separate and that Government and Religion should be separate. But mostly they are thinking, “Should we be talking about this?”

Of course we can talk about anything that is the First Amendment Right of every American. But, let’s examine the idea so we have a more developed notion of this Separation. Being someone who is a minister and will start a ministry in the future, I like how America states it. Basically the government does not favor one religion over another and it does not hinder the growth or activities of any religious group, unless they break the Laws of the Government, of course. This includes taxation. Very good.

So we need to back up and ask? What is the function of religion and the function of government. Are they one and the same? At one time, and we have interesting discussions on this right now, the Kings were GOD-Kings. They claimed Divine Right of Rule and Heavenly Mandate (in China) which basically is saying they were sons of GOD and that is why they rule. As society developed, this basically was cut out. We didn’t need a GOD to rule us anymore. Why not? Because we evolved socially to the point where we had people, many people and the masses had the necessary intellect and judgments to rule ourselves. Back to the freakin’ question – the goal of religion is to create virtuous people or good people. The goal of government is NOT to provide, although it now is, the main goal of government is to protect the people and protect the rights and the innocent and underpriviledged.

Sometimes it is more convenient to just do both. But, it really is the decision of the people. Today separation of church of state, tomorrow we the people may change it. That is why you, I, us, the people need to have a voice and be active in everything we can.

A big point to preach on today is self-sufficiency and self-support. If we can’t self-support we need to form groups. The basic group was the family and kind of still is. But it has been eroded just 50%. The new unit is the company or neighborhoods could be a unit of support. But I still hold to the basic unit as where we get everything we need. The basic unit should provide moral training, life skills training, and protection. At every level of existence we should have these things. So should training in morals and protection be separate? It depends at what level you are looking at. At every level they should be there. But should they be able to interfere with each other? In the past, this was a discussion of the power struggle between Rome and the Emperors. The level that we discuss at, since we ARE ministers is, would you like the government to have the power to interfere in your business? Would you like them to tax you, to dictate to you how to appoint your leaders, and all that other stuff? Of course not. Even at the family level. If I was a struggling parent say with some kind of abuse but in my heart of hearts I was really trying. Sometimes when the government authorities come in and take my kid away, that would be heart breaking. But, it all comes down to our faith in GOD. He really is in control. The government bears the sword of punishment. GOD can use the government and anyone in government to punish, even those in Ministry. So it is a check on our activities.

So, things to think about today again. Need a summary point? Ministers are doing the work of GOD, the Divine. You best be doing in a manner worthy of GOD. Mostly your work will go unhindered. If you check across the globe, that will be the policy. But, if you start to f-up, then a prophet will come and then if you don’t listen, then Nebuccanezar or a sword of government will come against you. The separation of state and church really is a level of protection for those doing the work of GOD, another fact that we can praise GOD for and understand that He is real and loves us.

Whom Shall We Fear?

If you understand that YOU ARE A SPIRIT in a body, then you understand that you go on foreverrrrrrrrrr

So what does this mean for us that fear death? There is no need to fear. Fear is a spirit that can easily be shrugged off sometimes. Fear and Death are close companions. And they say that fear cannot be in the same place as perfect love. So let’s meditate on that.

As someone who has died, I can attest that it does not hurt. I’m no crazy, do not disrespect life!!! Life should always be respected from the smallest ant to the largest of whales. Allow life to run it’s course. It is best to let death come naturally to a physical body. But that is all death is. It is the end of the ability of the body to function or a destruction of the physical body. That’s all. If you know who you are, are happy with yourself, and you have accomplished enough, and you are mostly ready, then you really have nothing to fear.

Enjoy life daily, do the best with GOD gives you, love everything, do no harm, do good always, help others, pray, etc. And when it is your time, the Angels will come and you will be welcomed into a Beautiful, Glorious, Wonderful Place.

An Attempt To Explain the Person, the Personality,

OK, Here goes…

The person is complex. The miracle is that it is a Unified Experience. If you realize that your body is moving and coordinated with no consciousness on your part, then you would know that there is a lot going on without your really experiencing or being conscious of it. The risk of raising a consciousness is that it becomes overwhelming and the person could go a little nuts.

According to Biblical and Extra-Biblical sources there are 7 or more ‘bodies’ besides the physical body. They could be the mind, soul, intellect, soul 2, soul 3, etc. The names are not important. The idea is that just as there theorized other dimensions beside the three of the physical. You (the real you) can grow and extend bodies into all the dimensions.

Just as at one time we were barbaric and without sentiment and ethics, now we are poised to make the lessons of humanity complete. The changing of the ‘collective consciousness’ of humanity is the main drive at the end of this age. Do you believe you can exist in different dimensions and planes of existence? Your higher self would watch you, but the lower self would be unconscious of what is going on in the higher realms. Think about the ideal man. Or the Platonic idea of essences. This is mind blowing, but could be reality. A higher you is projecting a reality or ’emanating’ a self into this Realm of Earth or Urantia.

Just as there could be collective YOUS walking around in concert with a collective multi-dimensional purpose, we can extend this idea to that of the Jesus Group or the WORD. In the beginning, GOD created a group called the Sons and Daughters of GOD. Jesus was the First Born. They are like brothers and sisters or even like one organism that are semi-conscious of each other’s movements and actions, but it really is the through the direction of the eldest, Jesus and the agency of the Holy Spirit that their work is achieved. That is who you are. You are one with the WORD.

So now what do you do? You have to work with the Spirit to clean yourself up. You have to be blameless and no lie can be in your mouths. When you are there, you will know. The Spirit will live in your heart and you will be raised up into the Spirit. You will join the Mind of Christ.

No Sex before Dancing,

I thought that was really funny. I still do. How are we supposed to make sure we have a good mate if we can’t do a test drive so to speak? That is just using the ol’ noogin.

Is marrying someone whom you don’t really know, only after a few months of courting, then going by faith and jumping into a marriage the honorable and noble way to marry? I’m not sure.

Christians are all for the do not date and only court and no sex even no kissing. It is extremely noble and all that. But what if you get duped? What if the person you are dating and being set up with for obvious reasons is not what they say they are? It happens. False advertising. People lie, all the time. Everyone wants good things for themselves and may think they are selfless. But, really, everyone is ‘selfish’ because we have to take care of ourselves first. That is normal. People who don’t understand that are usually very special people. But even these special people will someday have to grow up and learn to be self-sufficient. Becoming self sustaining and supporting is the direction of maturity and upward evolution.

So being the crzy thinker that I am, yet being a follower of Christ, let me think…Is there a happy middle ground between living like the ‘unbelievers’ and being a faithful fool. There are many unbelievers that get together under less than ideal conditions and stay together and love each other.

The world is not a perfect place. If both the man and the woman are marrying for kids. Then they would have to be sure that the other party has the necessary equipment and necessary health. That is just making good choices. If you didn’t then you are entering a world of pain and disappointment. You would have to fall down and petition the LORD for miracles of healing.

I have been the recipient of such miracles. GOD healed me in the area of sexuality, but I don’t expect everyone to have the faith to see this happen. No everyone has the same faith. I’m not bragging, but how do we make policies regarding this kind of thing? I used to read all those books on Christian dating and marriage and men and women. Now that I think back, I wanted to honor the LORD in those areas by making more godly choices in how I interact and engage the opposite sex. But those kinds of things are really a very sensitive topic. If I was a Pastor I would find it very difficult to speak on these kinds of things. I even know of Pastors that preach hard to adolescent boys, “DO NOT MASTURBATE!!!” Whoa. Did you just go there, Pastor?

Brief Bible Study – Gospel of John 1, Baptism

Baptism? What is it all about? There is sprinkling, immersion, etc.

But what did it mean in the beginning? Ah. Baptism was a practice of the priests on Gentiles to grant them access to the Holy Place. It was only done on Gentiles. So when John, not a priest but a son of a Priest, started just to baptise, the Pharisees and Sadducees questioned him. An then, he was baptizing Jews or Israelites for repentence.

Nowadays, we just submit to baptism as an ‘ordinance’ of the church. But often, afterwards, we still don’t know what it means. What is the history of it. When John was baptizing Israelites it was a NEW THING.

Priests were very confused. Because they were stuck with the traditions and doing things they were taught. So, they did not understand that GOD is always changing and always coming up with new things. The Bahais know this. Still many clergy today DON’T know this. That makes John, or made John a what? A Prophet. Prophets get revelations and new ideas of GOD’s plan from GOD Himself. Does that really make John better than priests? Maybe He would incur envious disdain from priests, but really John was/is just doing His job. His position would seem Higher, closer to the Divine. Some of that would be a result of lineage, but a lot of it was GOD’ favor and some of John’s willingness to suffer, sacrifice, be pure, and be close to GOD.

Well John got his head cut off. It is wonderful to be a prophet, eh?

John talks about one telling him to baptise. That would probably be the WORD or His Angels. Imagine meditating, then John gets the WORD telling Him, you have to start baptising Israelites for repentence in the wilderness. It will be a totally new thing and a lot of clergy will be confused and mad at you. But that’s my job for you.

Another thing is John was told by the WORD that the One you baptise when the Spirit comes down from Heaven and rests on Him, that is the Messiah, the Saviour of the World! So if the WORD was in the beginning and took flesh, the WORD, our GOD, the Son of GOD told John that John, he would recognize Himself (the WORD) in the flesh when John (he) baptised Him. Get it? It was like a little game. GOD told John, part of starting this baptising thing is that you will find the Messiah by baptising. And then your job will pretty much be done, I’ll take over.

Cool, huh?

The Fat Gene,

I really hope there is a fat gene, although I’ve never seen one, then I can just gene therapy out all my fatness.

I used to be really skinny growing up. It was my car accident, after which I was bed-ridden in the hospital for three months, that got me fat. Now I’m about 230 and I am still 230 after many years of thinking thin.

I’m not an evil person, I don’t curse people when things go wrong. I work, bring home the bacon, love my family and friends, and pay my taxes. I even do things for people I don’t know, charity and random kindness and all that jazz.

But, I’m still fat. I work all day and maybe I don’t do enough working out. My yard is clean and my spaces are neat and organized, but still I’m fat. I’m not a gym person, and I don’t have time for teams and no one I know is putting together anything outdoorsy. But mostly, my kids are still young and it just doesn’t make sense for me to be all super in shape.

Maybe when my kids are older and taking care of themselves, I’ll be in shape. Admittedly that is a goal I’ve had brief inklings of. But honestly, when I meditate on it, I’m happy with who I am. I’m just sensitive when other people look at me like I’m lazy, not on top of their shape like they are.

The best therapy is to think:

“I like me for me. I like how I am”
“I want to change a little, and I will”

Don’t get beat up or beat yourself up if you don’t conform to society’s expectations. If the world suddenly got real cold, you’d survive b/c of your extra layer and those super skinny people might not. You’d survive because of your choice in diet and they wouldn’t b/c they wouldn’t choose to eat in the way that would maintain their body heat and health. So, everything is relative.

There is no perfect people. There are only people. There is only you. And being happy RIGHT NOW is very important to your health even more than your body fat percentage or your resting heart level. Being happy RIGHT NOW is key to being happy in the future. This written for women as well as men,


The World Has Forgotten It’s Prophets

Who are the prophets?

In many different times, in many different cultures we have these kinds of ODD people:

-medicine men
-suruhana, -hanu,

What is the common factor in all these people? They are all a certain type. In Taiwan they are called TanKi. I would just like to use the term prophetic, b/c it has nice Biblical connotations to it. Prophetic people are born prophetic. They are odd, singled out, often brilliant, but sad, misunderstood, and NOT NORMAL. They are often thought crazy, mentally ill, or worse to be demon spawn or witches to be burned at the stake.

Depending on how misunderstood you can get, that’s how dark or ‘bad’ a prophet can be. And often a prophetic person is merely a reflection of the state of society around them. So if your local prophetic person is a witch then mostly likely your local society is in danger of being condemned by the Higher Powers.

A ‘New’ Paradigm for the ‘Mentally Ill’

Whatever someone you know has, it could be bi-polar manic depression, depression, schizophrenia, autism, tourette’s syndrome, etc. These behaviour ‘abnormalities’ which doctors of psychiatry call ‘mental illnesses’ may NOT be illnesses at all? That’s my theory and my paradigm if I may use that word is the X-men paradigm. Meaning, my theory is that people with mental ‘illnesses’ are not ill but rather are misunderstood super people with spiritual and mind powers that are beyond our normal comprehension.

My issue with most doctors of psychiatry, with all due respect, b/c my own father is a physician. Many physicians although extremely experienced and having a very great mind are probably the best people in the world, AND they have a firm grounding in all the book learning of the time…although all of this is true…they are diagnosing something they have no PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in. I’ve met a few young psychiatrists in Los Angeles. They are hot shots, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn and become M.D.s, but when they were questioning me, I could understand that they were going by the book and they really didn’t KNOW what they were talking about.

Sometimes they think they know what you have and it helps them, b/c you have to keep seeing them again and again if you have what they specialize in. But let’s say, you are DIAGNOSED autistic. All that really means is you fit into their nice, neat doctor categories of SYMPTOMS and they have a nice medication and some therapies that they can offer you.

Being someone who has struggled and WON with ‘mental illness’, I know that sometimes like depressions, it can set in and debilitate someone. Someone can be non-functioning and that would be a problem if they have to take care of a family or themselves. But, sometimes, if we stop thinking about that part of life so much and focus on what is really going on with this kid, it would really help them out more. And what is going on with your super kid? Most mentally ill people suffer what I call the inability to cope with reality. That is true. They also might see things that you don’t. That’s actually not unusual, in the Bible, or people in the ministry are familiar with spirits or unseen entities.

The biggest problem, I think is the coping. They need some kind of way to understand the world that satisfies them. They are rational or even if not, watching movies or hearing songs could help. Explaining things to them in certain ways, even if you think they are untrue or lies, as long as it helps them, that’s the main point isn’t it? A good thing to say to a superkid is…

“I know you don’t like the world or people or yourself sometimes, and it’s okay. I feel that way too.”
“Why don’t you like people, you don’t understand why they do and say the things they do?”
“Why don’t you like the world? What is it that you don’t like?”

The number one coping problem I had was with why people are the way they are. And for me, the answer was in the Bible. Most normal people just accept the world as it is and fit into it, but not superkids, b/c they intrinsically understand that there are problems with the world, and in their small ways, they serve to change it. And if they are able to overcome their fears, they can become SUPERHEROES that go on to really change the world.

How It ‘Works’

In case you were interested,

I was just reading the book of Hebrews which says the gospel was offered to the Hebrews when they came out of Egypt. Wha? What does that mean? Nevermind, just forget it. No, it is very important. Because we can learn something about GOD (which is my definition of faith).

In the book of Hebrews somewhere in the beginning, look it up. It says that but because the Israelites didn’t have faith they could not respond to the gospel. So, all you aspiring pastors please pay attention here it goes, it’s going fast.

If you have faith –> you can respond to the gospel –> you can be saved by faith. So here goes the big questions. What is salvation? Basically it is no more suffering, it is going to heaven. What is faith? My definition of faith is spiritual understanding of GOD. When you really know who GOD is, then you will understand everything. So what is the job of the minister? A minister has to ‘plant’ the faith into someone. Remember Paul saying something like ‘one plants, one waters’. Seeds of faith can also be killed or die without encouragement.

Preaching is planting seeds of faith into GOD. The best preaching tells people what GOD is like, who He is, what He done. The best teaching is showing the world what GOD is like through your godly life and example. This is a 24-7 job, b/c it is not an act. When you go on the air (my words for reach a certain level of awareness), and are in the spiritual, you are naked to the world. Everything you do is seen not only by GOD, but the entire spirit world. And if you believe that man is a spirit that is living a life in a body then that’s pretty much everyone one earth. Really makes you want to straighten up, doesn’t it?

Ministers have to encourage the seeds to grow. That’s a great job, but often overlooked. It often involves giving up your own stuff, own comforts, own rights, etc.

When the people come to you, and you can see they are ready. Then you need to offer the gospel. The New Deal. People by nature understand karma. You get what you deserve. Some people don’t even understand that. But a lot of people don’t understand how gracious and wonderful GOD is. He is forgiving, merciful, and gracious. He wants to give.

The Gospel is simply that through faith in Jesus Christ, only faith, not by anything you do, give up, can you attain salvation. It is much faster that way. GOD will just take you to heaven and work with you, and you can pay later. When you are in a good place you can pay back better anyways.

For example, if you are stuck in the ghetto and can’t even make a thousand dollars a month. What if GOD pays to move you to Monaco or Beverly Hills and pays your expenses. You eventually get a high paying job in this new place making a million dollars a year. You can definitely support yourself, help other people too, and pay Him back if you want to. But the Way He is, He would just say, Naw, just give it to your less fortunate brethren.

Back to the Israelites, they could not accept the gospel then, b/c they didn’t know how wonderful GOD is. Their hearts were hard and could not accept any ‘charity’. They did not know love. The had just multiplied and were raised in Egypt with their gods and godesses. They weren’t ready really anyways. But GOD did offer the gospel then. They just didn’t have the right faith to respond and accept it.

So what does that mean for us this weekend? Let’s be thankful for the salvation we have and be encouraged to go higher with the LORD. Let’s be more like Him and put away the sins of the past. Let’s bring someone with us to the Wedding Banquet, nay, bring 100 with us.

Hearsay I tell you, Hearsay,

Some of what the Islamic teachers is all hearsay I tell you. If Islam reads the Gospels and the Gospels record Jesus’ claim to being the Son of GOD, then that is the difference. No other prophet has made that claim. Not Baha’u’lah, not Muhammed, not Amaru, not Isaiah, Ezekial (was Son of Man), not anybody. They say that the Muslims say Jesus is just a prophet. But,

that is not the point. What the Muslims and Bahai are trying to show is that there has been a succession of prophets each with an enfolding revelation. But none was the Son of GOD, except Jesus of Nazareth. And if Jesus was a GOD-man, could the Jesus part be separate from the WORD part? Most likely, yes. So Jesus was also just a man, just a prophet. If you understand what I am trying to say. The Bahais are trying to get people of other religions to read other books. The writings of the Torah are so old. That maybe some readings of the Quran would help. The Quran was written in 600 A.D. versus 2000 B.C. for some of the Torah. If we want to be in the current revelations we should read the current books. That makes sense to me. But, the most impacting and wonderful books to me are still the Gospels about Jesus of Nazareth.

A lot of times, maybe the Muslims don’t want to get into the argument of was Jesus the Son of GOD, because some Christians just get so heated about it. It is unpleasant to talk about. Wars have been had over this point. For the LOVE, please stop. We need to learn to be civil and have nice discourse about even things we have very deep convictions about. That is part of growing up.

Maybe only some Muslims think that. Maybe most think that, but the truly discerning would know that Jesus is the Son of GOD.

Calling and Chosenness,

What’s the difference? There is a difference, for Jesus Himself said, “Many are called, few are chosen.” What does that mean? What is a call? A call is something like being a teacher, being a policeman, being a politician (yes), etc. Things that people in their right mind would not choose to be. A call picks you not the other way around. In other words, you are that. There is kind of no choice. You can choose not to be your call, but you probably would live a fulfilling life.

Being a Christian, a vessel of the Holy Spirit, is a call. It is a call on top of a call sometimes. Sometimes you are called to be a police officer and a Christian. I say Christian dringly because these days saying you are Christian is not the best thing in the world. And for that reason, it has become legit again. We have become misunderstood, but some of that bad PR is true. Christians have done some bad, bad things.

Okay back to the post. What is being chosen. Being someone in authority is NOT like the real world. There is something called election. Where and how we are elected is beyond my understanding. But my guess is that when we all sleep, we go some where. To a spiritual realm where we play and talk and elect our own officials. Then we come back to earth and we don’t remember.

Who are elected? Our leaders. The pastors and teachers. But when you get to the higher levels of GOD government, GOD picks them Himself. They are chosen. They are often trained by Himself. How does GOD choose them? On the basis of how close they are to His Son. How closely does this person resemble His Only Begotten Son. Does He know and talk and obey the Son? Remember the story of the Wedding Banquet? GOD called anyone in to the banquet. That’s us the Gentile people. The person without wedding clothes is the person who does not have His Armor of Christ or Jesus outfit on.

If you want to stop at the call, that’s ok. But you gotta have your Jesus on. At the White Throne Judgement you will be rewarded. I’ve been studying various religions. But nothing can take away my Jesus. The most important message and piece of info that Christianity has is that Jesus Christ was more than a prophet. He was GOD, the Son, incarnate. So, if you want to follow someone to Heaven, let Him be the best. If the Creator Son Himself is willing to lead you, what a privilege!!! Take it!

How can I prove that Jesus is the best!? More than a prophet? Well, one proof is that all of time revolves around His birth. Another is that He was born a Hebrew. They were the best people, I think they were aliens that chose to colonize Earth and help humanity with their teachings, DNA, and other shtuff. Another is that, other writings don’t have the Spirit in them, like the Gospels. If you can’t read the Gospels and you can read other spiritual writings that says something. Weak proofs? Well, the problem is I can’t line up the prophets and we can’t judge them, b/c we aren’t good enough.

Scents and Scentzubilityz

I’m trying to Man it Up, b/c what was so brilliantly titled is missed by many GOD fearing and nay, GOD loving Men of GOD. The rules and stories and songs and doctrines of Churches are very good. But, sometimes we miss the lessons of life.

One is the sensibilities of being a mature adult of Jesus the Christ. Let me give you an example or examples:

1) To believe your wife is your equal and given you to help you. We should listen to our wives not control them. They are often our BEST advisors whether they are Christians or not. Whether they have been Christians or not. It don’t matter. What comes from their mouths, in a mystical way, is from GOD. And when you don’t listen, you harm yourselves, because as the head of the family, you decide what is done.

2) To believe that the Bible is a book of good and evil. When you can weed out the bad and surely tell what is good and what is bad, then you would have mastered the Bible. What does that mean? Somethings in the Bible are bad but called good to confuse you and test you. if you do bad and call it good, you are just a hypocrite. So you have to really think! C’mon! You can do it.

3) To believe that sometimes, okay, often FORCE is not the solution. That we have to allow people to decide for themselves. Often they will decide for you if given enough, if given the FREEDOM to make their own decisions. Christians are often in too much of a hurry. We want to do good and do right but end up stepping on others in the process. FREEDOM is more important than being right. That comes into play with raising your child. I’m not one to meddle. But, a child, from birth is a thinking, breathing, complete person. They just don’t know how to survive or speak or do anything that is worth money. But they are a complete person, whose Angels see the Face of GOD. So, my approach is always to ask what the child wants, within reason. If they are asking or wanting something that is unreasonable, because I am still the parent, or something that will hurt them, then I will kindly decline or refuse.

4) To believe some terms in the Bible are obsolete, some of the stories especially to the common man are totally unrelateable. Some people will not pick up a Bible because they think it is like ‘Old English’ and can’t read it. What do you do for them? What can we do? Some people had bad experiences in school and just don’t like books. Some people actually can’t read? Yes. What can we do for them? That is why GOD had prophets to interpret the Bible. To draw them into comic books. To explain things in a way that people would understand with figures of speech and parallel stories to relate to and with terms and expressions they are used to. Not everyone is a scholar or brilliant like you.

I’ll stop there and post another one on sensibilities soon. Later,

Why Would the Demon Come Out?

Remember when the Apostles were trying to exorcise a demon but it wouldn’t come out? What did Jesus say,”

“This kind only comes out with prayer and fasting.”

Who has to fast? The person with the demon has to fast. But when you fast, you have to pray to Jesu, GOD and say something like “Please accept my fast as a substitute fast for that person” You are in essence, fasting FOR that person, b/c they will not or cannot fast. Why fast? Because demons are non-corporeal spirits. They have been denied the pleasure, yes pleasure, of being IN a body. They long and deeply desire to eat, sleep, have sex, poop, have all these feelings, wonderful feelings. So, that is their punishment. So what do they do sometimes? They TAKE OVER a body or jump in a body.

If you fast. And that makes the body feel pain, then the demons often jump back out.

But, now you have to ask. Why can the demons jump in or take over in the first place? Good question. As many preachers said or repeated. Sin creates an opportunity for demons to jump in. Why is it that if you break on commandment, then its like you’ve broken all of them? Just one sin creates a hole big enough for any and all demons to get into your body. It’s not a good thought of your body being shared by other spirits, but it’s true. I pray you don’t feel bad or that you really are ready to read this.

So why aren’t all of us just overrun with demons. That is the Great Mercy and Forgiveness of GOD. That’s why nightly we should recount the sins of the day and pray for forgiveness. That is why GOD assigns to us Angels of Protection (Guardian Angels). We just need to trust GOD, that He knows what He is doing.

Is it possible to have a clean and pure temple? Yes, and would you want that? My opinion, no. Because, only when unclean are allowed to come to the temple will they be helped. Should there be a Holy of Holies? My opinion, yes, for everyone’s health and peace. But if you can handle it, no, it is not really necessary. After all, wasn’t the curtain in the temple torn? That just means that there doesn’t really need to be ANY priesthood anymore. Do some people still need a priest? Yes. Do we all need a sacred place in our lives. Yes. Is there somewhere in the body where you have a sacred place?

Yes. In their should be GOD, the Holy Spirit, and You. The real you, the you, you’ve always wanted to be. Your spirit. Can spirits enter that? No. Not without your permission. But, mostly the Holy Spirit wouldn’t allow it. He is GOD and Almighty and can ‘kick out’ anyone that shouldn’t be there. How do you go there? Mostly like people say with meditation, prayer, and more meditation, sometimes sleep. But we should go there often, that will give you peace, centeredness, and all that jazz.

Peace and Love,

The Holy Quran and Confusing Christian Theology

I’m reading the Holy Quran. Not because I am a Muslim lover, but because of my respect for the many Muslim martyrs that have passed because of the violence. 9-11 was the Muslim’s fault, I can prove it. But after more than ten years, isn’t it time to forgive, for didn’t the LORD Jesus say not to allow our anger to set with the sun?

The Quran is written in a very interesting style. It is more direct and I’d like to share some notes:

1) The Quran tells us not to evict people.
2) Muslim just means ‘in submission to God’, which is very enlightened because it does not suppose a certain ethnicity to the ‘religion’.
3) The book keeps mentioning the Mercy of Allah (which just means ‘The GOD’).
4) There are 114 Chapters that seem to repeat. That’s good for learning. Repetition.
5) The righteous are…”are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle…”
6) Fasting is for the ill or traveling, and for those who cannot fast without difficulty, the giving of a meal to the poor is a substitute. I repeatedly read concessions. Muslims must be very flexible and forgiving people.
7) The Quran talks about spending your money on – parents and relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveler. Compare to the Bible which talks about the Levite, widow, fatherless, needy, and the foreigner. It’s close, but we don’t talk about our parents and relatives very often in Christianity.

I’ve noticed that sometimes Christian doctrine can be confusing. What do some think of a GOD who would sacrifice His own Son? That is what GOD told His people not to do. So what is GOD? He is the GOD of do what I say not what I do. That will make you think. And when you know where you are, then you need to make a decision. Is GOD really like that? Or is He just testing me? A hint: He is just testing you. GOD the Father did not sacrifice His Son. He did but He didn’t. Sometimes the way we phrase things makes a difference. In Revelations, we see that GOD the Father had a plan He wanted to execute (no pun intended). He asked for volunteers. He always works that way, mostly. This was a job that no one could do, except Jesus!

The LORD Jesus, looking like a Lamb who had been slain, took the scroll from the Father’s Hand. This guy had been slain before this assignment. It seems He had sacrificed Himself before. I’ll end there. There are some very important ideas here.