Calling and Chosenness,

What’s the difference? There is a difference, for Jesus Himself said, “Many are called, few are chosen.” What does that mean? What is a call? A call is something like being a teacher, being a policeman, being a politician (yes), etc. Things that people in their right mind would not choose to be. A call picks you not the other way around. In other words, you are that. There is kind of no choice. You can choose not to be your call, but you probably would live a fulfilling life.

Being a Christian, a vessel of the Holy Spirit, is a call. It is a call on top of a call sometimes. Sometimes you are called to be a police officer and a Christian. I say Christian dringly because these days saying you are Christian is not the best thing in the world. And for that reason, it has become legit again. We have become misunderstood, but some of that bad PR is true. Christians have done some bad, bad things.

Okay back to the post. What is being chosen. Being someone in authority is NOT like the real world. There is something called election. Where and how we are elected is beyond my understanding. But my guess is that when we all sleep, we go some where. To a spiritual realm where we play and talk and elect our own officials. Then we come back to earth and we don’t remember.

Who are elected? Our leaders. The pastors and teachers. But when you get to the higher levels of GOD government, GOD picks them Himself. They are chosen. They are often trained by Himself. How does GOD choose them? On the basis of how close they are to His Son. How closely does this person resemble His Only Begotten Son. Does He know and talk and obey the Son? Remember the story of the Wedding Banquet? GOD called anyone in to the banquet. That’s us the Gentile people. The person without wedding clothes is the person who does not have His Armor of Christ or Jesus outfit on.

If you want to stop at the call, that’s ok. But you gotta have your Jesus on. At the White Throne Judgement you will be rewarded. I’ve been studying various religions. But nothing can take away my Jesus. The most important message and piece of info that Christianity has is that Jesus Christ was more than a prophet. He was GOD, the Son, incarnate. So, if you want to follow someone to Heaven, let Him be the best. If the Creator Son Himself is willing to lead you, what a privilege!!! Take it!

How can I prove that Jesus is the best!? More than a prophet? Well, one proof is that all of time revolves around His birth. Another is that He was born a Hebrew. They were the best people, I think they were aliens that chose to colonize Earth and help humanity with their teachings, DNA, and other shtuff. Another is that, other writings don’t have the Spirit in them, like the Gospels. If you can’t read the Gospels and you can read other spiritual writings that says something. Weak proofs? Well, the problem is I can’t line up the prophets and we can’t judge them, b/c we aren’t good enough.

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