How It ‘Works’

In case you were interested,

I was just reading the book of Hebrews which says the gospel was offered to the Hebrews when they came out of Egypt. Wha? What does that mean? Nevermind, just forget it. No, it is very important. Because we can learn something about GOD (which is my definition of faith).

In the book of Hebrews somewhere in the beginning, look it up. It says that but because the Israelites didn’t have faith they could not respond to the gospel. So, all you aspiring pastors please pay attention here it goes, it’s going fast.

If you have faith –> you can respond to the gospel –> you can be saved by faith. So here goes the big questions. What is salvation? Basically it is no more suffering, it is going to heaven. What is faith? My definition of faith is spiritual understanding of GOD. When you really know who GOD is, then you will understand everything. So what is the job of the minister? A minister has to ‘plant’ the faith into someone. Remember Paul saying something like ‘one plants, one waters’. Seeds of faith can also be killed or die without encouragement.

Preaching is planting seeds of faith into GOD. The best preaching tells people what GOD is like, who He is, what He done. The best teaching is showing the world what GOD is like through your godly life and example. This is a 24-7 job, b/c it is not an act. When you go on the air (my words for reach a certain level of awareness), and are in the spiritual, you are naked to the world. Everything you do is seen not only by GOD, but the entire spirit world. And if you believe that man is a spirit that is living a life in a body then that’s pretty much everyone one earth. Really makes you want to straighten up, doesn’t it?

Ministers have to encourage the seeds to grow. That’s a great job, but often overlooked. It often involves giving up your own stuff, own comforts, own rights, etc.

When the people come to you, and you can see they are ready. Then you need to offer the gospel. The New Deal. People by nature understand karma. You get what you deserve. Some people don’t even understand that. But a lot of people don’t understand how gracious and wonderful GOD is. He is forgiving, merciful, and gracious. He wants to give.

The Gospel is simply that through faith in Jesus Christ, only faith, not by anything you do, give up, can you attain salvation. It is much faster that way. GOD will just take you to heaven and work with you, and you can pay later. When you are in a good place you can pay back better anyways.

For example, if you are stuck in the ghetto and can’t even make a thousand dollars a month. What if GOD pays to move you to Monaco or Beverly Hills and pays your expenses. You eventually get a high paying job in this new place making a million dollars a year. You can definitely support yourself, help other people too, and pay Him back if you want to. But the Way He is, He would just say, Naw, just give it to your less fortunate brethren.

Back to the Israelites, they could not accept the gospel then, b/c they didn’t know how wonderful GOD is. Their hearts were hard and could not accept any ‘charity’. They did not know love. The had just multiplied and were raised in Egypt with their gods and godesses. They weren’t ready really anyways. But GOD did offer the gospel then. They just didn’t have the right faith to respond and accept it.

So what does that mean for us this weekend? Let’s be thankful for the salvation we have and be encouraged to go higher with the LORD. Let’s be more like Him and put away the sins of the past. Let’s bring someone with us to the Wedding Banquet, nay, bring 100 with us.

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