A ‘New’ Paradigm for the ‘Mentally Ill’

Whatever someone you know has, it could be bi-polar manic depression, depression, schizophrenia, autism, tourette’s syndrome, etc. These behaviour ‘abnormalities’ which doctors of psychiatry call ‘mental illnesses’ may NOT be illnesses at all? That’s my theory and my paradigm if I may use that word is the X-men paradigm. Meaning, my theory is that people with mental ‘illnesses’ are not ill but rather are misunderstood super people with spiritual and mind powers that are beyond our normal comprehension.

My issue with most doctors of psychiatry, with all due respect, b/c my own father is a physician. Many physicians although extremely experienced and having a very great mind are probably the best people in the world, AND they have a firm grounding in all the book learning of the time…although all of this is true…they are diagnosing something they have no PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in. I’ve met a few young psychiatrists in Los Angeles. They are hot shots, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn and become M.D.s, but when they were questioning me, I could understand that they were going by the book and they really didn’t KNOW what they were talking about.

Sometimes they think they know what you have and it helps them, b/c you have to keep seeing them again and again if you have what they specialize in. But let’s say, you are DIAGNOSED autistic. All that really means is you fit into their nice, neat doctor categories of SYMPTOMS and they have a nice medication and some therapies that they can offer you.

Being someone who has struggled and WON with ‘mental illness’, I know that sometimes like depressions, it can set in and debilitate someone. Someone can be non-functioning and that would be a problem if they have to take care of a family or themselves. But, sometimes, if we stop thinking about that part of life so much and focus on what is really going on with this kid, it would really help them out more. And what is going on with your super kid? Most mentally ill people suffer what I call the inability to cope with reality. That is true. They also might see things that you don’t. That’s actually not unusual, in the Bible, or people in the ministry are familiar with spirits or unseen entities.

The biggest problem, I think is the coping. They need some kind of way to understand the world that satisfies them. They are rational or even if not, watching movies or hearing songs could help. Explaining things to them in certain ways, even if you think they are untrue or lies, as long as it helps them, that’s the main point isn’t it? A good thing to say to a superkid is…

“I know you don’t like the world or people or yourself sometimes, and it’s okay. I feel that way too.”
“Why don’t you like people, you don’t understand why they do and say the things they do?”
“Why don’t you like the world? What is it that you don’t like?”

The number one coping problem I had was with why people are the way they are. And for me, the answer was in the Bible. Most normal people just accept the world as it is and fit into it, but not superkids, b/c they intrinsically understand that there are problems with the world, and in their small ways, they serve to change it. And if they are able to overcome their fears, they can become SUPERHEROES that go on to really change the world.

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