The Fat Gene,

I really hope there is a fat gene, although I’ve never seen one, then I can just gene therapy out all my fatness.

I used to be really skinny growing up. It was my car accident, after which I was bed-ridden in the hospital for three months, that got me fat. Now I’m about 230 and I am still 230 after many years of thinking thin.

I’m not an evil person, I don’t curse people when things go wrong. I work, bring home the bacon, love my family and friends, and pay my taxes. I even do things for people I don’t know, charity and random kindness and all that jazz.

But, I’m still fat. I work all day and maybe I don’t do enough working out. My yard is clean and my spaces are neat and organized, but still I’m fat. I’m not a gym person, and I don’t have time for teams and no one I know is putting together anything outdoorsy. But mostly, my kids are still young and it just doesn’t make sense for me to be all super in shape.

Maybe when my kids are older and taking care of themselves, I’ll be in shape. Admittedly that is a goal I’ve had brief inklings of. But honestly, when I meditate on it, I’m happy with who I am. I’m just sensitive when other people look at me like I’m lazy, not on top of their shape like they are.

The best therapy is to think:

“I like me for me. I like how I am”
“I want to change a little, and I will”

Don’t get beat up or beat yourself up if you don’t conform to society’s expectations. If the world suddenly got real cold, you’d survive b/c of your extra layer and those super skinny people might not. You’d survive because of your choice in diet and they wouldn’t b/c they wouldn’t choose to eat in the way that would maintain their body heat and health. So, everything is relative.

There is no perfect people. There are only people. There is only you. And being happy RIGHT NOW is very important to your health even more than your body fat percentage or your resting heart level. Being happy RIGHT NOW is key to being happy in the future. This written for women as well as men,


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  1. Thanks! I too have had similar experiences,

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