The World Has Forgotten It’s Prophets

Who are the prophets?

In many different times, in many different cultures we have these kinds of ODD people:

-medicine men
-suruhana, -hanu,

What is the common factor in all these people? They are all a certain type. In Taiwan they are called TanKi. I would just like to use the term prophetic, b/c it has nice Biblical connotations to it. Prophetic people are born prophetic. They are odd, singled out, often brilliant, but sad, misunderstood, and NOT NORMAL. They are often thought crazy, mentally ill, or worse to be demon spawn or witches to be burned at the stake.

Depending on how misunderstood you can get, that’s how dark or ‘bad’ a prophet can be. And often a prophetic person is merely a reflection of the state of society around them. So if your local prophetic person is a witch then mostly likely your local society is in danger of being condemned by the Higher Powers.

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