No Sex before Dancing,

I thought that was really funny. I still do. How are we supposed to make sure we have a good mate if we can’t do a test drive so to speak? That is just using the ol’ noogin.

Is marrying someone whom you don’t really know, only after a few months of courting, then going by faith and jumping into a marriage the honorable and noble way to marry? I’m not sure.

Christians are all for the do not date and only court and no sex even no kissing. It is extremely noble and all that. But what if you get duped? What if the person you are dating and being set up with for obvious reasons is not what they say they are? It happens. False advertising. People lie, all the time. Everyone wants good things for themselves and may think they are selfless. But, really, everyone is ‘selfish’ because we have to take care of ourselves first. That is normal. People who don’t understand that are usually very special people. But even these special people will someday have to grow up and learn to be self-sufficient. Becoming self sustaining and supporting is the direction of maturity and upward evolution.

So being the crzy thinker that I am, yet being a follower of Christ, let me think…Is there a happy middle ground between living like the ‘unbelievers’ and being a faithful fool. There are many unbelievers that get together under less than ideal conditions and stay together and love each other.

The world is not a perfect place. If both the man and the woman are marrying for kids. Then they would have to be sure that the other party has the necessary equipment and necessary health. That is just making good choices. If you didn’t then you are entering a world of pain and disappointment. You would have to fall down and petition the LORD for miracles of healing.

I have been the recipient of such miracles. GOD healed me in the area of sexuality, but I don’t expect everyone to have the faith to see this happen. No everyone has the same faith. I’m not bragging, but how do we make policies regarding this kind of thing? I used to read all those books on Christian dating and marriage and men and women. Now that I think back, I wanted to honor the LORD in those areas by making more godly choices in how I interact and engage the opposite sex. But those kinds of things are really a very sensitive topic. If I was a Pastor I would find it very difficult to speak on these kinds of things. I even know of Pastors that preach hard to adolescent boys, “DO NOT MASTURBATE!!!” Whoa. Did you just go there, Pastor?

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