An Attempt To Explain the Person, the Personality,

OK, Here goes…

The person is complex. The miracle is that it is a Unified Experience. If you realize that your body is moving and coordinated with no consciousness on your part, then you would know that there is a lot going on without your really experiencing or being conscious of it. The risk of raising a consciousness is that it becomes overwhelming and the person could go a little nuts.

According to Biblical and Extra-Biblical sources there are 7 or more ‘bodies’ besides the physical body. They could be the mind, soul, intellect, soul 2, soul 3, etc. The names are not important. The idea is that just as there theorized other dimensions beside the three of the physical. You (the real you) can grow and extend bodies into all the dimensions.

Just as at one time we were barbaric and without sentiment and ethics, now we are poised to make the lessons of humanity complete. The changing of the ‘collective consciousness’ of humanity is the main drive at the end of this age. Do you believe you can exist in different dimensions and planes of existence? Your higher self would watch you, but the lower self would be unconscious of what is going on in the higher realms. Think about the ideal man. Or the Platonic idea of essences. This is mind blowing, but could be reality. A higher you is projecting a reality or ’emanating’ a self into this Realm of Earth or Urantia.

Just as there could be collective YOUS walking around in concert with a collective multi-dimensional purpose, we can extend this idea to that of the Jesus Group or the WORD. In the beginning, GOD created a group called the Sons and Daughters of GOD. Jesus was the First Born. They are like brothers and sisters or even like one organism that are semi-conscious of each other’s movements and actions, but it really is the through the direction of the eldest, Jesus and the agency of the Holy Spirit that their work is achieved. That is who you are. You are one with the WORD.

So now what do you do? You have to work with the Spirit to clean yourself up. You have to be blameless and no lie can be in your mouths. When you are there, you will know. The Spirit will live in your heart and you will be raised up into the Spirit. You will join the Mind of Christ.

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