Term – Separation of Church and State,

Nothing especially deep today, I’d just like to talk about the term Separation of Church and State. From Wikipedia it seems it is not a very well defined concept.

I get that feeling whenever people say that. They have the idea of separate and that Government and Religion should be separate. But mostly they are thinking, “Should we be talking about this?”

Of course we can talk about anything that is the First Amendment Right of every American. But, let’s examine the idea so we have a more developed notion of this Separation. Being someone who is a minister and will start a ministry in the future, I like how America states it. Basically the government does not favor one religion over another and it does not hinder the growth or activities of any religious group, unless they break the Laws of the Government, of course. This includes taxation. Very good.

So we need to back up and ask? What is the function of religion and the function of government. Are they one and the same? At one time, and we have interesting discussions on this right now, the Kings were GOD-Kings. They claimed Divine Right of Rule and Heavenly Mandate (in China) which basically is saying they were sons of GOD and that is why they rule. As society developed, this basically was cut out. We didn’t need a GOD to rule us anymore. Why not? Because we evolved socially to the point where we had people, many people and the masses had the necessary intellect and judgments to rule ourselves. Back to the freakin’ question – the goal of religion is to create virtuous people or good people. The goal of government is NOT to provide, although it now is, the main goal of government is to protect the people and protect the rights and the innocent and underpriviledged.

Sometimes it is more convenient to just do both. But, it really is the decision of the people. Today separation of church of state, tomorrow we the people may change it. That is why you, I, us, the people need to have a voice and be active in everything we can.

A big point to preach on today is self-sufficiency and self-support. If we can’t self-support we need to form groups. The basic group was the family and kind of still is. But it has been eroded just 50%. The new unit is the company or neighborhoods could be a unit of support. But I still hold to the basic unit as where we get everything we need. The basic unit should provide moral training, life skills training, and protection. At every level of existence we should have these things. So should training in morals and protection be separate? It depends at what level you are looking at. At every level they should be there. But should they be able to interfere with each other? In the past, this was a discussion of the power struggle between Rome and the Emperors. The level that we discuss at, since we ARE ministers is, would you like the government to have the power to interfere in your business? Would you like them to tax you, to dictate to you how to appoint your leaders, and all that other stuff? Of course not. Even at the family level. If I was a struggling parent say with some kind of abuse but in my heart of hearts I was really trying. Sometimes when the government authorities come in and take my kid away, that would be heart breaking. But, it all comes down to our faith in GOD. He really is in control. The government bears the sword of punishment. GOD can use the government and anyone in government to punish, even those in Ministry. So it is a check on our activities.

So, things to think about today again. Need a summary point? Ministers are doing the work of GOD, the Divine. You best be doing in a manner worthy of GOD. Mostly your work will go unhindered. If you check across the globe, that will be the policy. But, if you start to f-up, then a prophet will come and then if you don’t listen, then Nebuccanezar or a sword of government will come against you. The separation of state and church really is a level of protection for those doing the work of GOD, another fact that we can praise GOD for and understand that He is real and loves us.

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