Whom Shall We Fear?

If you understand that YOU ARE A SPIRIT in a body, then you understand that you go on foreverrrrrrrrrr

So what does this mean for us that fear death? There is no need to fear. Fear is a spirit that can easily be shrugged off sometimes. Fear and Death are close companions. And they say that fear cannot be in the same place as perfect love. So let’s meditate on that.

As someone who has died, I can attest that it does not hurt. I’m no crazy, do not disrespect life!!! Life should always be respected from the smallest ant to the largest of whales. Allow life to run it’s course. It is best to let death come naturally to a physical body. But that is all death is. It is the end of the ability of the body to function or a destruction of the physical body. That’s all. If you know who you are, are happy with yourself, and you have accomplished enough, and you are mostly ready, then you really have nothing to fear.

Enjoy life daily, do the best with GOD gives you, love everything, do no harm, do good always, help others, pray, etc. And when it is your time, the Angels will come and you will be welcomed into a Beautiful, Glorious, Wonderful Place.

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