For You, Why Go To Church?

For you my child of Light, for you who have faithfully attended Church, why?

You are a good kid and so you have always gone to church. That’s a good enough reason if I heard any. But, don’t give in to pressure tactics of those around you. And don’t practice them either. So many people don’t go to church, and that’s…

It is what it is, is the new term I’m hearing a lot. In my readings I’ve come across something called the GREAT FREEDOM. It is the Law of GOD, that we should all be aware of. Freedom is one of the Highest Laws of the Universe. One that we break all the time. It is also a guiding principle in all our actions. When we as leaders, parents, people in authority are choosing how to lead our people, one determining factor IS am I giving my people choice or am I giving them what they want to the MAX without them hurting themselves, others, or other edifying considerations?

I was raised in the church, and having gone through the system, I am better for it. But, like any with prophetic leanings, I am also wildly critical of the church, and that’s something I’m working on. Criticism is best unvoicedly remembered but internalized. We need to take it in, contemplate and meditate on it, and turn it around and then when the opportunity arises, we speak but with gentleness and perhaps framed and presented in a way that benefits those we are trying to help.

If you don’t want me at church, I won’t go. I can reach you from here. I can reach you with my prayers and in the Mind of Christ I know what is going on. Why does it have to be that if you see me then it’s trouble? But, you do have to behave and respect not only those GOD puts over you, but those He puts under you, around you and most of all you really have to respect His rules.

If you are in church and you want to break out. By all means do. It is a test of faith to know that GOD is not an evil tyrant who dragged you to church to make you suffer and pay and then wants you to think you are good because of it. GOD is, but only if you are really ready for that kind of work. It planted a seed to know how GOD operates. But in your heart of hearts if you need a break, if you need more real life, more fun, more outdoors, more something else. By all means do so. Freedom is not preached much in the Halls of His Church, but there is an overabundance or bearance of DUTY. Are we sending off the infants and children to battle too early? Maybe so. Instead of going to church so much, why not make friends? If we don’t make friends how do we bring them to church or anything else fun? Believe it or not, some people might find church fun, but only once in a while, maybe once a month (mostly women).


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