How to Clear Your Space, A Letter to Dark Prophets and Prophetesses,

My dear Brothers and Sisters,  if it helps you to be strictly called Prophets or Prophetesses that is good.  Propriety is good.  But, it’s not for everyone.  And GOD understands that, if not, then He/She is NOT GOD.  I’m sorry for that firmness, it’s sometimes not welcoming.

I too come from a line of idolaters.  I too have delved into darkness.  I have been undiscerning and caught the attention of the forces of darkness.  But now I am mostly free of it.  Allow me to share my experiences and methods with you.  And although I shudder to pray FOR you all.  I pray to the MOST HIGH GOD, our Wonderful Saviour Jesus, to comfort you All and please, please deliver you all swiftly.

Darkness, as I am told is a way.  And there are many powerful, intelligent, cunning, and scary dark beings.  I don’t like to think about it, but I love and open (and close) myself.  That is one of my methods.  For where there is perfect love, there can be no darkness.  My faith is that:

-GOD is infinitely MORE powerful than the darkness. (Don’t be afraid)
-GOD loves you, and as revealed as Jesus the Saviour will deliver you. (Be patient)
-Even if you think numbers, Light outnumbers Dark, and GOD is Light, so it is not really balanced at all. (Do not fear)
-So what is He waiting for? I don’t know why but obedience has to be learned. Our family histories reveal bad relationships with our parents. We were disobedient to our parents, and so we find it hard to obey GOD even when we heard Him/Her.

As people sensitive to spirit and the moving of the Spirit. Do you see that GOD speaks to us through our parents. Even parents that are far from perfect. His/Her Spirit speaks through them b/c we need to see often. The physical plane or simply put our day to day lives and past on earth is what we have to work through in a REAL way.

What I mean by that is although you accepted Jesus Christ and you are going to Heaven, would He allow you to go forward without addressing at least some of your past mistakes? He wants you to have victory over your past and to be able to experience ‘sinlessness’. People who no longer have the desire to cheat on their spouses just don’t have that dark bit inside of them anymore. There is nothing for the outside spirit to latch onto and so you are basically ‘dead’ or better yet ‘unresponsive’ to that ‘sin’. Sorry, a lot of quotes.

To me, this is the main thing that us baby Christians don’t get. You have to clear your space and clean up your own mess. That is what GOD wants you to do. The best example I can think of is, say you are young and you get an apartment. You trash the place, never clean it or even call to have it maintained or fixed then you move. You move on to the next place. Inside you feel bad, you tell yourself, ‘Oh, I will turn over a new leaf at the next place.’ But you don’t. And you end up trashing the next place too. What can you do? Now you are feeling guilty.

Being a parent now. And GOD is the BEST parent. I would move in or visit often and show them how to keep their place clean. AND I would ask them to visit the former landlord and AT LEAST apologize for the rough treatment of their property. And IF you want to clear your space, you need to DO SOMETHING to make amends. You have to PAY for what you did.

So, now the baby Christian (some with spiritual powers, or not) says, “BUT, what about Jesus? Isn’t He washing my sins away and paying for me?” Yes, in the beginning. But both you and He know when you are bullshitting. Sorry for the strong language. When it is time for you to move on, grow, obey, do something and you don’t – that makes the job of those (to help you ascend) difficult and so you are inviting punishment on yourselves.

Also, when you have sin within and don’t clear that out. The darkness has a claim on you. It is like if you don’t clean your house, take a bath, or wash your clothes, or eat right, sleep, or keep alcohol and drug use low. You are inviting sickness and death into your life. Maybe that’s the better level for spiritual people to think at. Because sometimes spiritual sight of darkness and uncleanness is really scary and overwhelming.

So be a clean person – inside and out. And be an active person. Actively refute negative and sick thoughts and actively keep an area around you the way you like it and clean and organized. And be healthy. That means a lot of things which may be an adventure to discover. Everyone has equal dignity and no one person is better because they have this gift or that. Everyone has gifts and everyone is not the same. But how you use your gift is important. Do you use it for good and with good intention and motive? Better yet are you effective with your gift too? Or are you using your gift in the wrong way. The keywords for us today is MATURITY as HEALTHINESS and ACTIVENESS and OBEDIENCE.

Love you,
and LOVE Above All,

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