Observations from the life of Samuel,

Do you remember Samuel? He was born of Hannah, who was barren for a while, but then no more. She had plenty many, many children after she sought the Sovereign LORD and dedicated her first born to Him.

That sounds strange. The LORD sounds like a strange GOD that wants to take your children away. As a parent, if you take away my child you may as well as just kill me. Yes, melodramatic, but a part of every parent’s heart says that. Hannah kept her word and when Samuel was weaned (which the texts say was about three years old), she took him and dropped him off at the temple.

How strange. This isn’t done very much today. Can you take a religious vow and offer your children to serve (free labor!) at a church or temple or other holy house of worship these days. No, I haven’t seen this done. But I guess it was normal back in the day in Israel. Let’s put ourselves into Samuel’s shoes for a second. Say you are a normal kid, three years old. Family life is normal and good. You’re happy and then suddenly your mom tells you. Bye, bye I told GOD I would give you to the priests, so off you go! What would a three year old kid think? I could tell you b/c something similar happened to me. You would be crushed. You would feel abandoned by your mom who at this point was your everything. There would develop a emotional scar and a distancing from your mom b/c who are you? I thought you loved me. The Scripture says Samuel was dropped off. His parents did not visit him often but did visit regularly.

The nice Christian answer for this is, b/c Samuel didn’t have parents anymore he had to cling to GOD. Was there any other way? Couldn’t the infinitely wise GOD come up with a better plan to use this person Samuel that didn’t start with the crushing of a little child’s spirit? I have feelings and it cries out, “Not fair!”. “Why GOD, Why?” But the knowing part of me says that GOD is super wise and so even if He just allowed it, it really was the only way. So this is reality. Since we live in an imperfect world there is suffering. The consolation is that GOD chooses His Own to suffer in order to lift others out of their suffering. Those lifted are stuck and would have moved further and further from GOD if they were not helped. Should children be asked to bear such burdens? I’ve asked the question, but the answer seems to be “That’s the Way”. This is what is when Jesus says I AM the Way. This is the Way of GOD. Jesus is not saying He is only way. He IS saying He is the best way. I’ve noticed with people that often they want to be comfortable. People don’t always choose the best. And that’s ok, you are free to choose how you want. But if you are dedicated to the Way, then what that simply means is you belong to the Son, Jesus Christ. You are a son or daughter of GOD. Your life is not a easy one, you suffer for others, your life is not about you at all. You live to serve GOD and you live to help others and suffer. It’s not a job description, it is a calling, it is what you are here to do. This is also what Jesus was talking about the two sons. One told his father I will not do that. The other said I will. But the first did it. And the second didn’t. Another level of understanding for this story is that the Father asks us to do very, very difficult things. You will say no, b/c no one with a sound mind would say yes happily or enthusiastically. But b/c you love the Father and b/c you always do the right thing, you do it.

Samuel’s parents were holy people. And so, it must have been so, so difficult for them to part with their baby boy. Perhaps we don’t know, but an Angel visited them and told them GOD asks for their son. Knowing GOD, He/She did not hold Hannah to her vow. He/She most likely asked them again for Samuel. And in a fate-filled, mystical way it happened that way b/c of GOD’s plan. There is pre-existence. I’ve sensed baby spirits checking out parents before they’re born. And in the Jewish scriptures it talks about GOD talking to baby spirits and getting their agreement to be born and living this earthly life. Our lives are written out in advanced, perhaps not every detail. But GOD shows the spirits (you) ‘This will be your life’. Do you want to go and be born to Jim and Joanna of Guam? They will be your parents. When you are 10 this will happen. And then this will happen. GOD laid it all out to you, you just don’t remember anymore. We forget a lot when we are born and we forget more and more as we age.

GOD is Father and Mother up to the MOST HIGH levels. And GOD is good. His heart breaks, Her heart breaks when they see you suffer for the HOLY WORK. It is the poor choices of others (our family) that creates the need for the HOLY WORK. The HOLY WORK is the self-sacrificing for the FINDING of the lost family members. If you feel like GOD doesn’t love you b/c of your suffering and misery. Please listen to your heart and know that when you cry, they cry. We really need to know that GOD is not a slave driver or uncaring. If your work becomes too much. You can stop ANYTIME. If you need a break. Take as long as you want. That is the LOVE of Heavenly Father and Mother. That is meeting you where ever you are at. If your life is a life of suffering and you accept that. Then perhaps you could have regular days of play and fun to balance it all out. That might work miracles for you!


P.S. – This brings me to my concluding point. Something I will term ‘Christian Sensibilities’. We need to have better spiritual sensibilities. Just as part of growing up is learning certain complexities of life and nuances and finer points, Christians need to think about how they doing things. If we know that THE WAY is like this? Is it really proper to have Pastors call for followers of the WAY? Is it really proper to dedicate kids publicly to the LORD? How would the child feel later on? These kind of things are best handled by the Spirit Himself/Herself, by the Still, Small Voice. We who know and work can easily see when someone has decided to join the WAY.

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