The Nth Dimension,

How many dimensions are there? Three? Four? According to scientists, there are up to 13?

That makes me sound smart doesn’t it, but maybe there is another way to ‘look at’ dimensions. I don’t know the history of the word. But, the three dimensions are told to us to be the three dimensions of space. So where is the fourth dimension? I don’t see it? And I’ve heard that space is an illusion. How do I reconcile that statement to my understanding. I just don’t get it. And I might as well forget I heard that than it pop up occasionally to confuse me. So, I just prayed about it, and GOD is liberal with His wisdom.

I know words, and the di- part of the word really just means two. It is duality. We’ve all heard about the tendency of people to think in twos. We see black or white. Things are good or bad. We want it or don’t want it. Like it or don’t like it. We are conditioned to only recognize two choices. And choice is an important concept. Isn’t more choices better sometimes? Yes,

So what are we saying when we use a word like dimension? We are framing our thought into thinking in twos. It isn’t a magical spell, but something like that. We are limiting ourselves or maybe revealing the way we were taught to think. So when you say there are THREE dimensions, you are saying there is ONE MORE. And that’s a good concept to have. It is good to know that when you think that is it, there is more.

Maybe, just maybe dimensions are just places. So what would the three dimensions be? Heaven, Earth, and Hell? So what would a 4th place be? It could be a 2nd Heaven or 2nd Hell. It could be the Sun, Moon, or another planet. My point is there could be infinite points or dimensions. Just as you could move forward and backwards, left or right, or up and down, if you see space as a sphere that is infinite and ever expanding outward, then the number of vectors pointing out from a center of a sphere could be infinite as well. It just depends on where you are trying to go.

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