Just How Low the Father Hole Goes,

Being a person is complicated. We sometimes adhere to principles of being and action, but circumstances can change that. We wanted to be this way, but we didn’t behave that way did we? But, sometimes its ok, b/c we don’t really know what GOD is trying to do. We are just cooperating with Him/Her.

In the movie, the Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo he will show him just how deep the rabbit hole goes. What does that mean? It sounded interesting. But today, I’d like to suggest that as fathers we can do better in reaching out to our children. We can do better in bending and stooping; condescending if you will. Why? Because Christ was our example. If we want to follow Christ, then we follow His example.

But when did the Father stoop? It is generally the Christian concept that the Father is an unyielding, powerful, sovereign, and angry GOD. He does not yield, so He sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to clean our feet. It actually sounds funny. How much of that depiction is what proud, powerful men think is the father and how much of that is the true nature of GOD. Remember that song, ‘When GOD ran’? by Phillips, Dean, and Craig?

Almighty GOD,
The Great I AM,
Unmovable Rock,
Invincible Warrior,

And when He saw the prodigal return, He ran to him. We are conflicted. If Jesus the Son does what the Father does. Then that means the Father washes feet too. And more over, if the WORD became flesh and through the WORD nothing was made that has been made. That makes Jesus, the Creator, and that means He is a Son Himself, but He really is our Father.

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