The Taking,

The most responsible taking of love gifts is to know from whom you receive. Like the Apostle Paul, we strive to help the Gospel move forward unhindered. But, to ignore that we have needs, that there is the material world is taking on a very heavy burden. One that your helpers and followers may not all be ready for or even is not for them. If you have groups of people with you, maybe you just need someone who is a resource person praying or materializing resources for you,

The resource person is akin to the Hindu Saint or Brahmin with the siddhi of materialization. What that is, is that whatever that person imaginations or envisions or prayers for will be sent to him. If GOD brings you two together, the deal might be something like this. You have to make sure that person is provided for materially. Because, this might be a foreign concept, many of GOD’s material people cannot materialize things for themselves. Everything they do is for others.

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