When What is the Sabbath and Why?

Maybe I can offer some pieces of the puzzle and maybe you could just put it together? You like puzzles and enigmas?

-In Genesis, the original day started with night and then day. Please look it up and read that.
-GOD commands us to observe the Sabbath to rest and stay home.
-GOD even says don’t light a fire in your home, that level of rest.
-GOD says keeping the Sabbath is a sign that you are His people (very important)
-Is the Sabbath a requirement? Is going to church ‘religiously’ a requirement?
-Is GOD, YHWH (think Moses) the same as the Mashiakh Yeshua Ben Joseph Ben Mary Ben Panthera?
-If GOD never changes does that mean things don’t change?

I started keeping the Sabbath about seven years ago. My life changed radically b/c of it. GOD blesses wholehearted devotion. GOD blesses obedience, even blind obedience. GOD also blesses freedom. GOD also blesses self sufficiency. GOD also blesses intelligence. GOD also blesses reverence for all things,

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