Be Not Angry, Like the Hulk!

The Hulk is angry, don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

But, it’s funny and we all get angry. Is there anyone who doesn’t get angry? Who we are talking to and how we talk to them is very important.

Most of us are hardened to anger. We don’t really see how it affects people at the very sensitive level of the spirit. If we did, then we would understand why Jesus starts the paragraph in Matthew 5 (Murder) with the words ‘murder’ and then talks about ONLY getting angry and saying ‘raca’, and saying ‘you fool’.

It is very confusing. Murder we all agree should get you burned in hell, but just calling someone a fool? That happens all the time. Heck, I just did that yesterday to someone. I’m being sarcastic, but what I think Jesus is saying is:

For example,
When my son is ‘bothering’ me, I get angry. He doesn’t mean to. He just doesn’t understand a lot of things. He is irritating me, but of course I love him so much.

But to my son, when he doesn’t understand, me getting mad sends three signals (I can think of)
1) I don’t respect you.
2) I don’t like you.
3) You are so stupid.

And those match up with what Jesus is saying – the ‘raca’, the ‘you fool’, etc. :-) I added one. My point is, Jesus is asking us to really think about how other people feel. Yes, He is calling us to a higher standard, but mostly he is asking us to be more mature and sensitive and loving. That’s all. If you really love your wife, son, daughter, etc. don’t get mad at them b/c they will think you don’t like them. The fires of hell is the hell you will be in when you lose the love of your wife, son, daughter, or etc.


The New Fast,

In Mark 2:

Jesus Questioned About Fasting

18 Now John’s disciples and the Pharisees were fasting. Some people came and asked Jesus, “How is it that John’s disciples and the disciples of the Pharisees are fasting, but yours are not?”

19 Jesus answered, “How can the guests of the bridegroom fast while he is with them? They cannot, so long as they have him with them. 20 But the time will come when the bridegroom will be taken from them, and on that day they will fast.

21 “No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. Otherwise, the new piece will pull away from the old, making the tear worse. 22 And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.”

What does this mean? Many of Jesus’ sayings seem disjointed, which is interesting, b/c the teachers of the Law never wanted to listen to prophets. What Jesus is saying here is that after Jesus came, things changed. One is the meaning of the fast. In the past, fasting was for self-humbling and to show repentance to GOD. For example, the Ninevites put on sack cloth and fasted, and GOD relented and did not destroy Ninevah, to Jonah’s dissatisfaction. Is there another newer account of Jonah?

Now, fasting still means that, but it has another meaning. As Jesus said He came to do something NEW! Fasting and praying. The fast is a way to bless someone with prayer&fasting. Fasting speeds the answer to prayer, one such as ‘May Jesus return come swiftly’. And fasting can help someone if an entity ‘has’ them. But at the heart of all prayer and fasting is gospel peace and the justice for all (as Isaiah says in the True Fast).


P.S. – Also, Christians should be joyful people. That’s why Jesus talks about wine and partying! We don’t win people over but being too somber, too serious, too boring, and too much about keeping rules,

GOD’s Good Name,

Right now, Christians DO NOT have a good name in the United States,

Some of that is because Christians are hated, and some of that is because we hate, let it be the latter and not the former,

In the oft quoted book of Malachi, we see GOD saying He is a Great King, and that He is concerned about His Name! That is very, very, very, very, very, very true.

Just because we are strangers and persecuted in this world, doesn’t mean that we can do what every we want. We are strangers b/c most of the world does not really know or practice GOD’s good ways. That know it, but they don’t do it. They hate us, b/c we are good.

So, let’s take the game up another level, and love, really love. Because GOD, Jesus’ GOOD NAME is at stake. If we really want to honor, nay, revere and worship GOD, then we need to be MORE CONSCIOUS of PROTECTING HIS GOOD NAME.

How do we do that? Not only by being blameless, because often that is not possible, but by being peaceful, loving people that forgive and are quick to ask for forgiveness and put things right.


The Definition of ‘Perfect’,

Short post today,

What does perfect mean? Often we think it means that there is nothing wrong with someone, then he/she is perfect. But, the Bible definition by context is:

perfect = loving everyone, hating no one.

Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect, who shines the sun on everyone and sends the rain on the wicked and righteous alike. Or something like that,

Just as Jesus is the Way, His ways are not our own. His words are not ours either. Part of joining the Light is speaking the words GOD gives us. And then, part of the work is also either redeeming the words we now use or finding new words to describe totally secular or occult type realities.


The Truth, Jesus the Bride Groom,

Our LORD Jesus talked about the End Times, and one of the signs was that the abomination that causes desolation would be standing in the Holy Place. Since these are the last days, I am instructed to reveal this.

What is the Holy Place? It is not the Holy of Holies, so it is the middle court. What it is today is the modern day church. The language in the Bible is sometimes very harsh to today’s ears, but an abomination is a monster or something GOD ‘hates’ or is detestable. Now, this is just my thinking, but the abomination is homosexuality and what causes desolation is war.

So, in my interpretation, the abomination that causes desolation standing in the Holy Place is:?

It is a openly gay pastor or priest that preaches war not peace. And we have that right now. We don’t see that yet. But it is here, and it will happen more and more. What can we do to avert this? Because the future visions or prophecies of the prophets are just that. Somethings are just a vision of WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF we don’t change our ways.

So, to nip this, I suggest this truth to be revealed:

When a child is not married yet, or has not found their partner in life. The Biblical View is that that child is not really male or female. It is only when that child joins with one of the opposite sex, that they start to express and discover and walk in their maleness or femaleness. That is another reason why homosexuals do not have the best that GOD wants.

Another secret being revealed to you today that will help is Jesus was the Bridegroom because? Inside He was like a Ma’am-Sir, as I hear so often from the Filipino cultures. Filipinos are very familiar with homosexuality or complex sexuality. Jesus was not gay. But He definitely had mastered having a soft side. He also was a mama’s boy, so He knew how to do most everything a woman could do, but of course He most likely always did it in a manly way. There is a school of thought, that a man should do woman’s work (as he accompanies his mom in early life), and then graduate to man’s work when he is old enough to ‘tolerate’ his father’s barking.

How can a man lead a woman if he doesn’t know anything about women? How can he talk to her if there isn’t anything womanly about him? Because that’s how we connect with people – like connects to like. GODly men are Ma’am-Sirs. They are both male and female. That is a big secret. And that’s why Jesu was called the Bridegroom.

If Christians can accept that our LORD was like this. Then perhaps we wouldn’t hate on gays, lesbians, and transgenders so much. It is hate that causes war. And misunderstanding that causes the creation of new gays who never wanted to be in the first place. Those who are or choose to be should be allow to live their lives in peace and without fear of judgment or persecution. I have no problem saying all that and even would go so far to say I have GOD’s endorsement on the spirit of what I said. It’s all good.


Don’t Shao Kan the Holy,

Shao Kan, or 小 看, in Chinese literally means look at to be small. It means to discount or consider ill. These days, people consider holiness and righteousness and goodness to be useless or of little practical value. They scoff at GOD’s holy people such as priests, pastors, monks, nuns, etc. All they do is nothing and pray and sing and act holy and look down on me.

I’ve met people, and I understand them. People usually are tough but their ability to take constructive criticism shows extreme sensitivity. And that’s good, what that really means is that they really know what is right and wrong. But, our ears are not attuned to that frequency. What we need for some in the outside and outer courts is a different communication method. We cannot criticize. We cannot say things we usually hear in the sanctuaries. Yes, they need to hear, but we cannot expect everyone to repent in the same way. How many ways are there to say sorry?

Does it have to be with head bowed, a verbal and tearful apology? Are we understanding enough to accept a look down and silence? Are we understanding enough to accept a blink? Are we understanding or powerful enough to see on the face that the sorry happened inside?

With super sensitive people, if you push too hard after the fact. Sometimes you will hurt the process and maybe even undo it. We need to be more flexible and sensitive ourselves. We need to be more sensitive to the leadings of the Spirit. And for that, no secret, we need to practice fasting.

Back on our side, Holiness, if you are not convinced IS SOMETHING. Why does GOD not explain this? Because it has to be discovered to be really fun! In my steps with GOD in greater and greater holiness what has happened? One, my relationships have improved. You become super nice and genuinely sweet and caring. I don’t care who you are (k/j), all people like good things. You can be a murderer but still love your nice, sweet mom. Two, my prayers are answered. GOD answers prayers, but He really answers the prayers of those He favors and that love and seek hard after Him. So that’s why we do these things. There is a material or practical side to holiness and prayers. It makes things happen. It brings the need-want into reality. Three, I’m still waiting for this to happen, but I believe that holiness cures people of disease. The prayers can do it, a touch can do it. I’ve received sickness from other people by hugging them or even just praying for them. I’m not bragging but just sharing with those of you out there doing the same thing; encouragement. What happened with Jesus and His Apostles? Eventually, they were able to heal through Jesus’ and Holy Spirit training, but they could heal with a Word or a touch, instantly! Now, what is that worth?


Have Faith!

This is VERY IMPORTANT! We must have faith! If we don’t have faith, we can’t have what we want. Simple as that. Stretching your imaginations, daring to believe, daring to hold on to your dreams, daring to trust that Jesus the LORD will give you what you want, and being patient is very important.

If we know that GOD is all powerful. We know that He can do anything. If we know He loves us, that means He would do anything for us. There is just some reason(s) why we don’t get everything we want. But we can keep asking. We can keep seeking. We can keep knocking. But through it all, we must LOVE HIM, OBEY HIM, and keep a GOOD ATTITUDE. Right attitude.

When Jesus healed people in the Gospels. He didn’t say ‘Come here, I’ll heal you.’ If you really notice, Jesus didn’t really say anything at all.

Most of the time, Jesus just allowed the miracles to happen AS the people believed it would happen. Basically, it’s like Jesus was saying what can I do for you? And if a person says, “I believe if you just touch me, then I will be healed of my leprosy.” Then that’s what happened. Of course, Jesus is GOD and there were many cases where He just healed people. But mostly He was very pleased when we exercised our faith.

So, let’s do that! Have Faith!


The Children of GOD,

Truly, I tell you, what are GOD’s children? They may even work among you, but they really only have no purpose. Like the gifted children in the movie the Matrix, they are the seemingly stupid. Why mostly because they couldn’t hurt a fly if you paid them a million dollars. They often have powers, but never do anything for themselves. What are these people?

They are the children of GOD. Their only purpose is to make their Father and Mother in Heaven happy. That’s really it. They don’t ‘belong’ to anyone else, only their parents maybe. Because their parents have the responsibility to support them.

What some people have not realized is that some children of GOD NEVER grow up. Why? Because their Mother in Heaven wouldn’t have it. Ha-ha. Maybe for their entire lifetimes on Earth, they never serve a purpose or even make a penny of money. How do you recognize a child of GOD? They are often brilliant but misunderstood and they are upon first glance stupid and retarded. They are peaceful and the whole world seems to revolve around them. The sun shines right on top of them. But STILL, they are children of GOD, and at some level of understanding you recognize that. GOD who knows the hearts of all, would be very insulted to hear you say those thoughts about His Children. And what then would happen to you? They would have to pray for your forgiveness.

What can you do for a child of GOD? I don’t know, they have the best life and the worst life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

GOD is our Divine Mother too! And all the grandmas, great-grandmas, great-great-grandmas, etc. that went before us are our Mothers too! Too all the Women who loved us before, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ I sent you some flowers, did you get them?

Service Announcement,

Hi blogosphere, be taking a week off. Please send any questions you have about the Bible using my contact form or to, please let’s keep spam to a minimum. Thank you,

Two Short Posts, p.2,

The baptisms of water, Holy Spirit, and fire! How do we get baptized in the fire? What is the fire? The fire of hell? How do you know if someone was baptized in the fire? Ever been kicked out of church? How can you help those who don’t know Christ if you don’t experience their life? Sorry so many questions and no answers. Please meditate on those. If you send the questions into the Great Unknown (To GOD, haha), the answer will return to you. GOD is generous with His Wisdom. Have a fun filled weekend! Love,

Two Short Posts, p.1

New Word for the Day: Wholeness (Shalom in Hebrew). Let’s be Gospel preachers. Gospel of Peace. We make peace by putting broken things back together. Amen? Have a fun and exciting joy-filled weekend!

The Character of Forgiveness,

Do you notice how some people don’t forgive easily it seems? Some people need you to SAY SORRY. But you don’t want to? You say that is not being Christian. Why don’t they just forgive and forget. Why do you have to say sorry. Why do you have to actually look sad and say you were wrong and maybe even cry? Aren’t Christians supposed to be big hearted and all that?

I just don’t do that. That’s what people say. But what I’ve come to learn is that part of growing up is studying people. When you are a kid, you really love your parents, why? They do everything for you. But often we don’t really know anything about our parents until we are adults. They have personalities, history, quirks, many faults, they have great abilities and talents and through it all if you can love them still. Then you have found something very valuable.

Accepting people for who they are is a big part of learning to love someone. Forgiveness is a big part of loving someone. But even if you look in the Bible, there are different types of forgiveness. I’m venturing to say that they are different Persons of the GODHEAD. Jesus, the Son, is VERY FORGIVING. He tells Simon Peter to forgive seven times seven. That really means be infinitely forgiving. And He tells people not to let there be anger in your hearts before sundown. BUT, at the same time, He says the unpardonable sin is against the Spirit, not the Father or Son. What that means is the Spirit is the Woman, His Mama. Don’t mess with the LORD’s Mom.

Earlier in the Bible, Adonai Elohim, which is Hebrew for LORD GOD, says that He will NEVER FORGIVE. Is this is same Character as the Son? I don’t think so. My thinking, but Adonai Elohim (Creator of mainly the earth, is a Woman. Like the movie, Dogma by Kevin Smith says. She is the oft talked about Shekinah or Mother Earth.) So She (Not really He), Her Character is a little different. It is more feminine and although She is a He to us, She still expresses Herself in a feminine way. What I mean is that sometimes He can denote superiority or greatness instead of gender.

But, let’s start with what we can see. Your parents. Have you called your mom lately? Do you really know your dad? Have you called him lately. Do you accept them the way they are? Even though they messed up your life? Do you forgive them?


The Futility and Unreality of Control,

Control seems real. When you control someone, you get what you want. And that’s real. But what you don’t see is that you are indeed operating under false pretenses. In other words, you were taught that in order to get what you want, you can find someone who is willing to help or actually weaker in mind than you and not give them anything in return.

Yup, that’s what is going on. But is that right? I’m not discussing that in this post. What I’d like to elucidate is that when you control someone, karma comes back to you and dharma too, and you in turn will be controlled by someone. You won’t like it, I don’t guarantee you. No one likes that feeling. So what do you do? To feel better, you’ll just control and persecute someone else. And so the cycle continues. And as you repeat the cycle without thinking, what you don’t realize is you become more and more better at control and manipulation. And so you will be controlled more and more until you basically live the life of a slave. The solution is to stop doing that to others, and slowly it will stop for you.

Lastly, the gain you have from control seems real. But, because it is considered by the Heavenlies as ill-gotten gain, it will most likely be wrested from you most swiftly. You will lose what you took very quickly. And what is the usual response, to go out and take someone again. This also will become an increasing cycle where the stakes get higher and higher. You dare to take bigger and bigger amounts from someone and you will lose more and more, until you don’t lose just your shirt. You will have a mountain of debt. You’ll be in a pit of your own creation.


A Thought Experiment – The Kindness of GOD,

I’d like to just say one word and then you can skip reading this post of you will – reincarnation.

Why did I say that? Let me say that this post is an exercise of the imagination if you will. Just some musings if you will. I don’t want to cause anyone a crisis in their faith. But slowly meditate on this and if you don’t feel right about this, please don’t read further or blame me for the introduction of this concept. Some of you who come from backgrounds of fear, control, and the wrath of GOD, will feel funny about this concept. You may even get sick, as I did, but when you struggle with it, you may find that it resonates with you and IS the truth. I only want to help and so I apologize in advance for what may happen after reading this.

One of the biggest arguments AGAINST GOD is that He is unkind. How can He put us into this world of misery? How can there be injustice if there is this GREAT JUST GOD? Why are people going hungry all the time? Why are babies dying unborn?

It is not a question that can be easily sidestepped. And so that is why I seriously considered reincarnation. There are references to it in the Bible. John was called Elijah. Remember? Another blogger once commented that Christ Himself said something like no one knows Heaven or spiritual things except He who came down or went up to Heaven? Sorry, that is a bad rendering of that quote. But, please let’s go forward. At that point there were a few couple who went up, translated if you will. Enoch. And Elijah. There have always probably been more, but unsung, so to speak.

Reincarnation is mostly thought to be a foreign concept, a Buddhist concept. So, it is often met with hostility and not taken kindly or just flat out rejected. But even as Christ Himself is said to have ‘incarnated’. That’s a word we are comfortable with. If you just add a ‘re’ in front of it, then it just becomes awful?

So then, what is incarnation? It is not a clear concept. But basically, GOD or SOMEONE from above, is allowed by GOD to come down from Heaven and be in the form of a person to HELP mankind. The opposite or polar opposite is possession, which is when dark beings not being happy with their place or lives, seize the mortal shells (bodies) of people (even while they are in them) and experience life and control. How that happens is a topic of another post, but with a little (yes) work and divine help we can mostly prevent d-monic possession.

Back to the post, sorry. Why is reincarnation a key to the KINDNESS of GOD? Because that is what I ‘believe’ to be the eternal fire that GOD, Jesus always talked about. Just as fire or flame can be a metaphor for suffering and purification through suffering. I believe that life doesn’t get much harder than this (maybe one or two more levels of hell). It has been said that this life we now live is a form of hell. This is hell. It is but it is not. Earth is the nexus between Heaven and Hell, so it is a fierce battleground. When you are here, it is a time and place of intense struggle and decision. Will you decide to ascend and ascend eternal (eternal life) or will you decide against going towards the light and stay put (reincarnate forever or suffer forever – eternal fire) or sink into lower and lower levels of misery and pain by moving away from GOD?

Just a couple more paragraphs of this heavy, heavy stuff and let’s stop to meditate. In my readings and studies, I have come across a concept (Indian) called Samsara. The Hindus believe that reincarnation happens because the soul of a person has not been purified enough to ascend to Heaven. It is like repeating the fourth grade. Believe it or not some people, like myself, old souls have reincarnated many, many, many times. They have done the fourth grade like a thousand times. LOL. How else do you explain ‘young souls’ and ‘old souls’? So how does that fit in with the Christian theology? Well, what salvation is then is JESUS breaking us out of the needed cycles of reincarnation. It is the GRACE of a shortcut. It is also a break from what GOD may view as unnecessary suffering. Salvation show GOD to be MOST KIND and MOST GRACIOUS. HE/SHE reaches out to pull you out of a ‘prison’ or tough ‘school’. All you have to do is accept His hand and work with Him, and maybe Love Him/Her. Life can be viewed as lessons to be learned. But GOD is THE BEST TEACHER, as He Himself said. Don’t call anyone teacher, for He/She is the teacher. Don’t call anyone Father or Mother, because He/She is the Father and Mother. GOD can teach You Himself/Herself. You just have to believe and follow Him/Her.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s good. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. If you don’t have faith, then what else do you have? This post is just my effort to resolve a real crisis in faith for me that would cause confusion in everyday life, experience, and Christian practice. If you believe that the statement ‘GOD is LOVE or GOD IS KIND’ is false, because experientially and rationally it does not jive, then you won’t REALLY be kind as you follow your FATHER GOD or MOTHER GOD. And that would make GOD untruthful…If suddenly this belief comes alive for you. Please exercise discretion in whom you share this with. There are many in the Christian churches who are mostly fearful and closed-off. They would hate you and any strange ideas or doctrines they don’t understand or seem to be far off from what they were told.


Hebrews 1, A Closer Look, 5 Things,

I really love the book of Hebrews! Why? And for you it may be similar, b/c a part of me knows I am headed right for the sonship or daughtership (for you) of GOD.

Allow me to brek it down,

Why is the Son or Daughter much superior to the Angels? Let’s look at a block of Scripture:

1 In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, 2 but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. 3 The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. 4 So he became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.

The prophets were angels in the sense that they were ‘messengers’. Angel = messenger. And often the prophets were ones that worked with their angels very well. Everyone has an angel assigned to them. They whisper to us and prod and encourage us. A messenger of GOD must wield power, signs and wonders. Yes! That is how we people know to listen and believe. But, I digress.

When Christ Jesus came, He was not only a powerful prophet or messenger but He had much more to offer. What were these things?

1) He is an owner. He spread the wealth. That’s something you don’t read about in the Scriptures. But search your hearts. He did that. Just like St. Francis. Just like Prince Siddharta Gautama, the Buddha.

2) He is engineer. He made the Universe, and He is going to make YOU into the YOU, YOU’VE always WANTED TO BE!

3) Related to that, He is the How to Be! Everyone likes cool people. A lot of people think Christians are not it. No one is actually. But the Son is like Ferris Buehler. Everyone likes Him, why? Because He is it. He IS the personality. Why? Because He is just like His FATHER, the FATHER, the Creator of Everything!

4) He is Faithful and True! Once you are His, He will never let you down!

5) The Last in the passage is the purification of sins. Not only did He make peace, He provided the means to have peace. He really is the All in All. And He showed us the latest and greatest expression of His Love, which is sacrificial love. It is lowering yourself in order to raise others up. Something that all parents understand.

A messenger’s job is simply to deliver messages and that’s it. Jonah was an example! But a son or daughter which you are to be is more than that. With greater power comes greater responsibility, and I quote Spiderman. If you want daughtership or sonship you have to commit to those five things. You will share everything you have (including money), you will reflect His Character, help people be all they can be, be faithful to those He gives you, and live a life of the greatest LOVE!

I’d like to add, that the sonship is not really talking about power. It is more about love. But when you really start to minister, you can’t hate power. Power is needed, just as money is although people hypocritically say money is bad. If you get added responsibilities, as a messenger. You will be the most effective messenger when you have special powers. It’s not something to grasp in itself, but don’t be surprised if GOD leads you, gives you powers, and directs you to develop them.

Some Thoughts on Worship,

-It can take many forms, there really is no one way to worship.
-When we worship, we are obeying, getting to know, and becoming like GOD,
-Every act of worship that makes GOD happy is good for us. It changes us into the image of GOD or shapes our behavior to what GOD likes it to be.
-Why GOD didn’t like idol worship is it is non-sense. For those with eyes to see, even if a spirit resides in the wood, stone, or metal you are a spirit that resides in a masterpiece of a body. You are obviously superior to an idol, and that would mean something superior worshiping and submitting to something less superior. It goes against the Nature of Things. This is not foot-washing or self-lowering it is not the same thing.

Regarding worshiping in Spirit and Truth: I can’t tell you everything! Where’s the fun in that?


What is the Testimony about/of/to Jesus?

Who had the testimony? Maybe the question should be first – What is testimony?

Testimony is what you have seen, heard, experienced. It is your experience. But, guess what? A lot of people lie about their experience to gain for themselves something.

So testimony about Jesus is what we all have – we know that Jesus is the LORD. We experienced His Saving Power and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Testimony of Jesus – is that believe this or not, some people have met Jesus. Like the Apostles, some ‘prophets’ of ye olde, and even a lot of modern day people. Jesus is the King. If He wants to appear on earth and meet with someone in the form of some bum, then he can do that. He is the King, He doesn’t have to wait for the second coming.

Testimony to Jesus. Like the Scriptures say, it is the Spirit of Prophecy. Ever meet a prophet? Yeah, I don’t like cops either. But prophets are different. They don’t use force and intimidation. You may be fearful of them b/c of their appearance or b/c you have guilt within you. But they are NOT corrupt either, as some cops are. They also are not there to condemn or entrap you in any way. Mature prophets are really very gentle people, but they are there to warn and correct. They just won’t let sin slide easily. Ever see the eye of the prophet, as they say? It is all crazy and deep looking, and within that eye burns the fire of the Son of GOD. It is an invisible flame, but you see it with your spiritual eyes. This eye is a recording eye, and at some level you are aware of that. The prophets are going around and checking out things for the LORD. What they see is recorded and is ‘seen’ by the LORD.

There is another meaning of the Testimony of Jesus, which I shall save for a later time.