Some Thoughts on Worship,

-It can take many forms, there really is no one way to worship.
-When we worship, we are obeying, getting to know, and becoming like GOD,
-Every act of worship that makes GOD happy is good for us. It changes us into the image of GOD or shapes our behavior to what GOD likes it to be.
-Why GOD didn’t like idol worship is it is non-sense. For those with eyes to see, even if a spirit resides in the wood, stone, or metal you are a spirit that resides in a masterpiece of a body. You are obviously superior to an idol, and that would mean something superior worshiping and submitting to something less superior. It goes against the Nature of Things. This is not foot-washing or self-lowering it is not the same thing.

Regarding worshiping in Spirit and Truth: I can’t tell you everything! Where’s the fun in that?


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