What is the Testimony about/of/to Jesus?

Who had the testimony? Maybe the question should be first – What is testimony?

Testimony is what you have seen, heard, experienced. It is your experience. But, guess what? A lot of people lie about their experience to gain for themselves something.

So testimony about Jesus is what we all have – we know that Jesus is the LORD. We experienced His Saving Power and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Testimony of Jesus – is that believe this or not, some people have met Jesus. Like the Apostles, some ‘prophets’ of ye olde, and even a lot of modern day people. Jesus is the King. If He wants to appear on earth and meet with someone in the form of some bum, then he can do that. He is the King, He doesn’t have to wait for the second coming.

Testimony to Jesus. Like the Scriptures say, it is the Spirit of Prophecy. Ever meet a prophet? Yeah, I don’t like cops either. But prophets are different. They don’t use force and intimidation. You may be fearful of them b/c of their appearance or b/c you have guilt within you. But they are NOT corrupt either, as some cops are. They also are not there to condemn or entrap you in any way. Mature prophets are really very gentle people, but they are there to warn and correct. They just won’t let sin slide easily. Ever see the eye of the prophet, as they say? It is all crazy and deep looking, and within that eye burns the fire of the Son of GOD. It is an invisible flame, but you see it with your spiritual eyes. This eye is a recording eye, and at some level you are aware of that. The prophets are going around and checking out things for the LORD. What they see is recorded and is ‘seen’ by the LORD.

There is another meaning of the Testimony of Jesus, which I shall save for a later time.

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