A Thought Experiment – The Kindness of GOD,

I’d like to just say one word and then you can skip reading this post of you will – reincarnation.

Why did I say that? Let me say that this post is an exercise of the imagination if you will. Just some musings if you will. I don’t want to cause anyone a crisis in their faith. But slowly meditate on this and if you don’t feel right about this, please don’t read further or blame me for the introduction of this concept. Some of you who come from backgrounds of fear, control, and the wrath of GOD, will feel funny about this concept. You may even get sick, as I did, but when you struggle with it, you may find that it resonates with you and IS the truth. I only want to help and so I apologize in advance for what may happen after reading this.

One of the biggest arguments AGAINST GOD is that He is unkind. How can He put us into this world of misery? How can there be injustice if there is this GREAT JUST GOD? Why are people going hungry all the time? Why are babies dying unborn?

It is not a question that can be easily sidestepped. And so that is why I seriously considered reincarnation. There are references to it in the Bible. John was called Elijah. Remember? Another blogger once commented that Christ Himself said something like no one knows Heaven or spiritual things except He who came down or went up to Heaven? Sorry, that is a bad rendering of that quote. But, please let’s go forward. At that point there were a few couple who went up, translated if you will. Enoch. And Elijah. There have always probably been more, but unsung, so to speak.

Reincarnation is mostly thought to be a foreign concept, a Buddhist concept. So, it is often met with hostility and not taken kindly or just flat out rejected. But even as Christ Himself is said to have ‘incarnated’. That’s a word we are comfortable with. If you just add a ‘re’ in front of it, then it just becomes awful?

So then, what is incarnation? It is not a clear concept. But basically, GOD or SOMEONE from above, is allowed by GOD to come down from Heaven and be in the form of a person to HELP mankind. The opposite or polar opposite is possession, which is when dark beings not being happy with their place or lives, seize the mortal shells (bodies) of people (even while they are in them) and experience life and control. How that happens is a topic of another post, but with a little (yes) work and divine help we can mostly prevent d-monic possession.

Back to the post, sorry. Why is reincarnation a key to the KINDNESS of GOD? Because that is what I ‘believe’ to be the eternal fire that GOD, Jesus always talked about. Just as fire or flame can be a metaphor for suffering and purification through suffering. I believe that life doesn’t get much harder than this (maybe one or two more levels of hell). It has been said that this life we now live is a form of hell. This is hell. It is but it is not. Earth is the nexus between Heaven and Hell, so it is a fierce battleground. When you are here, it is a time and place of intense struggle and decision. Will you decide to ascend and ascend eternal (eternal life) or will you decide against going towards the light and stay put (reincarnate forever or suffer forever – eternal fire) or sink into lower and lower levels of misery and pain by moving away from GOD?

Just a couple more paragraphs of this heavy, heavy stuff and let’s stop to meditate. In my readings and studies, I have come across a concept (Indian) called Samsara. The Hindus believe that reincarnation happens because the soul of a person has not been purified enough to ascend to Heaven. It is like repeating the fourth grade. Believe it or not some people, like myself, old souls have reincarnated many, many, many times. They have done the fourth grade like a thousand times. LOL. How else do you explain ‘young souls’ and ‘old souls’? So how does that fit in with the Christian theology? Well, what salvation is then is JESUS breaking us out of the needed cycles of reincarnation. It is the GRACE of a shortcut. It is also a break from what GOD may view as unnecessary suffering. Salvation show GOD to be MOST KIND and MOST GRACIOUS. HE/SHE reaches out to pull you out of a ‘prison’ or tough ‘school’. All you have to do is accept His hand and work with Him, and maybe Love Him/Her. Life can be viewed as lessons to be learned. But GOD is THE BEST TEACHER, as He Himself said. Don’t call anyone teacher, for He/She is the teacher. Don’t call anyone Father or Mother, because He/She is the Father and Mother. GOD can teach You Himself/Herself. You just have to believe and follow Him/Her.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s good. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. If you don’t have faith, then what else do you have? This post is just my effort to resolve a real crisis in faith for me that would cause confusion in everyday life, experience, and Christian practice. If you believe that the statement ‘GOD is LOVE or GOD IS KIND’ is false, because experientially and rationally it does not jive, then you won’t REALLY be kind as you follow your FATHER GOD or MOTHER GOD. And that would make GOD untruthful…If suddenly this belief comes alive for you. Please exercise discretion in whom you share this with. There are many in the Christian churches who are mostly fearful and closed-off. They would hate you and any strange ideas or doctrines they don’t understand or seem to be far off from what they were told.


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